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  1. I have the exact same problem. And I know mine is from being OTT. Pull/ slice on almost every shot. I think I have only been able to draw the the ball one time, and hit it straight very rarely. I have noticed like you said that my finish with the driver is more on the outside of my body. And I am usually falling off balance at that point. What is weird is when I actually line up for a draw and try to swing from the inside/out i actually still get a pull/fade just with a lower trajectory. Thanks for posting, I will keep checking here for some good tips. Let me know
  2. I have always fought a slice, and I have a driver with 3 weights in it. Changing the weights to a certain pattern will promote a draw. First question: Does this really make that much difference? Second question: Would doing this hinder me from getting to the root cause of what has been making me slice? I never really fooled with the weights, kind of just thought they were a gimmick.
  3. So were the distances with the Dunlops good before you changed?
  4. Just ordered the PBS. Wuz wondering if it is to late for the $10 discount. Really been wanting to try it. Tommy
  5. Yeah I don't think I could make my swing look anymore strange than it has been. Any change is an improvement.
  6. So I have been working on all the advice given here and I am seeing some progress. Another question: I have been trying to exaggerate the weight shift on the down swing to my left side. It seems I have the most power when I feel like my left leg is "very" firm and planted at impact as opposed to passively allowing the weight to shift to it, I feel like i am driving that left foot into the ground with the thigh feeling flexed and stiff. Seems like it adds power to do this, but if it is not the best idea I do not want to ingrain that feel at impact
  7. The more i concentrate on maintaining lag the more focus i put on my arms then when i do that i lose the focus on my lower body movement. Its seems to me that as has been mentioned, if you move the body correctly at the beginning of downswing the lag takes care of itself.
  8. Wow I appreciate everyones advice, thanks for taking the time.. It is interesting to see my backswing plane next to a pro like Kim. (it never felt like it was that off) Today I truly get serious about changing it. Going to get a full length mirror, put it in the yard and work on each problem everyday. Thanks again..
  9. funny you say that a buddy of mine said when i do slow practice swings before my shots, that the practice shots look tons better than the real shot. i do feel like the slow reps idea is a good idea, just got to put in the time doing them.
  10. Here is the swing. Sorry that the angle of the camera is not straight on I had trouble lining it up.
  11. Workin on getting a video of my swing now. would really like a critique.
  12. Tried some short swings today with hands and weight forward at impact. Then tried a full swing and both go about the same distance. Guess i need to be patient and lengthen the swing gradually
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