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  1. I went out and bought a 4 wood 17 degree Razr Fit Xtreme this year. I am hitting it much more consistently from all lies. It is just easier to hit than my 15 degree Callaway Diablo. I am more than happy to accept whatever distance loss there MIGHT be in exchange for the better strike. I am hitting it straighter and higher while the 3 wood was a scary slice at times off of the turf. It is working out well for me.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I ordered the set with xp95. I'm excited for my first set of custom clubs. We'll see how I score in a few weeks. I will blame the clubs either way. :-P
  3. Pardon, the fitter recommended S300. I realize Dynamic Gold and True Temper XP95 both are available in S300.
  4. Both said I could use a stiff shaft. My x-18s were a uniflex shaft.
  5. I was recently fitted for irons. After hitting several irons at a retailer I think I would like to buy the AP1. My previous irons were x-18s. 714's come with stock XP95. It seems like that is a pretty light shaft. Should I go with the Dynamic gold S300 in lieu of the XP95 S300? Would I even feel any difference as an amateur? Should I consider KBS? I average in the mid 80's and hit my 7 iron about 165 yards. With my regular shafts I hit a high ball flight. My fitting suggested I should be hitting a stiff shaft and that I should have 1/4 to 1/2 inn of length added and 2 degree toe
  6. Is buying off the rack(online to be more honest) and making an adjustment to lie angle a viable option?
  7. From what I have read, a half inch in height only translates to about a degree of lie. It seems a little like splitting hairs. Part of my swing or the turf could easily vary well in excess of one degree. No?
  8. To be honest I've played cheap gear and high end stuff and I don't buy into the technology of it all vs the marketing sales pitch. I've played just as well with rusty old Ben Hogan blades as I have with brand new R11's when my focus was in the right place. I see some decent clubs that set up nicely to my eye and equipment I am used to for as little as $299. Albeit, I want to upgrade from a uniflex or regular to a stiffer shaft which all fitters have recommended as distance has been one of my strengths. I see some decent sets for $399. Looking at custom AP1 or MP54/MP54 or 64 I
  9. In November year my clubs were stolen out of my car. So, I am in the market for a new set. But, I don't feel like spending two grand at this point to get my dream set. I'm 6'1 and my knuckle to floor measurement is 34 inches. I'm playing 6 years and have threatened to break 80 a few times, but have not. I have yet to blame any of my clubs. :-) I've spoken to fitters in the past and all seem to think I can buy the rack or take the extra 1/2 inch of club and lie angle adjustment in a fitted club. My old set of irons (second set I ever owned) were Callaway X-18.
  10. I'm not completely opposed to the idea, but it represents a major change for me. 3 years ago I read Putt to Win and have been using Stockton's no practice putt approach to putting. On a side note, I don't practice enough. After that round I put in some time and have seen much better putting. Not to make excuses, but the course in question has a practice green that is only two years old and is way too slow leaving me to often avoid it as it does not represent the greens on the course. I just wish I had the putting that day. It would have been nice to break 80 so early in the year.
  11. 86 is one of my better rounds of the year. I'v never broken 80. But, how I did it killed me. To have putted so poorly, it hurt. On two different holes I hit a GIR and 4 putted! I hit the practice green immediately, and even played a few extra holes to iron the kinks out. I know I can putt better, but it didn't happen today. The upside is that I did birdie two of the three par fives with tap ins after good eagle attempts. It would appear the long putts really hurt me, having left all of them short. (Long takeawaway leading to a deceleration or bottoming out the putter on the down swin
  12. Thank you for the replies. I tried the Tour Striker 7 one day on the range last year and after 15 minutes my ball flight was markedly improved. oddly it was the only day I was on the driving range all year. I see the 7 iron as a middle ground amongst clubs. But, while I'm a middle handicapper I seem to make good contact on my 7 iron on down. While my focus is currently on my short game, and can not help but think the Tour Striker 5 iron may translate well into my longer irons, hybrid and woods with a much more similar shaft lenght and address. I'm seeing three packs for like 160ish
  13. I'm a mid eighties player with high hopes. Should I buy the 5 iron or the 7 iron?:-\
  14. Take a few practice swings before you set up ov the ball brush the turf on each swing while thinking "80 percent". Take the same wing after you stand over the ball. Let the club do the work rath than swinging harder for a longer club. It sounds to me like you may be lifting from tension by over-swinging. A low ball flight is indicative of poor contact. Swing easier and stay in a nd you should clear better. A half hour with a PGA pro is a great way to start a season.
