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  1. Take a look at your head movement on video. I find that when my AoA gets too steep its because my head moves towards the target durning the downswing.
  2. Your gaps aren't too bad really. I dont see where you need another club honestly just work on your swing.
  3. Much better video. Talks about how the right hip moves up and towards the target on the backswing and the importance of the hip slide. Those two videos are completely contradictory :-D golf instruction in a nutshell.
  4. IMO there is a lot of wrong information in this thread. Power is not generated by resistance between upper body and lower body. It's generated by the degree in which the shoulders are able to rotate. The larger the rotation of the shoulders the more power in the swing. Allowing the hips to rotate "properly" in the back swing makes it much easier to get a full shoulder turn. As well as getting a steeper left shoulder, or tilt towards the ball on the backswing. The right hip on the back swing needs to move up AND towards the target. It's opposite for the left hip. I don't believe over rotati
  5. I just want them both to play well. Not too much to ask is it :D
  6. This tip did not help my golf swing... #amidoingitright
  7. He doesn't cock his wrist very much if at all in that swing. Look at where his club is at the top of the back swing its pointing up in the air. A cocked wrist would have the club face pointed in the direction of his target. Edit: If i have the fancy drawing tools i could show it a little clearer, but look at the angle between club shaft and forearm. That is not a cocked wrist.
  8. I am really liking what I am hearing from Sean. I am new to golf and professional golf in general so I wasn't around for all the controversy he stirred up but I like his attitude to coaching and his honesty when asked about his earlier coaching career and his missteps.
  9. The problem is that to do the drill you dont need to hold your wrists. The wrists are inactive in the pump drill. It's more a drill for getting the arms down.
  10. Wise and P57 don't belong in the same sentence. I doubt your him though I get the feeling Iacas has his IP address on lock down some how. Knows when he try's to create new accounts and such. I picture alarms and gongs and a robotic voice "DANGER DANGER" Could be wrong tho
  11. One day I hope to be able to get that specific in what I need to improve :D Right now I'm working on a full shoulder turn. I tend to stop rotating and use my arms too much
  12. Kind of of the topic of golf but Weed (IMO) should stay on the PED list for MMA for one simple reason. It is a very strong bronchodilator, although it seems contradicotory at first thought. If a fighter were to get super stoned and then work on his cardio (which many fighters struggle to get to an elite level) it would be very beneficial to him. Its actually prescribed medically for asthma in some cases believe it or not. On the topic of golf, I have a lot of experience with weed, and golf. And for me personally I play much worse, I can't stayed focused on performing my best and I e
  13. I second that! Whats everyones opinion of his instructor? His swing doesn't seem to be what is preached around here, loaded rear leg, excessive early wrist hinge etc. Do you guys think his instructor is doing an acceptable job with Dan? What would you like to see him improve on/change in his swing?
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