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  1. The evidence for you is the Bible. But this isn't going to be enough for you, because, like most people who demand evidence over and over and over, the real problem is not the lack of evidence but an unwillingness to honestly investigate and then believe the evidence that is clearly there because it doesn't happen to fit your presuppositions. Namely, you would have to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and Judge of the living and the dead. Just take one fulfilled prophecy whose predating it's fulfillment is not under question: Micah 5:2, which says the messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Where is the next president going to have been born? What about the next one? This prophecy was written 400 years before Christ was born. That's just one. There are hundreds. Add them up and you have what statistically amounts to a zero probability that it wasn't written by God. By the way, the bible has over 40 authors over the span of 1500 years, so the Nostradamus argument doesn't work to explain explain it away. " You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart." -- Jeremiah 29:13 10 Reasons the Bible is the Word of God: 1. Historic prophecy. The Bible is full of tons of predictions of historical events that had not yet come to pass when the words were recorded, but later in the future, even hundreds of years later, were fulfilled. These were not just vague predictions, but very specific and detailed prophecies, detailing such major historical events as the rise and fall of major world empires (Dan. 2 & 7), such as Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, the military conquests of certain prominent leaders such as Cryus of Persia (Isa. 45:1-3) and Alexander the Great (Dan. 8), the destruction of certain cities and peoples such as the Edomites (Obad.), and much more. No man on earth could have known such information hundreds of years before such things occurred. 2. Messianic prophecy. There are over 70 predictions in the Old Testament Scriptures about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, including His Deity (Isa. 9:6), virgin birth (Gen. 3:15, Isa. 7:14), miracles (Isa. 35:5-6), rejection by men (Isa. 53:3), crucifixion (Psa. 22, Isa. 53), and resurrection (Psa. 16:10). All the prophecies detailing His life and ministry at the time of His First Coming were fulfilled to the detail. God has not only predicted such events, but He actively orchestrates world history through His divine providence to ensure that every detail He has spoken will be fulfilled (see Isa. 34:16). 3. End Time prophecy. The Bible makes stunning and clear predictions about the “last days”. Many of them have already come true, such as the rise of false prophets and false Christs (Mat. 24:24), the increase in wars and natural disasters (Mat. 24:6-7), the growing corruption of men (Mat. 24:12, 2 Tim. 3:1-5), the coming of great apostasy (2 Thes. 2:3), and even the re-gathering of the Jews to their land in the Middle East (Eze. 36:24). The fulfillment of such prophecies gives us assurance that God Himself was foretelling future events, and that the remaining prophecies not yet fulfilled will come to pass speedily. 4. Scientific facts and discoveries.[1] The Bible is full of amazing scientific statements that were recorded many centuries before men discovered them. For example, the Bible said the earth was round when men said it was flat (Isa. 40:22); man wouldn’t discover this until 2,600 years later! In an age when men thought the earth sat on the back of a large animal, the Bible recorded that the earth floated in empty space (Job. 26:7). The Bible describes the cycle of air currents a couple thousand years before men discovered them (Ecc. 1:6). Jesus said His Second Coming would occur when some are awake working in a field and others are asleep in their beds, describing the rotation of the earth before it was ever discovered by men (Luke 17:34-36). There are many more amazing scientific facts in the Bible. 5. Historical facts and archeological discoveries. The historical accuracy of the Bible’s events has been abundantly proven among historians. The fact that such characters as are named in the Bible existed have been confirmed by innumerable archeological discoveries, and even by the historical records of pagan kings and empires outside of the Jewish people. There is no reliable historical evidence contrary to what the Bible claims. Even persons such as John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth, and James the leader of the Jerusalem church, have been mentioned in Jewish and secular history as having actually existed as real persons. 6. Diversity of the messengers yet unity of the message. The Bible, being written over a period of over 1,500 years by over 40 different authors, has a tremendous diversity amongst themselves. Yet, even so, the Bible has a perfect and wonderful unity of thought and message and doesn’t contradict itself in anything. Unanimously, the authors of Scripture testify of the truth of God and they all point to the central themes of the Supremacy of God, the Person and work of Jesus Christ, and the redemption of fallen man. 7. The conscience of man. The Words of Scripture pierce the heart of man like no others words. The God-given conscience that God has given to each man confirms the Bible’s commendation of good and condemnation of evil. The way the words of Scripture expose the secrets of men’s hearts and sins proves that there’s a great and just God behind those words who concerns Himself with right and wrong. The character of those who truly follow the teachings of the Bible is of such superior character compared to those who don’t that the testimony and fruit of the Bible proves it comes from a good and holy God. Each man in his heart, whether he admits it or not, knows it’s wrong to blaspheme, lie, cheat, steal, murder, commit adultery, etc. while at the same time knowing that it is favorable to do good, love and help others, etc. and thus confirms the testimony of Scripture. 