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  1. A lot of people have incorporated other costs into their answers, and while they're right, the OP was just asking about the green fees, I think. The other factors complicate the discussion too much to come to a conclusion.
  2. After (not very) much deliberation, I voted "yes". When you play Pebble, you're paying for more than just pristine golf, you're paying for an experience. That experience isn't necessarily for the everyman, either. To quote apex53 on Page 1:
  3. I think this thread should be locked to everyone other than Jimbo posting his Trackman results. Or DarkSun posting more vids of Wii golf.
  4. I love this so much. Such a typical experience at a golf course.
  5. Not to bag on Jerry also, but I remember thinking that he didn't look all that good, considering he was trying to make a nationwide event. Then I was not surprised at all when he turned in poor results.
  6. The thing about the long drive, and most of the people I see who hit the big bombs, is that it seems to have less to do with the actual game of golf. You use your driver only a small percentage compared to wedges and putters, and a long drive guarantees you nothing. Most of the long drivers, especially in the long drive comps, seem to just get a jolly out of striping a ball. That's fine and all, and I'd love to have the ability to put one down the pike 300+, but that's not at all what golf is about. I've had some real great drives that resulted in bogeys and double bogeys. I don't know
  7. Don't do it haha. The chances of it turning out bad are greater than the chances of it turning out well!
  8. Great swing, I actually like the 2012 a little more haha
  9. Awesome response, thank you. And thanks for the ego boost too haha, I need every one I can get.
  10. Yeah but he's jus a bigger man! Landry just lifts and chews steroid gum haha way more jacked.
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was just making fun of this entire masquerade.
  12. I already posted the pic of Laron Landry - if you don't think he's the most Jacked player in football, then you have a different opinion than I have and that's not acceptable on the internet.
  13. When I interlock, I feel like my wrists want to straighten more naturally, therefore making it very difficult to retain clubhead lag. When I overlap, I feel like I can lead with my left side better and hold my wedge thru impact. This is all in theory, of course. Most of my swings are garbage whether I'm interlocking, overlapping, baseballing, hell I could be Happy Gilmoreing.
  14. Any athlete could do it, I guess I'm just not one. I should just give it up - can't drive it 300, no shot.
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