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  1. I'm from Alabama... Thanks for the help guys, I would like to add to that and say that the biggest difference between tournament play at my course and tournament play elsewhere is the short game. I work at my course and I know the greens like the back of my hand. Getting up and down is usually a given, same with making a certain amount of Putts... When I go somewhere else my confidence around the greens blows up and I rarely make any birdies. It's always a struggle to score well when I break down in the scoring area.
  2. This is an excellent golf forum and the best in my opinion... Does anybody here play in their state's amateur tournaments? Or big tournaments in general? I don't come to you with a swing problem... I have a mental problem. I play my home course all the time and have developed a trustworthy enough game to shoot Par every time I play. On good days I go low, on bad days I'll shoot a few over. But the problem is when I go to try to qualify for things like the State-Am. For example last year in our club championship I shot 71-69 and lost by a shot. I then go to a club 40 miles
  3. Goals are simple. 1. Qualify for the State-Am 2. Win one of the two tournaments held at my home course this year.
  4. To be honest Im glad to hear him speaking straight from his head, it definitely gives more insight than the usual political BS we get in interviews.
  5. Thanks guys. I've started drills where I hinge my wrists 'up' as if the left thumb is pushing up, just to get in the habit. That should help the rollback if I can Ingrain it into my muscle memory.
  6. I have a habit problem that plagues my golf game. My swing can't start unless I roll my wrists some, which causes me to 'slap' through the ball, or basically hit it with my wrists coming over the top slightly. I've learned to play this way and can maneuver around my home course at par but my consistency and confidence is usually awful. When I watch videos of my swing I see my body leaning over the ball slightly and the swing is an accidental 'Stack and Tilt'. My wrist roll the club over and fix themselves at the top. From there I hit down on the ball in a fashion that will cause a p
  7. Actually if his impact position improves that swing could take him a long way, he will be bombing it out there in a few years.
  8. I used a 1 Iron for a while but sold it to young up and coming kid for $5 lol
  9. Natalie Gulbis is my ideal woman. So fine that it is unreal.
  10. I take the Seve Ballesteros route on this one.
  11. I shot 74, The new swing overhaul is going great... a couple of balls O.B. didn't help much today. However, the highlight of the round was on #4, I finally made a Hole in One!!!!!
  12. I shot 74, The new swing overhaul is going great... a couple of balls O.B. didn't help much today. However, the highlight of the round was on #4, I finally made a Hole in One!!!!!
  13. I have a natural curiosity to know everything... So I'll have to read it.
  14. The match play will be very interesting. It's always my favorite tournament to watch before the Masters.
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