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  1. So I played with a woman today who told me the golf industry doesnt properly address womens equipment and accessories, among other things. Before getting into the details the round was over and I didnt get a chance to ask her what she meant. Ive heard from other women that the golf industry approaches everything from a male perspective, even when designing womens items. Im wondering what impact this is having on the game as statistics show that 2/3 of all new golfers are women, but most of the women leave the game shortly after starting. So my question for all women golfers is A. do you
  2. So I was getting ready to play golf today and I realized my spikes were completely worn down and I was a bit disappointed as I couldnt get to the store before my tee time to grab some new ones. Out of frustration I was thinking how cool it would be if there was some type of subscription based model where you could create a package based on things that you wear out or lose, like spikes, gloves, tees, balls, etc, and then have them shipped to your house on a monthly basis (or whatever time interval you choose). I saw online they have "manpacks", where you can get new shirts, socks, underwear, et
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