8. The Bible’s tremendous influence. Though there is no other book on earth that has been as hated, as attacked, as resisted, as the Bible, there yet remains no other book that has been read, published, and distributed more than the Bible. Its’ tremendous success in the face of all opposition proves that the hand of God is behind it. Many of those who have historically sought out to discredit the Bible and prove it to be false, after much study, have come to the opposite conclusion than that which they sought out to come to, and have converted to Christianity. What other book compares with the Bible in terms of historical influence upon men and nations? 9. The spiritual power of the Bible. No other book on earth has transformed so many lives as the Bible. Innumerable persons all throughout history have testified to finding deliverance from sin and peace with God through reading the words of Scripture. Men have been so changed, transformed, and convinced that the words of the Bible are true that untold hundreds of thousands have shed their blood in martyrdom defending the truths contained in it. Countless men who had no education in Biblical literature, no upbringing in Christian beliefs, and no prior influence of religious things have picked up a Bible, and upon reading it, have found their lives utterly changed forever. Some of these men have turned into passionate preachers and devoted their lives to the propagation of Biblical truth. What other book on earth has such power within its pages? 10. Jesus Christ Himself believed in the Bible. He quoted frequently from the Old Testament Scriptures all throughout His ministry. He claimed that they were more important than physical bread (Mat. 4:4). He believed that the Law and the Prophets were more sure than the heavens and earth (Mat. 5:17-18). He believed in the historical events of Lot with Sodom and Gomorrah (Luk. 17:28-32), of Noah and the flood (Mat. 24:37-38), of Jonah and the great fish (Mat. 12:40-41), and of Daniel (Mat. 24:15). Jesus also believed that His chosen apostles would declare His Word and teachings to the world after His departure, thus recording the Canon of New Testament Scripture (John 14:26).
  2. 69 at Crystal Falls in Leander. Couldn't really get anything going, just had to play scrappy. Left 4 shots out there plain and clear. Handicap 9 17 13 11 7 3 5 15 1 10 16 8 12 4 18 14 6 2 Par 5 3 4 4 4 4 5 3 4 36 4 3 5 4 4 3 4 4 5 36 72 Score 4 3 4 4 5 3 5 3 4 35 5 3 4 5 3 3 3 4 4 34 69 +/- Net Score 4 3 4 4 5 3 5 3 3 34 5 3 4 5 3 3 3 4 3 33 67 Fairway 100% 85.7% 92.9% Putts 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 1.8 3 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 2 1.8 1.8 1st Putt Dist 25 3 20 20 15 2 3 15 12 12.8 35 10 2 25 5 8 5 20 25 15 13.9 Approach Shot 66.7% 88.9% 77.8%
  3. Played a quick 9 from the reds. So much rain, so much scoring... Fired at everything. Getting much more used to going deep. Crystal Falls Golf Course HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOTAL 35.5/124 Red 403 88 288 303 319 335 432 106 340 2,614 Handicap 5 9 7 6 4 2 3 8 1 Par 5 3 4 4 4 4 5 3 4 36 Score 5 3 3 3 4 4 3 2 5 32 +/- Net Score 5 3 3 3 4 3 3 2 4 30 Fairway 85.7% Putts 2 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 1.6 1st Putt Dist 15 20 4 1 20 15 3 1 20 11 Approach Shot 77.8% Chips 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 Up and Down 50% GIR 88.9% GIR+1 100% GIR-1 1
  4. I tried to follow most of the thread. You seem like you've made some significant strides since the first video. Is your clubface a bit shut and your left arm a bit too slack? I think that might be contributing to the "swing it inside and reroute OTT move". Nice improvement in the hip action though. Your right hip actually moves back and up compared with the first video. Good change there.
  5. That's interesting. I actually tried this. My first set of irons when I started trying to get better were Mizuno MP-67s. I still play them. I wouldn't say it helped me get better more than it simply made the game more frustrating than it needed to be at first. I thought it would make it clear when I hit bad shots and good shots. It certainly did that, but the problem is, and anyone can attest to this: bad shots are really clear regardless of the type of club used. It took me about 6 years of work before I could hit the sweet spot consistently on them. None of that improvement was related to the actual club. It all came from lots of video analysis and practice practice practice. I guess the good news is I can take a club like a taylormade RSI and carry it crazy distances, but I don't really know if it's worth it. Just buy some more forgiving clubs, figure out how the swing should work, work on it and have fun.
  6. Wow. That's lame. You just simply don't need to hit a PW 158. If I try to do that now the ball zips off the front of the green nearly every time. Not sure why I thought this was so great 3 years ago. It certainly didn't help me break par and it got harder to do consistently as the round got on. It's been a few years, so here's what I'm around carry on full playing swings now: 56* - 105y 52* - 120y 48* - 133y 9 - 148y 8 - 165y 7 - 180y 6 - 196y 5 - 210 21* hybrid - 225 18* 5w - 230-245 13.5* 3W - 235-260 Driver - 275 I can still hit it farther if I want to. I was at topgolf and I can carry into the back net with a 6-iron, so the distance is still there. But I'm a much better ballstriker now than when I was 20 yards longer. I feel a hell of a lot better at the end of the round and I can practice a lot more than I used to. Way better way to play for anyone creeping up on 40.
