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  1. Going to range and try to walk forward after my follow thru...by the way that reminds me of my little 5 year old boy who is able to swing better than me...lol... you notice he did walk forward after his swing...
  2. In a lot of times high handicapper like myself knows the theory behind a good swing but problem is always the execution, also when doubts start to creep in it will make thing worst. on top of backswing what is the swing thoughts to execute the downswing? i try to focus on driving the left knee towards the target... not sure anyone had better swing thoughts?
  3. thank you all for the useful information.
  4. Hi Guys, thank you for all te respond. I manage to upload my swing from the range yesterday, any input about my swing?
  5. Thanks... I do had my belt bukle facing target when I finish my swing but at impact is just dead square...
  6. Hello all.. I am a newbie on this site and found alot of useful information to help my game. I found my hips too square at impact and tips to help me open my hips at impact?
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