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  1. Shot 83 last weekend to finally beat my previous personal best of 84, which was 2 years ago. My goal this season was to shoot in the 80's more consistently since after my round of 84 (again, 2 years ago) I had been shooting in the 90's. I'm happy to report that I had quite a few rounds in the 80's this season. Lessons help.
  2. I've been a concrete finisher for 13 years. Haven't been able to work (or play golf) for the past 3 weeks because of a work-related back injury. Guess I'm getting old, since this is the first time I've ever had back problems from the job.
  3. I liked the one I tried out too. I think it was the 9 or 8, which ever one is the heal shafted blade. The black paint didn't bother me at all. In the past I haven't liked the inserts on Odyessy putters, but for some reason this one felt really good.
  4. I thought I heard on Morning Drive today that she'll be back on the show toward the end of the season. Meghan most definitely is not natural. Check her website and there are pics of her from 1, maybe 2 yrs ago. No way she developed that much without help.
  5. cleveland towel and a swiss army golf tool (groove cleaner, divot repair tool, ball marker, bottle opener, knife to threaten slow players, and scissors to trim uneven greens ).
  6. kinda surprised how the blues are getting worked by LA in this series. granted there's still a period to go here in game 3, but LA is showing no signs of letting up.
  7. there's been lots of despicable play out there this postseason, I'm actually kind of shocked by the amount and how it's not confined to one or two teams, it's everywhere.
  8. The quest to break 90 for the first time in two years continues. Shot a 92 today. 39 on the front for my best 9 hole score ever and a 53 on the back to complete a really frustrating round. I didn't even have that many terrible shots, what it came down to was poor decision making that lasted the entire back 9. Sometimes it feels like I'm supposed to stay in the 90's forever.
  9. 93. Wind blowing today at 25+, but still managed to have my best day off the tee in years, 10/13 fairways hit with one of the misses being 1st cut. Horrible chipping and putting today, pretty sure I had one 4 putt in there, ugh.
  10. Thought he only did on Saturday, when he was paired with Vijay, lol.
  11. Same here, would really love those 588's and Driver! Fingers crossed!
  12. Good to see Vancouver go down in game 1. Go LA, or anyone that plays them.
  13. 94 today. 43 on the back, 51 on the front. 2 really bad holes on the front kept me from breaking 90. Only one 3 putt today, so there's that.
  14. I don't have a dog in this fight since MN crapped the bed again. I'm hitching my fandom to the Devils and Blues this postseason. MN receives an extra draft pick if the Devils get to the ECF, but both teams have former Sioux players so that helps.
  15. Consistently break 90. My best round ever was an 85, 2 years ago, but I've been stuck in the 90's ever since.
  16. last 2 rounds: 105 last Thursday (ugh), 91 yesterday.
  17. I wouldn't have offered, I would have insisted that they go ahead without me, because right then and there I know I'll play poorly with someone like that. I'm not the type to take 8 practice swings and change clubs 3 times, but I do like to think about what I'm doing, not just run up there and hit it. If that makes me a slow player, then I'm a slow player.
  18. Interesting, guess I've just never noticed it before. Thanks
  19. Bought some AAAA Titleist NXT Tour balls from lostgolfballs.com and some of them have a small raised "N" in one of the dimples. I've never noticed this on new balls so I'm wondering if I've just never noticed it or what? Why is it there?
  20. I found it helpful until a couple weeks ago. Big gust of wind came up at the range and knocked my tripod over, destroying my camera.
  21. love going to the stores in the Twin Cities to window shop or shop for good deals. thanks for all you guys do!
  22. ah, your post made it sound like you were, especially when you referenced, "the resort courses up north." my bad.
  23. I've heard a couple people say this about the courses on that card, but so far I don't see it. All of them are challenging and in great shape for this time of year, but we'll see as the summer progresses. My favorite so far has been the Links at Northfork, with my least favorite being Sawmill (I can see why some would call that one a dog track). I swear you people must play out at Hazeltine on a weekly basis to call these courses dog tracks. I also figured out the cost of gas to drive to and from the courses for the summer and it still works out to be a great deal, much cheaper than a membersh
  24. There's an annual deal here in the Twin Cities called the metro golf card in which you get 32 rounds for $320. There are 8 courses on the card and I can play each 4 times. This is the 1st year I bought the card and so far I like the deal a lot. I also walk instead of ride.
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