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  1. I currently have the original Machspeed Str8-Fit 10.5. It would be the one that came out before the Machspeed Black.
  2. Hello, I recently bought a LH Machspeed Str8-Fit driver and have been trying to get the hang of it. I have a tendency to have a slight draw, so until I got my swing figured out I was hoping to utilize the adjustable head to close it a degree. However, the diagram supplied doesn't make any sense. I understand all 8 settings and what each number means and what it in turn does to the club. The problem that I have been having is that the grip cap alignment doesn't seem right. For instance, in the picture it shows to put the grip cap on the yellow arrow for both nuetral settings. The picture also shows only the 4 main markers on the grip cap being used and not the other 4 + and - symbols. I found a picture for the old Dymo settings however they aren't applicable for this club. I have spent close to 10 hours trying to find an answer to this and have been unable to uncover any help. I was hoping someone would be able to assist me in solving this dillema! I'm sure it's something simple and I'm just not able to see it. I appreciate the help!! Mike