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  1. If the long putter is banned they will eventually be history. The USGA has also come out and said there will only be one rule of golf for pros and amateurs. Those of you who want these long putters banned be careful for what you wish for. If the R& A and USGA ban anchoring to your body, they may ban anchoring to your forearm, see ya left hand low!!!
  2. Anchoring your putter grip to the left forearm works well for many putters. So if the USGA and R&A; outlaw anchoring to actually touching the body the players will be able anchor that way. A stat I heard the other day is PGA players are not putting any better in 2011 then in 1991. So it has not changed performance. Also, about bobby jones changing to steel shafts, he was against the steel shafts until he received a contract to promote them. I think the long putters will have an official ruling by the end of the year. I think it is a 20 % chance they will rule against. That is when the lawyers come into play and not sure the USGA wants that.
  3. It is not difficult for me to understand anchoring. I have qualified for state opens and state amateurs events. I know the game and follow the history closely. What you guys don't understand is anchoring has gone on for years in different degrees. Players have anchored the putter grips to their forearms and anchor their elbows to the body. Billy Casper a well know great putter anchored his left arm to his leg. Then we need to review all anchoring. Where do you stop the anchoring. If you guys think it as simple as the club cannot touch your body then you are naive about that. You can anchor the long putter by anchoring you left elbow to your body but the club and hand do not touch the body, that works just as well. Once agaon I respect your opinions but the topic of anchoring is not just black and white there are so many grey areas.
  4. What do you think I meant. The big faced legal drivers that should be illegal. Not to mention the club shafts that are out of control. My point is if we are going to addrees the long putter, lets do them all. You want to ban long putters fine, but lets ban the big faced drivers, with the graphite shaft and the out of control golf balls.
  5. Look I respect everyone opinion and I have been playing golf for 37 years. I use the long putter, but still putt decent with the conventional putter. My question is why do people who have issues with putting, that do not use the long putter, adamant against it? The good putters don't care.
  6. If we ban the long putter, I think we should ban the illegal drivers and easy shortcut hybrids as well.
  7. I also have no problem with Tigers comments, he in entitled to his opinion. Though I do find it interesting he has come out vocal now.
  8. The long or belly putter can be dated back to the 1930′s and now more golfers are winning so lets ban them. How about the drivers and golf balls that many people think are illegal. How about the tight lies hybrids that cut through the rough like a machete. I thought hitting in the rough was a was 1/2 shot penalty, now it is bonus in some shots. Now people have a whole set of hybrids, no irons, you want to talk about cheating. You have a whole generation of golfers young and old that have used these long putters for years, now we going to say no. In a time when golf couses are hurting for players and you want to limit the use of equipment that has always been legal. Leo Diegal was using this method of belly putting back in the 30′s. He won majors. 80 plus years it has been around, Johnny Miller, Rocco the list is endless. Billy Casper anchored his arm to his left leg. Were each USGA committees and R&A; committees wrong for so many years. Finally, there is no grandfathering and no two sets of rules for Pros and amateurs. So one thing I believe is certain, if you outlaw these putters on the pro tours, amateurs won’t touch them and the long putter industry is done. Thus maybe losing more golfers.
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