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  1. Camera, for sure. Because: (1) I can put a camera behind me (actually to my right, I guess), pointing down the line of the shot, which is what I need to see if my swing is on-plane. I can only see a mirror if it's in front of me. (2) It's hard to look at a mirror while I swing because, well, I'm busy swinging a frigging club. Anyway, how do I simultaneously keep my head down and look at a mirror? (3) I can carry a camera and tripod to a range, but carrying a big mirror, along with my bag, just seems ridiculous. (4) I can use a camera on the course occasionally, in addition t
  2. Going back to the original post... You talk about playing, and about your swing, but you don't talk about practice. Playing a par 3 course is fun, but it's not practice. I'm in sort of a similar place to you, except that I don't feel discouraged by it at all. I started playing about 2.5 years ago, when my sons got me out for my 60th birthday and I found that I enjoyed the game much more than I expected to. I've taken a few lessons from a TPI level 3 instructor, and they've helped. But they weren't going to help all by themselves. Personally, I really enjoy practice. I go ou
  3. Looks like I'm the lone dissenter. I haven't paid any attention to this in a long time, and I'm sure the research has improved, but... Back when I was an active pilot about 15 years ago, a study was published in one of the pilot mags about how long pot had an effect. They measured both blood level and performance, and found that it was about 72 hours. Since one of the effects include time and distance distortion (stoned drivers drive too slow), and it also can effect your coordination, it doesn't surprise me at all that it screwed up your game the next day. So, enjoy the weed,
  4. I'm also a beginner, age 60 and just flirting with breaking 100. After trying a few sets of clubs, and on advice both from my teacher (a local country club pro) and a couple of knowledgeable golf store guys (using a swing monitor) I got a set of Cleveland HB3's. All the irons are hybrids, with the 3 being a full hybrid, gradually stepping down to the 9 which has just a bit of added hybrid-ness. I'm very happy with them. I find that the 4 has become my favorite club, and I suspect that if it was an iron instead of a hybrid, at my stage of development that would not be the case. But I like
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