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  1. Why not go back further to really put me in my place? I thought we were talking about the modern competitive Ryder Cup. That is the subject. You act like this is some random activity, like flipping a coin. If a random 50/50 act turned up 80% one side, it would be fair to question the 'randomness' of it. But, it is not even an equal, random situation. On average the American's rank higher, and their best players have been some of the best in history. Yet, they have losing records and the team as a whole have underperformed. Wash the stats on paper through a Monte Carlo and predict, over the last 10 cups, what will turn up. If you say the lesser team, as defined by their resume, will win 80% of the time then you will be wildly mistaken. The Americans have underperformed, especially their best players, in the Ryder Cup. BC's argument is that this has an affect on the team in general. I take it further, I think the whole thing is in their head, that is why they underperform. It is also why they will lose again this year, especially with their BS Jr. High task force, DL3's bragging about the quality of the team, and Mickelson's narcissistic clown act. Why they don't just STFU and come play is beyond me, they put pressure on themselves.
  2. OK, that explains it. I have not seen it posted or rewatched the video, and I tuned in after they had already started going at it. Regardless, I agree with BC. It has an affect, see my previous post. Also, what does Duval say about why the best American players, the best players in the world on paper, rank, and results make less putts and good golf shots than their competition in the Ryder cup? Over 20 years?
  3. If your best guys lose matches more often than they win them, that has no affect? What do you think has more affect on their team's morale? Seve, Sergio, and Poulter winning matches or TW and PM losing them? Are the Americans pumped up after TW loses? And again, I don't recall Duval saying that the players need to hit good shots in response. He said they have lost by freakish luck shots and captain issues, for example. BC agreed that could be reason for one offs, but not over 20 years. They have not performed up to their ability, for whatever reason. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's fishing weather here, but it looks like I will be in front of the TV all weekend.
  4. Duval didn't say that. He said they lost because of captains and freak execution by the Euros, and that he understood the feeling in that competition. That's legitimate for small sample size, but not over 20 years. I caught it after it started, so I'm not sure what his initial point was about enthusiasm. So, when did it kick in, 1999? Everybody sure did look enthused there. His point was the leaders of the US team haven't performed to their ability, and that has emanated through the rest of the team. There is no reason people like Ian Poulter should have a better record than TW or PM over this large of sample size. If pointing records out makes him look foolish, then so be it.
  5. Lol Chamblee handing Nobilo and Duval their ass on live right now. Chamblee laying blame for poor performance on the players, Duval stuttering trying to defend the leaders of the past American teams that have lost 8 of the last 10 cups by alluding to lucky bounces, captains, etc. Give me a break.
  6. Since zika is in Florida now, I assume Rory, Day, Spieth, etal will drop out of the Florida swing next year. What a bummer.
  7. I believe everybody is stating the time that elapsed for Wattel. The line of demarcation for timing earthquakes vs player fault is not in the rules either.
  8. I don't recall that, at all. I remember you shutting down the conversation in that thread, stating TW should not have been DQ'd. I guess you are hanging your hat on the 'after the fact' BS about what a rules official did or didn't tell TW before signing his card. If irony was in play a cynic could say something similar happened on the 5th green yesterday. I don't recall you with a 'let's get it right' position then, because if it was 'gotten right' then he would have been DQ'd for signing the incorrect card, for a blatant rules violation. Look, I'm not sure I disagree with your assessment on the current situation. If I had to bet $, I would say whatever he did around the ball made it move. It is too much of a coincidence that it moved when it did. That doesn't absolve the fact that the rule is stupid, and should be amended to take judgment into account on whether the player improved his position. Nor does your energy in defending it in the manner you have in this thread make alot of sense either. You can make your point based upon pure interpretation, while conceding the idiocy.
  9. Why don't you spend your considerable energy on the subject swatting down the multiple articles and overwhelming comment sections after those articles taking the opposite opinion as yourself. You could make an evening out of righting this wrong. I need to go back and see how energetic you were about the rules when TW moved that twig.
  10. Trump supporters getting pissed about the thought of Finchem lying to them. The irony is lost on their lack of self awareness.
  11. Doesn't look like she is around on that island. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/grill-room/spieth-fowler-thomas-kaufman-vacationing-together-bahamas/
  12. Anybody know when he is playing again? His website schedule has the Byron Nelson next, but The Player's is the previous week. He wouldn't blow that off, would he?
  13. Give me a break, and keep your lectures to yourself. What he is suggesting about how somebody should process and act immediately afterwards in a situation like this is ludicrous.
  14. Sorry you're going through a bad time right now. You're full of shit if you would have put on this brave mature whatever face if this would have happened to you. If him taking interviews with some emotion, right after melting down like that on that stage and then having to go thru all of that Masters ceremony BS 'gets' to you, maybe you ought to figure out why that is instead of projecting your stiff upper lip BS in a forum.
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