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  1. Hi.. In the end i got the DG R 300 shaft for my epon 502's.. I tried the Nippon shafts and kbs and project x rifle shafts.. But I hit more consistently with the r300 and better groups as well.. So that's what I got.. I will post pics tommorow..
  2. I tried both.. R300 and Nippon 1150.. The fitter said that the epon ball flight is already high so I didn't need to use the Nippon and recommended the r300 for the lower and farther ball flight.. I'm making my decision now.. I really like both.. Dunno what to do.. I'm new to golf and can't really make a decision.. The lm shows better distance with the r300.. I want better consistency does that mean I need to use heavier shafts?
  3. Mr Desmond.. Can u tell me the difference between the DG r300 and the Nippon 1150 regular as far as characteristics and benefits?? Also if the DG are all the same exact weight and I choose carefully would it be a good brand for shafts?? Thanks
  4. Mr Desmond.. Can u tell me the difference between the DG r300 and the Nippon 1150 regular as far as characteristics and benefits?? Also if the DG are all the same exact weight and I choose carefully would it be a good brand for shafts?? Thanks
  5. I didn't decide yet.. I tried out the 502's again today with the r300 dg shafts.. And played good today.. Scoring 51 and 44.. I felt the irons r easy to hit and felt soft.. Tar will try out the kbs shafts and maybe the Nippon 1150 like u suggested.. Hope to do better.. I really wanna love the kbs as they look sick but I hope they love me back.. Now I know why spins r expensive, they made my r9 tp feel like a crowbar hitting a golf ball.. Will let u know again tmr
  6. I played like crap today.. Always slicing the ball.. I think I need more time to adjust to the clubs and new shafts.. but the room 502's r like marshmallow's like u guys said it would be.. Very happy abt it.. I need to also adjust my swing to accommodate the new lie angle.. Thanks for the shaft tip Desmond.. Ps. I will thumbs up u guys soon when I get to use my pc.. Been using iPhone so thumbs up doesn't work.. All of u have been a great help..
  7. Ok I'll try all the shafts.. But I jut like something heavy.. Anyway will let u know tmr
  8. I tried the true temper s 300 and my swing speed is a tad little bit to slow for the s300 so they recommend the r300 with weight of 120gram.. I'm undecided wether I should get r300 or just take the s300 and improve my speed in the long run.. Thanks for the tips I made my mind up to use the 502's.. Cool beans mate
  9. Mr Desmond thanks for your thorough answer.. I admit that I don't know much cus of my limited time in the game, thanks to ppl like u and the others in this thread and your knowledge I narrowed it down to just the mp 59 and the epon 502, 302.. I don't have the luxury of having any Mira's around in the whole country.. Plus as it stands then epon's r cheaper than the mp 59 by 100 bucks.. I just want a club I can grow into but also forgives me haha.. So the epon 509 should be my best bet right? Anyway thanks for the tips, will post pics soon
  10. Ok, I need to make up my mind.. I really like to feel feedback from my clubs, and I kinda like the mp 59 but I dunno if my swing is good enough for a consistent swing from it.. So the epon's are nice but I'm scared I will hate playing with it, I'm scared I won't feel feedback from the 502.. So can u guys just give me a vote before I make my choice.. Sorry.. I just don't wanna make a mistake
  11. I think I'm going with the endos epon 502.. With true temper s300 120 gram shafts.. Hope I won't regret them.. The only reason being I couldnt feel much difference between the mizzy and the epon.. But Ive chosen the epon bcus of the fitting service that mizuno lacks here where I lived..
  12. Thanks but it's just from practice and the amount of time spent on the course.. I play 18 to 27 holes a day for an average of 3 days a week.. I never thought I would love golf before I played but now it makes me the happiest guy in the world when I hit a ball on the sweet spot.. Best feeling in the world IMHO Anybody know how does the epon's 502 and the mp 53 compare to the r9 tp? In terms of rawness and feel?
  13. Actually right where I'm living(Thailand) the epon dealer here has top of the line fitting tech. Plus they are 100 $ cheaper than the mizunos.. Plus the mizunos don't have swing DNA here in Thailand.. I'm working here and I get to play golf 3-4 times a week compared to in Europe as its really cheap here and also the courses are great.. I just feel that if I go epon 502 will it be too soft? I am a high tempo hard hitter
  14. Hi guys I tried the mp 53 and 59 and also the jpx and the jpx pro.. I felt the mp 59's to be easiest to hit and felt really tight and good with it.. I just want to know what u guys think of the epon irons?? I heard some ppl said it is the cream of the crop irons in the market.. And it doesn't get better than the epon's as far as irons are concerned.. I just wanna make sure which irons to get.. Either the mizunos or the epon's.. Both are fitted to your liking and also around same price.. I want to get my irons and will not buy again for a big while so I don't wanna hurry in to make a decision..
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