  15. It sounds like he was doing his job. Good posture, tempo and the correct grip are items every new beginner should be focusing on. The fundamentals are key. The inverse is the guy who walks away from a lesson feeling as if their instructor regurgitated so much on them in one lesson that they walked away from the lesson with zero. The building block method exists in all walks of life for a reason. Because, it works. If you want more, dig through the books section and go to town. Stick with th lessons. They work.
  16. Any time I'm tired and my swing falls apart I often have friends comment about my poor posture. I end up bent over in the middle back and result in a flat swing plane and lifting and dipping. Ten minutes with a pro always helps. To excercise the correct feel back into my muscle memory. But, while I have heard many of the comments made above, it is often difficult to feel when my posture has weekend without another players eyes to help(Or video). I've worked on limiting my golf on a given day to help. It seems like anything over 24 holes, or two days in a row and I am undoubtedly slou
  17. . It's funny because it is true! Alas I took an old timers advice to go driver off the deck when it really needs to stay low. Or, try to hit a high shot! ;-)
  18. In an attempt to better my game I have read numerous books, magazines and web threads. Amongst other advice is often the suggestion to play the shot that you are hitting on a particular day rather than struggle with your own swing mechanics. What do you think causes the variations in shot shape or quaility the most from one day to another? If there is something at all to this piece of advice, then there may be one thing that can change daily more than others. I know the question is very subjective as there are many different swings out there. But, what is likely to cause a player who w
  19. As an ambassador at a local course I play for free. A large bucket at the nearest driving range is 11. So last year I played over a hundred times, I went to the range twice... This year, I intend to spend some quality time on more practice greens.
  20. I have played a 3 hybrid 19 degrees for two seasons. I spent time practicing with it and built up a confidence. This year, I bought a 5 wood. A 19 degree five wood can definitely go further than a 19 degree hybrid. But, at a high handicap, straight and consistent are a better focus. Look online or locally for a good used hybrid so you are investing heavily if you want to try it out. Callaway pre-owned has been blowing up my email address with all sorts of sales, they might be overstocked.
  21. They have a playability and yardage guarantee on new custom fit clubs. Do a little reading then go back and ask for their best fitter. Be polite and stand your ground so that you get what you really needed. Good luck
  22. I was a little suprised to see Pelz book get torn apart on here. I felt like I learned a great deal from the book. I liked the technical discussion and approach to each of the various shots. Having never taken a bunker lesson I got a great deal from his scoot and slide discussion. I can't say I use each of the shots discussed regularly, but it was easy to discern the meat and potatoes and the stuff to skim through. I still use the 3 x 4 method though I do find the 9 o'clock position is always my best shot so I often rely upon those distances and put the differences. Having only had a li
  23. I liked Phil's video. I received my original chipping lesson from a life time PGA pro who engrained in me that the lowest lofted club suited for the job is often the correct club. So, I am a bit of a bump and run, low roller. I like Phil's thoughts of hinge and hold and try to feel it in practice swing for pitching into the green. When my pitching and chipping get weak, I can often correct by thinking of Phil's description of "an aggressive impact condition". When, I play down south or out west I play more aggressive chips as Phil describes in his video. But, with the heavy play here in
  24. I made the mistake of clicking on this one after a siesta. Twitch boy, and his camera man had my eyes crossed. I was taught this drill in my first putting lesson. Along with ingraining keeping energy down the target line it also helps players eliminate deceleration in putting by indirectly eliminating long take-aways.
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