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  1. How about this, hit the first ball as practice, hit a second ball, you're now dq'd, start a new round with a third ball.
  2. Samsung sells more phones than apple and there are more android os phones sold then ios phones. That alone tells me most people don't have iPhones. Some people still have basic phones and a few have no phone at all. So this is not a product for the "golf world". It's a product most golfers can't use.
  3. . iOS market share is around 20%, most people don't have an iPhone. 20%
  4. Was out there a couple weeks ago formthe first time to visit my daughter, left the clubs home. Damn that place is hot all day and all night. Did not see anyone on the courses during the day...
  5. Gave the club house a call. I'm going to UPS them the club.
  6. This is prob the third club I've found on course and the first time someone has not come back looking for it. The one time I forgot a club it was picked up by a group behind me when I went back looking for it. I assumed this was standard practice but this is my first year playing so Im learning as I go.
  7. I'm surprised you think more people have them than don't.
  8. Last month I squeezed in a round while out of town for some work training. Early in the back nine I picked up a wedge left near the green side bunker. I tossed it inmy bag expecting the owner to realize they were missing a club and come back to look for it. No one ever came back and in the rush to finish the round before dark I forgot the club was in there and didn't remember until I saw it once I got back home. I guess I should have left it at the club house at the end of the round but in the rush it slipped my mind. What do you do you do when you find a club?
  9. No matter how much I hate playing it off the dirt, I leave it there. I know where the bare spots are on the courses I play. If I don't want to play it off the dirt,I shouldn't hit it onto the dirt.
  10. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/21/nyregion/21golf.html I'm new to golf, so I don't know how it was, but this article says it was dropping in popularity by 2008. Don't know if it picked back up since then.
  11. I think I would have said something to the club house about the situation.
  12. As someone who also cycles I can tell you it's not just golf that's brand centered. You have people who willingly rideTrek or Specialized, and then those who purposely don't ride big name company bikes.
  13. I really wish this thread was labeled correctly to target iPhone users instead of the "golf world". Most golfers don't use iPhones and therefore don't need to bother with this thread.
  14. Post pics of it anyway... I'll post some pictures of some of the budget courses I play.
  15. I have a tiny mp3 player with a golf ball sized speaker that hangs on my golf bag. No head phones. It's loud enough that I can hear it when I shoulder my bag and if it's set up near me, but when I place at the edge of the green it's hard to hear when I'm at the hole. It has a lot of metal, 80s rap, 80s alternative, a few classic rock songs, and some new and old punk.
  16. The latest issue I've run into is people not leaving the green once they hole out. Lately it's looked like people working out their tax returns before they walk off the green. Please, write down your score at the next tee box.
  17. This. I just make an arm helmet and keep walking. If I hear a chorus of "fore" then I will hit the deck or try to put my golf bag between me and the voices.
  18. As an example if a hc5 played a course with a slope of 120 he would get 5.3 strokes, a hc15 would get 15.9 strokes. 5.3 rounds to 5, 15.9 rounds to 16 which would be a difference of 11 strokes instead of 10 strokes. Right?
  19. If the difference between the two handicaps is large enough and the slope of the course high enough wouldn't the strokes given be more than just the difference of the two handicaps.
  20. http://www.oobgolf.com is a nice site that lets you upload scores via the computer or a phone app and it'll calculate an unofficial handicap for you. It also lets you track lots of other data about your game and is very useful. You can also graph all the data as you collect it and see your development over time.
  21. I use http://www.xceoninc.com/xceon/acouztic on the course. It comes with a holster that nicely attaches to my golf bag so it's away ear me so doesn't need to be very loud. I don't use it when I play with strangers or even if I end up close to other. I can barely hear it if I leave my bag off the green and walk to the green to pull the flag. I couldn't deal with headphone cords or external speakers. It nicely self contained, holds 2 gigs of music and has a better speaker than a cellphone and a huge battery life.
  22. I draw faces on my golf balls. Sometimes a simple two dots and curved line for eyes and a mouth. Sometimes I'll make him a pirate with an eye patch or Harry potter with glasses and a lightning bolt scar. The best part is when I walk up to my ball and it's smiling back at me.
  23. I was monitoring a high school section golf tournament last month. I watched a student hit his ball very near the bunker and almost against the rake which was above the top edge of the bunker. He was able to remove the rake and play the ball with no problem but it brought up a question in my mind. What happens if the ball is resting against the rake in such a way that removing it would cause the ball to roll into the bunker or down a hill. How is that played/scored?
  24. I guess I should post one of my own. Diablo Grande Ranch Course Standing on the 10th tee 8th par 4 faaar left fairway in pic, heads out toward the hills in front 9th par 5 comes back along the left visible cart path, uphill, green is near same elevation as where I'm standing 10th par 4 goes straight out between cart paths, green is beyond small lake on left 11th par 3 along back side of lake on right, 11th green side bunkers and green right of lake. 12th tee box and first 12th fairway slightly visible heading out past 11th green on right heading out towards
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