  7. Hey guys. Thanks for reaching out, Corey. I live in Leander off #6 at Crystal Falls. I can get around town pretty easily, but a twilight 9 at Crystal is always an option. I'd love to get together with some folks in the area....especially some grinders with good attitudes, regardless of skill level. Other than regulars at my club, I don't really know many golfers around ATX.
  8. I hooked up with a random twosome one weekday. After going even par on the first two holes, I got really dialed in and hit the approach on #3 to 4 feet, #4 to 1 foot, #5 to 1 foot, #6 to 4 feet, and hit the next long par-5 #7 in two. I hit a terrible shot to 15 feet on the par-3 8th and hit the next approach on #9 to less than 2 feet from 150. The guys were just really shocked and silent except to keep asking "What's your handicap again?". That run was pretty memorable to me. More so for the missed 4-footers, though, unfortunately. Day before Christmas eve, I was out in the freezing drizzle with my two boys. #2 at Crystal Falls is a 164 yard par-3 from the blues with a significant elevation drop. I took 9-iron into the wind, took a hair off of it and played a baby cut. The shot was so pure, I knew it was going to be good the moment I struck it. It started looking really good in the air. Most of my shots are at least slightly left, right, long or short, but this one looked like it was going to split the top of the flagstick. It seemed perfectly in line left-right and long-short. It landed 4 inches past the cup and bounced straight back into the cup. I shouted "Hole in one! Hole in one!", but my kids didn't know what that meant and the only other people around were some construction guys a half-mile away. My youngest son said, "Did you get a birdie?" I said, "No. I got an eagle!" He was excited to pull the ball out of the cup when we got down to the green. The next hole, I was so amped I duck-hooked the ball into the woods. Kept the scorecard, though.
  9. Thankfully, she wasn't home.
  10. I was working on some swing speed training and had my favorite driver with a medics power meter attached to it. I took a fast swing and tried to pay attention to my grip to see how much tension was there near the bottom. Well, there was none. The club and sensor flew out of my hands, up into the air about 50 feet, over my house and nearly hit a state troopers patrol car. It pretty much shattered the club and the sensor. What a waste of over 400 bucks.
  11. -1 for 9 holes at my home course Crystal Falls GC in Leander. It included an ace on the par-3 second! Both of my boys were with me at the time. It was pretty special and a pretty spectacular shot. Been throwing darts for a while now, so I was wondering when it would happen. Dropped 4 inches past the cup and bounced back into it. My youngest (5 yr) said, "Did you get a birdie?" I said, "No. I did even better. I got an eagle!" He said, "Oh. Can we call it a Sea Eagle?" I said sure, since we just learned about sea eagles.
  12. Shot 36 at Crystal Falls in Leander, Tx (72.6/126) Hit it stiff to a foot on #4 and #9. Hit it to 4 feet on #3, and #6 and two-putted both. Regardless, first + handicap performance in a while. Need to work on putting < 6 feet, apparently....
  13. Best shot was a hole-out from 140 with a PW. Best swing in the last month. Clubface was controlled all the way to the finish. Balance was perfectly solid. The ball got slightly wind-battered, but held it's line.
  14. Lately working on the following: Striking: * Staying in inclination longer. Right shoulder tends to go left and up too quickly on the downswing, working on getting it down and through more. * Left foot pressure at impact. Trying to feel a heavy left foot at impact, keeping from falling forward (and losing posture) and having the weight centered on the foot by practicing with the toes lifted off the ground. * Relaxing more on the backswing. I tend to get tense and the backswing shortens, especially under pressure. * Left armpit pressure point maintained longer. Also clarified when it needs to be freed so the left arm can fly away and back. * Maintaining the proper level. Some balance between height at address and squatiness going back and jumpiness going through. Figuring out how to balance these three so I hit the ball at the right height on the face. Chipping: * I managed to work the club a little bit too far to the inside in the last month. Trying to keep it outside my hands more. Putting * Always working on finding the line and making a good dead-hands stroke. * Started reading putts a little differently, giving them just a bit more break than I had been. * Right foot moved right maybe 3 inches. I started getting a little bit of jumpiness with too much of a descending blow and low face contact. Corrected this with a stance change. Wider stance means upper arms more in line with spin, elbows in and tighter, and it helps in the wind too.
  15. Played a full 9 holes for the first time in a while. One of the golf course employees was playing with me and keeping score so I was just focusing on making good swings and maintaining my inclination since it's been a while and that's always the first thing to go when my body isn't well conditioned. Shot low 40 something on the front nine. Didn't strike it too poorly, maybe 7/10, but the course was just so tight. Some of my landing areas were /emoticons/tongue.png"> It was great fun.
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