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  1. 100 (69.1 / 130). I couldn't believe I was 1 shot away from an immediate goal. I had no idea until it was over. I came up inches short on 4-5 putts today. Mix in a few 3-putts, a penalty stroke (major improvement), a handful of fat shots, and that's a 100. I'm really close to getting into the 90s. Major takeaway today was an alignment tip from a friend. Normally I play with my 12 yo, or solo, but today I took two friends out. One was able to help me understand the drama I've been having off the tee. I've been hitting straight shots about 40 yards to the right from where I was aiming. I thought it was something in my hands, but it turns out I was simply aiming that direction. Thankfully it was the simplest fix of what it could have been. I started lining up differently and hitting fairways. Lead to a 48 on the back 9. I drove with my 5w all day. With this new knowledge, I'm going to hit the range with my 1w and see if that's in a better place now.
  2. 102 (69.1 / 130) at my new club. I hit my irons really well today which helped me get 5 pars. Getting off the tee continues to be my primary issue. I've not taken my driver out the last few times, and rely on the 3w off the tee. I only hit 3 fairways and the green on 3 of the 4 par 3s. Poor driving lead to 5 penalities. Couple that with 4 3-putts, a few poor random shots, and you find a 102. I'm encouraged, considering how long it's been since I've played regularly. I think I'll get back to the 90s soon and if I can figure out how to hit the 3w/1w off the tee, I may start to make real progress. For now I'll continue to work at it and work on my short game.
  3. I tried 18birdies yesterday and it's also good. A little busy in the menus if you're just interested in scoring a round of golf, but it's good. The one issue I had with it was getting quick GPS updates as I walked up to the tee box from the cart. It seemed to stick at the cart instead of updating where I was as I neared the tee box. I looked all over for a setting to be more aggressive on GPS updates, but I found none. I'm curious if any of you have noticed that?
  4. Years ago I used Golfshot. I liked it quite a bit then. Now that I'm playing again, I defaulted to it but looked to see what else is available now. I tried 18birdies yesterday and it's also good. A little busy in the menus if you're just interested in scoring a round of golf, but it's good. The one issue I had with it was getting quick GPS updates as I walked up to the tee box from the cart. It seemed to stick at the cart instead of updating where I was as I neared the tee box. I looked all over for a setting to be more aggressive on GPS updates, but I found none.
  5. Played my first 18 holes since late 2014 today. I shot a 106 (66.2 / 117), which I was really surprised by. I actually shot better on the back 9, which is the opposite of what I used to do. I used to play 9 holes almost exclusively and stretching it to 18 seemed to just fatigue me and it showed on the scorecard. My son (12) and I had a great time. I scored 2 pars, should of had another 1-2. There were so many stupid strokes on the card. 6 penalties, 2 3-putts, 2 times I took 2 strokes in the same bunker, on top of your normal duff/skull from a weekend warrior. It makes me feel really good, because through all of that it felt like I was on track for 120, not 106. It tells me I'm not that far away from the mid 90s again. When I played a lot (2-3 9s a week about 6-8 years ago) I'd normally shoot between 42 and 45 like clockwork. Granted this new course is slightly tougher with tighter fairways, I feel like I'll be back to a place where I'm shooting respectable scores. Where I'm struggling most, like I was in 2012-2014, is distance. I simply don't hit the ball that far. It makes playing even somewhat forward tees (3rd set from the back) really tough. I tracked a few of my better drives (3w, I have no control over the 1w) and on a great shot I was only getting 200-210 out of it. My 5i is about 155 and my 7i is about 135. A 375 yard par 4 is common and nearly impossible for me to reach in 2. If I actually wanted to go for it, I'd need to pull a 4h for my second shot. That's just not good for me, so I'll hit 3w, AW, AW, to give me an opportunity for a 1-putt par or more likely a 2-putt bogey. A 350 yard par 4 will at least let me go 3w, 5i. So yes, I'm dealing with that. I need to figure out where to get 10 yards throughout the bag, or learn how to hit a 1w with some confidence. I'm sure newer technology would help, but my clubs (Taylormade Burner 2.0) aren't that old. I have noticed that newer sets have a 7i loft where my 5i is. That makes me wonder, is it as hard to hit that new 5i as it is for me to hit my current 3i (as they'd have the same loft)?
