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  1. I vote for Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Traynor. But humor aside, I think Michael Phelps is wonderful, but I remember Spitz and I'll go with him.
  2. Angie Everhart is a hard act to follow. Maybe Jenna Jameson? In all seriousness why not the loser of this coming presidential election? BuckeyeNut I like your avatar.
  3. The Eastern part of the state got some last week. And I guess Sun Valley has had their ski season extended. I got my first nine holes in yesterday.
  4. This is rare. I missed the Feherty interview. Good for her, and Stanford to boot.
  5. It wasn't about who is in the picture per se, the picture was just an example. But thanks for letting me know Michelle Wie wasn't pictured.
  6. Last evening got another round of Diamond Dallas Page (YRG) in. I can't complain, my back is feeling better. LeftyGolfer congratulations on your half marathon. Regardless f the time you did great.
  7. I don't want to get beat up for this, verbally or physically, but I have started doing yoga. Diamond Dallas Page's yoga: Yoga for Regular Guys. I'm two days in and my back feels better already. We'll see how this journey goes.
  8. What are American swings? They sound interesting.
  9. I like the LPGA: Michelle Wie, Natalie Gulbis, Grace Park, Paula Creamer... Aye, the LPGA is fantastic!
  10. I may be the only person that feels this way, but I strongly believe there needs to be a team of enforcers who travel from PGA event to PGA event. The purpose of this team is to enforce the "It's in the Hole!" rule. If you are at an event, and you yell it (It's in the hole!), the team takes you behind a palm tree, cactus or rock, and pummels you until you promise not to do yell it again. It was funny when Bill Murray mumbled it in Caddie Shack, and it was funny the first time someone yelled it at an event. But...now it is droll and irritating.
  11. Friday I went to the rehab center for a Super Slow workout. Yesterday (Saturday) I put the net up, supported by chairs (the ground is still frozen, couldn't get the spikes in...), and hit 150-200 balls with my irons. I didn't get a hike in because a car load of teeneagers showed up at my house and my wife and I prefer not to leave them there alone. So, no hike, but 150-200 swings.
  12. I did get one thing from Haney that, for whatever reason, never crossed my mind. As he's sending his students ontheir way he suggested they swing the club 100 times a day, one shoulder over the other. I have started doing that as we still have snow. And to be honest, the first evening was a bit of a struggle. But, I got another 100 in this evening.
  13. I was pulling for the North Irelander. I do think, unless something drastic happens,he is the future of golf. The future might be this year, or in ten years, but he seems to be the real deal. And, it is nice having a number 1 who's actually won a "Major" again.
  14. One of the genius Yahoo! sports writers made a comment when Phil Mickelson won Pebble Beach. He states that Mickelson, "America's loveable loser wins Pebble Beach..." I know not everyone loves the awe shucks persona of P.M., but I wouldn't consider him a "loser"? Four majors, three are Masters, and 40+ tournament wins. He's accomplished a lot more than the current "#1" in the world.
  15. I had an Eagle on a par 4 about 6 years ago. I was about 150 yards out, hit a 7 iron. The ball hit the front of the green, rolled straight at the hole, and dropped. Some guy came running out of the tree line jumping up and down, and pointing. I have putted for eagles on par 5's (within 10 feet...) and have yet to make one of those though.
  16. Yesterday 03.02 I got my Super Slow workout in. Today I hiked the North Menan Butte on the Snake River Plain. It was cold, breezy, just enough snow on it to make it slippery, and a nice hike. After winter a hike like that is kind of like opening the windows to air out the house. http://www.blm.gov/id/st/en/fo/upper_snake/recreation_sites_/north_menan_butte.html
  17. Yesterday (Thursday), I went 5 rounds on the heavy bag with 30 seconds breaks per round. I did jumping jacks between rounds. Then I took a 20 minute sauna.
  18. I must apologize for not remembering the name of the show, however, it was The Haney Project. I watched the first episode last evening. I think one is enough. I forgot how much self-love Sugar Ray affords himself. Angie Everhart might have the best swing of the bunch.
  19. I live in a college town, and the university uses the municipal course for "their" golf classes. I use my "Sunday" bag and walk. Those college students load up on the golf carts like storm troopers on Panzers. It really irritates me. But other than that I have never thought twice about people using, or not using carts. And, I guess where I live the Volken aren't very firendly because no one has offered me a ride yet.
  20. And some point in all of our lives we wanted to be something we aren't. When I was ten I wanted to be a cowboy, fifteen a baseball player, nineteen Bruce Lee, nineteen and a half Pete Townsend. Now two Master's degrees and a career later I want to tend Tiki bar in the Caribbean. Personally I think there are somethings that A) don't need to be shared, and B) if they are, can be confidential. Tiger Woods can be a wiener, but sometimes other folks need to have some class as well.
  21. I was watching the Golf Channel last evening and they had the ad for the new show with Sugar Ray Leonard, et. al. I was watching his swing on the commercial and was thinking, "This guy was the best boxer of his generation???" (Although I still think Hagler beat him.) But watching other non-golf athletes play, it is apparent that athleticism in one sport doesn't translate to being a good golfer. Charles Barkley has one of the most creative swings I have seen. Tony Romo and Aaron Rogers seem to have golf talent. Possibly the best athlete non-golfer who golfed was...George
  22. I play whites. I see enough younger "dudes" with drivers the size of their heads tee up on blues and then promptly hit their drive onto the state highway, or bounce it down the runway of the airport next door. Although in fairness, I have bounced a few down the runway as well.
  23. I did a quick Bullworker workout last night and took a sauna, plus four rounds of heavybag. Today will be snow shoveling, and then a sauna.
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