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  1. Yes and feel also lies. When ever something feels natural means I'm probably doing something wrong. We're fortunate enough to have a local range with Trackman stalls. They're really cool but expensive. It'll be interesting to see what the future holds.
  2. Got my replacement as well. BTW, the customer service has been very good. Mine froze up about 5 1/2 months after purchase. I had only used it a handful of times since it was during the winter. It was right up against the warranty. I called uPro and the air mailed a new one to me with a return envelope for the old one. I didn't even ask for this. They were also located in the states which helped.
  3. The nearest place to me is $2400 for a resident season pass. It's a public course though. Here's what you get. Unlimited Golf & Golf Cart Fees Preferred tee time reservations - 1 month in advance Unlimited use of the Practice Facility 20% off Non-Sale Pro Shop merchandise Reduced guest fee (1 guest per day) Member Appreciation Days One FREE 20 minute lesson with Golf Professional Grill discounts 2010 GAM Handicap Membership Tournament Play: Member-Guest Invitational One Month Pass to Summit on the Park Community Center Pass valid one year from date of purchase I think the price is a little high compared to some of the other places I've seen. If they had a pool for the kids, it'd be worth it.
  4. So here's the latest. I added 4GB of ram to my desktop and no improvement. As others mentioned, XP doesn't really handle RAM over I believe 3 GB. Now I'm starting to believe this is an issue related to both PC's running at 32-bit vs. 64. My desktop is 64-bit capable but only running XP. Does Windows 7 have a free trial download i could try?
  5. Ok, so here's the spec on both my PC's. Hopefully others will find this helpful since it seems to be a common problem. I have 4 GB ordered for the desktop. The plan is to try 2GB + 1 GB existing and see if that makes a difference. If so, I'll order a 2 GB chip for the laptop and use one of the existing chips. Desktop OS: XP Processor: Intel Pentium 4 516 2.93 GHZ Motherboard: ASUSTek Goldfish 3 Memory: 1024 MB total (2 Corsair PC2-4300 512 MB) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS 64-bit 512 MB Laptop: HP Pavillion dv6000 OS: Vista Processor: Intel Core Duo T2050 @ 1.6 GHZ Motherboard: Quanta 30BB 66.42 Memory: 1536 MB Total (PC2-5300 @ 512 MB and PC2-5300 1024 MB) Graphics Card: Mobile Intel 945 Chipset Family (256 MB)
  6. Good update. I hope it has more than that. I wonder if it'll be a free upgrade.
  7. Thanks for the help. I really don't think it's the video card. My desktop has a new HDMI video card and it has the same issue. It's only running on 1 MB. I've got 4 MB ordered for the desktop. I was going to see how that goes before I order more for the laptop.
  8. IMO, this is the appropriate response if you feel it's worth your time. We have a group of 32 that go play at a resort every year. We're always the first to tee off every morning. We had an incident a couple of years ago where the starter was like 30 minutes late getting to the tee box. So of course we all started out late. Well that meant that the whole day would be backed up. My foursome had fallen behind the group ahead by about a half a hole. Out of no where the ranger comes screaming up at us telling us we're over half an hour behind and we're backing up the whole course. It was obvious no one had communicated that everyone got started late. Our organizer complained and we did end up getting a free 9 hole round.
  9. I've got over three years worth of video now so it's pretty cool to see the changes. I have a Sony cam I've used for years. Recently bought a Kodak Zx1 for HD in 60fps. I find video indispensable.
  10. When I see people throw their clubs or go into a rage I always wonder if they beat their wives. Seriously. Dropping the occasional swear doesn't bother me the least bit. I can understand that. Anything more than that is absurd. I will say that I'm fortunate enough that most of my golf buddies are pretty level headed.
  11. Wanted to give an update on this. My neighbor is a computer guru and we discussed some of the issues I was having. He has a Mac and a PC. We tested the video on both and had no issues. The major difference between his PC and mine is memory. He's running 4 GB of memory while I'm only running 1.5 GB with a 1.6 GB processor on my laptop and 1 GB with a 2.6 GB processor on my desktop. So I believe the issue is related to a lack of RAM. I'm putting an order in today so we'll see if it helps.
  12. kfowler

    Pre-Season Golf

    You're right. I justed checked and our season starts March 29th. I find that funny since most courses don't even open until late April. Everything is still VERY wet in April.
  13. As the snow has finally melted here in Michigan and we're starting to see some days warm enough to play, I plan on hitting the links for the first time next weekend. Assuming it doesn't snow again. Our handicap season doesn't start until May so I've thought about using some of these pre-season rounds to work on some things while on the course. This is typically a great time to do this since the courses are sparsely populated. One I was considering was dropping alignment sticks down before shots. It'll be interesting to see the difference. Another would be chipping around the green. Got anything you plan on working on while on the course?
  14. I did a quick search on this but didn't see anything. Is there any issue with having the lie angle on your hybrids or fairway woods adjusted? I don't seem to have ever seen anything on this. I think I may need to have mine flattened a degree or two.
  15. Thanks Jamie. Not a whole lot of news there. Seems like they've been in testing mode for a while now. You certainly want it to work right but you run a risk of falling behind your competitors. Hopefully this season.
  16. Haven't tried the woods but I really like the hybrids.
  17. Because they choose to. I promise you many more can average over 300+ if they wanted. Problem is most can't average 300+ and consistently score well on PGA courses. Especially with the new groove rules this year.
  18. Longer distance has to be combined with some kind of accuracy. I've got a buddy of mine who consistently drives 20-30 yards more than I do. Where I hit 60% of my FW, he only hits say 30%. If we play a wide open course, I have a hard time beating him. He plays a lot from the adjacent FW. However, if we play a tight course that punishes wild drives. I can beat him handily.
  19. Around 10%. It's the bane of my game. It's a combination though of chipping and putting issues. If I could improve there, I know I could push a single digit HCP.
  20. Ranges are never a good indication of distance since ball quality varies so much from range to range. One place I go to regularly, they really dumb down their balls. That being said, I agree with what you said. The first time you get a GPS is an eye opening experience. Drives I thought I crushed only went 250-260. Most were 230-240. 300 yards is LONG ways.
  21. I kind of disagree with you here. Some people were just not meant for college and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. You, however, have to learn a trade. Whether that's though formal college, trade school or apprenticeship it makes no difference. One thing I'd like to see changed in the country is how we view trade jobs. For some reason many people look down on these. That shouldn't be the case. I think we've pushed some young people into college when they would have been better at learning a trade. Welders, mechanics, carpenters, etc can make really good money if they're good at it.
  22. Food for thought, a fat shot and a thing shot are generally caused by the same issue. Only difference in a thin shot is you try and save the shot by separating your elbows.
  23. Sweet. An by sweet I don't mean simply adding sugar to ice tea. That's tea and sugar not sweet tea. Sweet tea is when you boil it and add sugar until it reaches super saturation. Yum Yum. I also like it with a splash of pineapple juice.
  24. For me, not going to college was not even a consideration. That being said I changed majors several times. I majored in Forestry and now work in finance. So not exactly what I expected to be doing. Am I doing what I want? I'm not playing guitar for a living or golf. That being said, I love what I do and am pretty good at. So I do believe I'm doing what God meant for me to do. There's always a little "grass is greener on the other sider". I'd love to play guitar for a living but then you talk to musicians and it's not an easy life for most. Ultimately the trick is to find something you enjoy and don't dread getting up for every morning.
  25. Got to disagree with you here. I love cigars but HATE the morning after smell. Especially the taste in your mouth. BAD!!!!!
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