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  1. hey thanks for the heads up, oh quick question how do the worst irons titleist ever made work for ya?
  2. was told in another thread to pick up a tour striker and "get to work" so... im looking to buy a tour striker haha anyone have one? know i probably could have placed this in the marketplace but the site wont let me yet...
  3. yea not digging on the hats at all... another comment on this tourney.. why does Adam Scott wear tight pants!? for some reason i just dont like the guy anymore... i grew up in the "young gun" days and he was part of that. i loved watching him play growing up, i think after the whole caddy thing i became disgusted by it all... just looks kind of gay haha love the swing though. i dont know maube i just find him annoying and im not sure why?
  4. yea... contact is KEY! you know of any good drills or practice tips on getting to that point of contact?
  5. love watching a shot spin back into the hole
  6. yea will have to agree with you on this.. went out today, hit the ball terrible stroking an 80 but did pull off this shot one of the 3 times i tried it. out of the rough too haha non of the courses around here are in good shape so its all rough out there but choking down does help along with hands forward. thanks for the tip
  7. yea not a long hitter but guess thats what you get for being a great wedge player and not really ever getting in trouble huh... think we would all love to hit the ball like that!?
  8. well hey enjoy the tournament man, when you get back let us know what the best shot is that you saw? one that maybe we couldnt see on tv or something?
  9. haha yea i know man... looks like a knock down 8 iron coming into the green!? like i said used to do it with my 60 degree but your right was almost like you hit it thin.. thats how perfect you have to hit it.. didnt know if maybe anyone has a drill for it? or just some tips?
  10. hey thats a win for both of you. you made 5 bucks and if that kid learns how to hit that 1 iron he will become a good golfer haha! love the username too man, Vardon was a pioneer
  11. DAMN!? your a lucky man... have fun at the tourney sounds like you are following some good groups. so nice to see Freddy back on the PGA tour
  12. haha that is kind of funny about the golf digest story. didnt know that! i guess for me its that i like the ability to hit multiple types of shots with my 2 iron. i tend to hit the ball pretty high as it is probably because i release a bit soon haha but thats a different topic for a different thread.. may have to think about this hybrid thing... maybe try a friends and play a round with one and see how it feels. thanks for the info on distances too
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