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  1. Greetings from the Fingerlakes, NY

    I grew up in Vestal. Live about 90 minutes North now. Sure are a lot of great courses in greater Binghamton area.
  2. I'll be traveling to the Mississippi gulf coast area the last week in March for 6 days of golf and fun. We'll be staying at Diamondhead and playing the 2 courses there. If anyone is familiar with this area and can offer advice on where else to play within an hours drive I sure would appreciate it. As a father of 2 college students, price is a factor and I'd like to max out in the $70 range or thereabouts.Thank you.
  3. hello fellow golfers...new here as of this morning....I'm a soon to be 59 yr old golf addict and I've been looking for the right place to share info with fellow addicts. This looks like the right place ! I play all over the central Fingerlakes region and am a member at Bonavista G.C. in Ovid. We have had an extraordinary winter here for golfing and I'll be playing today Feb 9 with temps in the mid forties. My avatar pic is of my son and I playing on New Years day with temps in the mid 50's. Looking forward to getting and offering whatever advice and info i can here. Cheers
  4. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm new here. Supermarket meat manager for last 30 yrs.