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  1. A guy who works at Golf Galaxy told me that in the "Popular Mechanics" magazine, they did some sort of a test and they found that the green box nike power distance balls are engineered exactly the same way as ProV1.. I don't know if he was lying or not though. As far as balls go, I'd try the Srixon Soft Feel.
  2. Same exact situation with my UST Proforce on my Nike.. I bought this club at a huge discount and as a short term solution to replace my previous driver, which was bad. It's been a year and I gave up trying to find an excuse to get rid of it. It's an amazing shaft. Now from an objective standpoint, I'd say it's a matter of preference.. the UST feels kind of "boardier" so for me, it gives me a sense of confidence that no matter how badly I hit it, it will go straight. The best advice I can give you is that you should try other shafts besides these two and pick the shaft you do the best in... NOT the shaft that you wish you did the best in (like the 2 you mentioned). I learned this the hardway.
  3. I was thinking of getting a 15* hybrid, which would serve as a wood substitute. I was just curious to see if it's hard to hit with it, at a relatively low loft.. It'd be great to hear any experiences with a low loft hybrid. I want a really forgiving one so any recommendations on a club would be helpful, as well.
  4. Long irons should be hybrids?

    Just buy hybrids and get good with them... I understand the argument of getting good with "hard to hit" clubs, so the other clubs seem easier, but hybrids and irons are different clubs, so one can do well with one but poorly with the other. My point is sticking with a long iron can be counterproductive, on developing your long game, if you plan on eventually buying a hybrid (Of course, this really depends on the person). Plus, hybrids are a lot of fun.... I don't know about you but having fun should be the priority. The skillset aspect will naturally come and you'll get better when you focus more on the "having fun" aspect because you don't put too much pressure on yourself. Try both out, see what's more enjoyable, and stick with that one.
  5. I have the cg14 and the Vokey 200 series... I definitely think the cg14's are better and I plan on getting rid of the Vokey... but that's just for me. One thing I've learned with golf equipments is that the best equipment for you is rarely, if ever, the one you plan on buying. Don't make the mistake of buying an equipment because you wanted the equipment to be the best for you. Be open minded and TRY THE EQUIPMENTS OUT. I can't stress the importance of this. All 3 of them are great wedges but each of them is reliable for different people.
  6. Nike Sasquatches

    I have last year's model, as well.. I originally got it because I was getting bored with the Big Bertha 460 and I found a sweet deal where it came with a UST Proforce for a really cheap price (brand new). It definitely surpassed my expectations and I plan on sticking with this driver. I contemplated on getting a new driver because I'm one of those people who love buying new stuff but after my performance with it last time, on the course, Ive decided to keep this for the season. I tried the SQ1 and SQ2 (square one) and I personally liked SQ1 better, mainly because the square one has a ridiculous noise that's just unbearable and SQ1 was only slightly less forgiving (more workable). If you can find one with the UST shaft, I would definitely recommend it because the stock "diamana" shaft, despite its name, is just like any other stock shafts.. [edit] Oh yeah... I don't know if this applied to others but it took some time (about 3 sessions on the range and 1 on course) to get used to it, for me. This might have to do with switching from R flex to S flex on the shaft but it could've been other factors like the shape. Nevertheless, I got used to it now and I'm very happy with the purchase, so if you get it, I suggest you be patient with it.
  7. What do you use your hybrid club for?

    I use it to beat..... oh in the course?? I use it for third shot for long par 5's, second for long par 4's, and off the tee for long 3's.
  8. Wedges: Cleveland CG versus Titleist Vokey

    I have both because I didn't know which is better... I personally prefer the clevleands due to its feel and shape, which in return gives me more confidence.. I odn't have the Vokey SM's but I heard that they shred up the balls, unlike the Cg's. I plan on getting rid of my vokey lob wedge because the cleveland 56 does the job better in all situations.
  9. Nike Sq

    If I saw this post a month ago, I would've replied back with some unnecessary/immature criticism about nike golf... Well look at what I have now.... It's a great club... The square version hits very straight but the noise was unbearable so I went with the regular sasquatch.. Had a Big bertha with a Rayon Bassara shaft before this and the sasquatch is a huge improvement.. I highly recommend getting one with the V2 Proforce shaft.
  10. Just curious how the FT-i compares to the Sasquatch 2.. I almost got the sasquatch but the noise was just unbearable so I didn't get it..
  11. If it's one thing I learned with equipment, it's that 80% of the time, you will NOT buy what you plan on buying, so it's best to have couple clubs to try out, over the monitor, and then purchase the best... but here's what I would choose of ur choices. 3 wood Taylormade: V- Steel, Burner tp Hybrid Taylormade: Rescue tp, Dual Rescue Irons Callaway: X-forged Wedges Not titleist... Cleveland cg14's :) Putter Odyssey: Black Series #2
  12. Wedge Opinions?

    Well I have 3 wedges.. The Maltby M Forged, Cleveland CG14, and the Titleist Vokey 260.08.. Overall, I would say the Clevelands are the best.. When it comes to hitting from the rough, it destroys the others. As for the fairway, the Maltby's the best and the Vokey was slightly better than the Clevelands. I got the Cleveland instead of the Vokey SM because I heard that the Zip grooves don't shred up the ball and that it's better from the rough. I never tried the 12's but the cg14's are more forgiving, from what I've heard.. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the wedges you mentioned, so in the end, I'd go with the one that feels/looks nice, since that will help your confidence.
  13. Just curious... I'm a 3 wood guy.. I prefer to use a hybrid than a 5 wood..
  14. wow.. just tried bunch of shafts and the Mitsubishi Bassara was hands down the best one.. Can't wait to take it out on the course
  15. Well I'm gonna try out bunch of shafts soon and I was just curious what the popular consensus is out of these... I realize that the experiences are different with everyone but I'd love to hear some thoughts/experiences with one of these shafts..