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  1. Eric - What was the video you posted a while back with he interview with Mike and Andy? Charlie Ross or Rose? Something like that. Anyway, he asked Mike and Andy about Aaron and Mike leaving them. Their response was something to the fact that they weren't willing to commit to working at it further. Not to mention there are all kinds of factors besides ball striking that play into player rankings. I do find it funny when people point at Aaron leaving SnT and saying "See, it must not work then." People leave coaches for a variety of reasons. Because Tiger left Harmon, does that mean Harmon doesn't know what he's talking about?
  2. It does. Thanks for listening. :D On the plus side, my daughter is already swinging her Snoopy clubs at her plastic balls. Future scholarship perhaps.
  3. You get what you pay for. You can get a Launchpad for $100 but they're not that accurate. I suppose it depends on what you want to use it for.
  4. BTW, I use a GPS on the course but I would love to have a laser range finder just for the purpose of driving ranges.
  5. If you practice at a range with really bad balls, it's possible. I was practicing once last year and the range owner was right behind me. I hit a balls and it started out great and then just dropped like a duck being shot. He said "bad ball". I think you'll see most of the issues in distance and not necessarily in side spin. I tend to just try and watch ball flight and not worry about distance. In the winter months here, length is all shot to hell anyway.
  6. There's a huge amount of variability from range to range. For both quality of balls and target distances. I was also told by one of the range owners that the dimples on the balls really wear off during the winter months due to the frozen ground.
  7. I'm in the middle of going through a fairly significant swing change. I'm really starting to see why golf is so much more difficult for the average player vs. someone who does it professionally. If golf is your priority, you can spend all day, every day, working on your swing. You can dedicate the time needed to make swing changes and significantly improve your game. That being said, it can still take a pro a full year to integrate a major swing change. Contrast that to 99% of the people on this board. I'm married, have a full time career that my family depends on, and I have one year old daughter. If I can make it out to the driving range twice per week for an hour, that's really good for me. I pick up a club just about every night in my living room and practice positions. I'm lucky to get a solid 15 minutes working one aspect of a swing change. It's tough for the movements to really stick. Not only are the movements new but I'm also trying to overcome 25 years of bad habits. It seems to take twice as long to see results. I wish I had the time I had back in college. Missed opportunity there. I would love to take my camera and computer to the range and spend a full day working on my swing. I golf because I love the game but implementing swing changes and seeing results can be very frustrating.
  8. I've been carrying one for about two years. It's a 60* 4* bounce. It's kind of a one trick pony for me. I pretty much only use it for chipping and 30-40 shots from the fairway. I agree some of the others that it can be a tough club to hit. I tend to leave chips short to so I've recently committed to just using my 56*. For this season, I'm seriously considering dropping my 60* and adding a 2H replacement. I think I'd get a lot more consistent use out of that.
  9. I just asked the same thing on the main Ball Flight Laws article. Good question. So let's assume you have an out-to-in swing and you're hitting a lot of pull/fade or pull/slice. So at impact, your face is say 5* closed to the target and your swing path is 20* to the left of the target. So your club face is 15* open to your swing path. By using a draw biased driver, the face is more closed at address and should be more closed at impact. So instead of 5*, let's assume it's now 15*. You've still got the same 20* left swing path. But now your club face is only open 5* instead of 15*. So the ball should start out more left, 15* CFA vs 5* CFA, and should fade less than your previous swing. Is this a more desirable shot? Perhaps, if you learn to aim more to the right to compensate for the pull/fade. In the end, I think you're more likely to hit a pull/draw, pull straight, or pull/fade more than anything else. I don't see how it'll help you hit a push/draw. That's my guess anyway. BTW, I used to own a draw biased driver. I hit a lot of pull hooks.
  10. Just wanted to chime in that I received the S&T; DVD series yesterday. It seems to be really good compliment to the book. I gotten through most of the first disk and I believe I better understand some of the concepts after seeing them in "live" action. The book and the DVD are kind of like having a text book coupled with a lecture. Good stuff. I think one of the most beneficial pieces is reinforcing why you're doing what you're doing at setup and takeaway.
  11. Quail Hollow, just north of Tampa, closed down a little over a year ago. It was the first place I ever played. It's pretty sentimental to my dad since he had tied the course record there and had an ace. I played there shortly before it closed and it was in absolute disrepair. Most of the fairway grass had died and the greens were looked like the rough. A real shame since it was a nice place at one point.
