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    Jim Nantz

    I'm a Nantz guy. Vocie of the titleist commercials. I mean cmon. Now to the dude that said something about Rinaldi. THANK YOU. If I have to sit through another "Tiger, what went wrong out there today?" Dainty, fabricated emotional, might-as-well-get-on-his-knees-and praise tiger interview on sportscenter I'm going to throw my xbox through my TV.
  2. Had two the past week, First after hitting a nice little punch shot out of the trees on the uphill tough par 5 1st hole, had about 165 eh 170 out. Light breeze against me. Hit a stiff 6 iron directly over the pin, as soon as I made contact I knew it was on the money. Sunk the 5 ft bird. chirp. Second. Once again I find myself under the trees to the right on the par 4 down hill 8th. The flag is in the back of a long green with two sections with a ridge in between the two. So being conservative, I take out a 9 iron (bout 150 out trying to just get on front portion) Had to keep it
  3. So being a bogey golfer, while also being a full time student, I've recently become addicted to golf again, However, being on a budget i've skipped out on buying a golf glove so far this year. After a weekend 5 hour practice session and daily 1 hr practice on my lunch breaks for a few weeks my hands-especially my left- got beat up. Then my hands grew tougher and now I prefer to not wear a glove. I've often felt that even terrible golfers, who only play occasionally, always blame it on their glove-that they HAVE to wear- and yet still complain when their club slips.
  4. Picked up a sleeve of the Velocity's today. For a distance ball I was surprised at the spin I had on approach shots. Solid Balls. Lost one with a duff into a water hazard and lost another pushing a shot on a par 3 into water. Got one left haha. Side note on balls- Being a bogey golfer I know this sounds ridiculous but, I have no problem with the tour balls. I seem to always hit my ProV1x caliber balls (ones I find left behind by the old lazy geezers at my club) really well (don't lose em off tee, stick approach shots etc) . My swing is still developing and I'm not really too k
  5. hahaha YES! The guy that kisses the putter and says money. If I saw him on the street I would promptly punch him as hard as I could in the face.
  6. so not being a member, do I have any chance of hell to ever playing Augusta? If so, how?
  7. Sometimes during my downswing/weightshift/ portion of my golf swing i'll feel my right foot almost slide back wards as i come through which feels all kinds of wrong, but when I do this I usually pure it. wild. I know.
  8. I definitely know the feeling. Have always had trouble with my driver, then within the past few days I've seen to unlock my issues. Always seemed to hit a weak slice now Ive been trying to widen my backswing and make a fuller turn and thusly I'm absolutely blasting it down the pipe like never before. Im addicting to hitting the range now. GOTTA GET IT TO THE COURSEEE
  9. Ive actually had a little left hand pain recently, kinda in the pad underneath my pinky. Is this from too strong of a left hand grip?
  10. whose the chick in your avatar? I'd like to get some feedback from her. yuuuhhhh.
  11. Great Post Tomboys. I think my biggest recurring problem is shifting my weight forward. If I make a bad swing I can chunk it so hard the masses of earth i dig out fly further than the ball. I've always struggled with balance on my left foot. Growing up I played competitive ice hockey and was always a solid skater but felt weaker on my left side. (had to have a big shot and be physical to over come this haha) What are some good drills/exercises to improve my balance and weight shift? Again, building consistency is what I want. There are days where I know I'm not shifti
  12. Yeah overthinking I think has a huge part in it. It really plagues me on the course. My personal best is an 84 and that day I practically had no swing thoughts was just kinda "feeling it" However, when I'm out of sorts the thoughts just multiply as I try and work it out.
  13. Lessons. I've never taken any before. Any general advice on what to look for in finding a teacher? Where to start looking? How'd you find your teacher? Clinics recommended? Do I simply call up a club and ask to book a lesson? Good to go with head golf pro or assts? Any kind of advice would help.
  14. Ok so the title was a little harsh. I've played golf off and on for a few years now and this past summer was when I first started wanting to really improve and start shooting better scores and finding a consistent swing. The reason for me posting is I feel like the part of my brain responsible for muscle memory is missing. Somedays when I go to the range I feel like I have a swing ready to play on tour.(not really but I leave the range feeling great) Somedays I swing great (kinda get in a groove) Then totally lose it. Then other days I swing the club and I fe
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