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  1. I voted yes. Length is not a new advantage. The only thing that has changed is that more and more people understand that it is.
  2. The coldest that I have gone out is 18°F. We have a course here in upstate NY that will let you go out anytime you have $12 for them. As long as it is not windy it is fun at that temperature. Yes, drive can go a long way but hitting greens is tough. Fly it on the green and you will go 40 yards over. You have to land it short, with the right shape to keep it on. It gets very difficult when it starts to warm up during the round because the area around the green will softens up before the green does. The one thing I have never understood is the green at this course do not die when you walk
  3. I am interested in starting to use GG (at least the app at this point) to start tracking my rounds. I have read through this thread and am a bit confused about one point. I thought strokes gained putting was based on the result of the initial distance...not the distance of each putt. In other words if I hit a green in regulation and have 20 feet for birdie and I 3 putt I lose strokes (in relation to my targeted handicap) and if I one putt I gain strokes. If I am wrong than my point is useless but... I know get to the point... Why won't you just enter the distance you have left
  4. This is great news! I thought I was done with Trues. I never liked the pair I got from the 2014 line and didn't like the direction the company was going with the 2015's, but these look great! I would really like to see them come back with something similar to the original Chukka. I still use my first pair for the worst weather and they hold up very well. But, I know they can't be water proof for ever.
  5. I dread the day that I can no longer carry my clubs. I probably carry about 80 to 90% of my rounds. The other 10 to 20% usually has to due with the amount of time I believe the round will be. If it is going to be more than 4 1/2 hours I'll take a cart. I feel that fatigue has more to do with time than distance or terrain.
  6. I think the two of them playing a practice round was one of the smartest things Wood's camp has done for his image in a long time.
  7. Welcome to the forum, In my opinion you should play the shot shape that is more reliable for you. If that means you have to play away from the pin but are able to avoid trouble so be it. Your job is to score lower.
  8. If he had told Macatee that he would have looked pretty stupid. He will not qualify for Harding Park
  9. I'm feeling optimistic I went with 139.5. However, I am still not convinced he is playing. I cannot think of a reason why he would wait to announce whether or not he is playing other than he is still unsure if he is ready. If that is the case he is not ready which also means I have completely contradicted myself. I guess that is part of being a fan.
  10. There seems to be lots of chatter today. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/notah-tiger-50-50-chance-play-masters/ http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/love-dont-count-out-tiger-just-yet/ It often feels like team Tiger has a way of changing the conversation before big announcements. I am not saying that they are good at it. My guess is that he will commit early next week.
  11. I believe this statement is spot on. Spieth, McIlroy, Reed and others are great players who are playing great golf but they have not transcended to sport. To be honest I do not think Phil did either. The ability for a golfer to do that is extremely rare. I do believe that golf is in fair to good shape but not great. In the end purse sizes and TV rating will settle the argument of if this is must see TV.
  12. Thanks EverythingGolf I appreciate that. For some reason it is always hard to bring those go feels that you find in a lesson. For the past two weeks I did my best to be a stupid monkey and I think it started to pay off today. I am still setting up with my right side a bit two high and I would like to come from the inside a bit more. All feedback welcome. I shot this video today in my small lab in my basement. The video uploaded at full speed...not sure why.
  13. I thought I would give a little update on my progress with the Super Speed Golf system. I have been doing the program pretty consistently for about two months. I track my progress on a white board that hangs on a wall right in front of where I train. I fairly competitive so having my past result right in front of me give me something to shoot for each training session. I have only had two opportunities to actually hit my driver since I started training. The first was at a dome where I brought my swing speed radar. The session was very encouraging (or so I thought). Making smooth swing that foc
  14. Thanks @iacas . I am currently waiting on some information from athletic director about our fall schedule. I coach boys volleyball in the fall so i just have to see how the two schedules align.
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