  12. I'd whip out a Husqvarna chain saw and cut that damn tree right down. Then I'd proceed to hit a boring line drive shot right at the target. Stupid trees. Oh.. I'd aim left and open up stance.
  13. IMO, start with posture and balance. You can work on all the other stuff but unless you have good posture and balance, it'll be impossible to fix your faults. My experience has been that most of my swing faults stemmed from poor balance.
  14. The flip side of this is that the average pga pro has tremendous eye to hand coordination and timing. The average golfer simply doesn't have this.
  15. Do you personally get a lot out of drills where you don't actually use a club? I personally do not. I find them helpful in understanding a concept, but I find that they don't generally translate into a corrected swing fault once I put a club in my hands. I find a much greater benefit out of drills that resemble an actual swing with a club in your hands. Especially once you actually put a ball in front of your face. The mind can do some funny things when you actually try and hit a ball. What do you think?
  16. Interesting idea but I would think it's not very practical. Looks like you have to use it at a grass range in order to stake in the ground. Well after one swing, wouldn't there be a divot in the ground? You'd then have to keep hitting out of divots. I think I'd like to see one that clamps on to the side guard rails of a hitting bay at the range.
  17. To be honest concerning golf clubs, all I care about is that they're made with good quality. I really don't care where they come from.
  18. Too much bad practice can certainly be bad. The problem with hitting into a net is that since you don't see ball flight, you really don't know how well you struck it. I have a net at home and I feel your pain. Think about times on a course or at the range where you swear you pured it but ended up hitting a hard push or slice. Taking it one step further, I've found that practicing too much on the range can hurt. Eventually you have to take it to the course.
  19. One of the local shops near me, Miles of Golf, did a really interesting study on comparing drivers over the last 100 years. Below is the link with the summary and a video describing the process. They used a Trackman to record the flight data. Interesting that the major leap in improvement was the introduction of the Titanium driver. BTW, I've met Gene Bolden several times. He had a booth at the Michigan Golf show last year. He has quite the collection of vintage clubs. Neat guy. http://www.milesofgolf.com/blog/golf...vs-technology/
  20. No necessarily a bad shot but I had a friend who bought a new driver from Wal-Mart. We were ragging on him because it looked so funny. We went straight to the driving range and hit first swing, the ball went about 30 yards and the driver head flew about 50 yards. Apparently the was some really bad epoxy on the shaft.
  21. What's the craziest bad shot you've ever seen? I'm not talking about totally whiffing the ball. Unless someone did that and then fell down. That would be pretty funny. Here's an example and my nomination. I was playing with a buddy last year who has a 30+ HCP. He's a lefty. He plays baseball and is very thick chested. He has a huge over-the-top swing. First day out for the season last year and he's lying in the fairway on the second hole about to hit his approach shot with a short iron. He swings at the ball and tops it so bad that it actually went backwards about chest height at a 45* angle. I started busting out laughing. I think he could have spent the rest of the day there trying to duplicate the same shot and never be able to do it. It was the first time I've ever seen someone swing at the ball and it go backwards. Unbelievable.
  22. Couple of thoughts - You could also look at shaft options. Some have much higher launch angles than others. - As far as S&T;, I don't believe if you do it correctly that it's a cause. I think there maybe something else going on that's contributing. Personally I've seen a better more consistent ball flight with the drive using S&T.; I actually had the same concern as you at first. My only issues are when I lose balance and have some huge over the top swing. - One criticism I have with the S&T; book is that it doesn't specifically address the driver. I would have liked to have seen more detail there. I'm sure some of the other can address this better. I'll follow along.
  23. I don't think anyone said you were making this up. I think the confusion is that these came from a large retail chain and yet they are fakes. It doesn't make sense that you would trade them in. The clubs should be returned to the store regardless if they were gifts or not. That sounds like may what you're doing now but that's not the way it came across before.
  24. I just bought a set of MP-59's so obviously I think a lot about them. I've really liked their MP-57 and 62's that I've tried. For me, there's just something about them that draws you to them. I think they've done a good job with their new line of offering a wide range of clubs. The MX-300 are a great forged club for a midcapper. I tried one of their drivers and liked it. Not enough to buy it. Very hot face though.
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