  6. @Vinsk the reviews on Android are rough. It looks ideal. The marketing videos on their website are great. It seems like the app requires the sensors and doesn't do score keeping and distances without the full package. $180 right out of the gate feels aggressive, especially considering the reviews. I'd be curious to hear from people using it on Android before making that plunge.
  7. In 2012-2014, the best golf app I could find for score keeping and yardages was Golfshot. I'm curious, in 2020, has something come along since that's better? Primary use is for tracking rounds, basic statistics are sufficient, and providing yardage remaining.
  8. I'm just hoping he finds a sport for life, and it gives us another avenue to spend time together. He's going on 13. Time is flying. Taking all the chances I can right now as I'm sure before I know it he'll be out of the house.
  9. @bkuehn1952 that's a good idea. There were definitely a few instances of that after he topped ~2 in a row. Instead of having him keep hacking at it, he'd pick it up and drop by me for his next shot. He's still smiling ear to ear this morning. I asked him what we were going to do the rest of the week/weekend. He replied, "golf?!?" 😄
  10. Really appreciate the thoughts everyone. We had a great time today. My son had an absolute blast. He's hooked. He wanted to head straight to the range after our 9 holes. 😄 He teed it up on every hole and hit a 6i or lower. He never teed up shots after the tee shot, but I kept that in my back pocket in case he really started to struggle. The course is short, about 2,200 yards from the tees we played today. The course was loaded as it's basically the cheapest option in town. It gave me the opportunity to explain etiquette along the way. While it's been years since I've played regularly, there was a time not that long ago I played to a 15. I was shocked to find my son legitimately beat me on hole #3 today. He had a double, while I posted a triple. He had a lot of shots you'd expect from someone that had never stepped onto a course before. He also had a number of shots that just looked awesome. Really glad he enjoyed it so much. @Sean_D I've been hearing about that program. Since he's been so eager to get into golf and I'm happy to start playing again, I've been looking for a consistent place for us to play, find some junior camps for him, etc. Operation 36 has come up every place I've looked. It definitely looks like the right way to start teaching the game.
  11. My oldest, 12 years old, has shown interest in golf and by doing so has gotten me back into the game from a 6-7 year absence. We've hit the range a few times and I think he's in a good enough place to go out and play 9 holes. Tomorrow we're going to head out to do just that. To this point, I've mostly kept him to a 7-8 iron. He's hit the driver a few times, mostly for giggles as this is for fun after all. My thought process was to try and simplify the game as much as possible for him. Focus on fun, 1-2 clubs, half swings, etc, just to give him a better chance at having a good time. That got me to thinking, is that the right approach? I'm sure many of you have been right where I am right now. I'm curious, how did you handle it and what were the results? Would you do anything differently? Frankly, I just want him to have fun and not be overwhelmed. That's the goal.
  12. Chris Stewart

    Chris Stewart

  13. I played Beachwood in North Myrtle Beach last week (68.8 / 117) and shot a 101 (45/56). I feel like I play 9 holes so often, I'm basically useless on the back 9 any time I play 18. Highlight of the day was a birdie on #8. It was playing 155 and I put my 5i pin high about 20 feet away. Drained the putt and it made my day.
  14. 70.6 / 137 - par 72 Friday: 45 :dance: Saturday: 113 (53/60) :no: Amazing how so much can change over 24 hours. On Friday I decided to start the round only teeing off with my 3w and I was able to keep the ball in play off the tee every time. I had great results with it and kept with that on Saturday. On Friday I had 1 penalty, on Saturday I had 9 and most were off the tee. After such a good day, it was hard to play 18 on Saturday.
  15. Glad to hear it's helping you. Are you supposed to place the ball forward in your stance still, as you would a driver, or in the middle like the rest of your clubs?
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