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  1. When you add in shipping costs it loses its appeal. Remember these are surlyn balls. Too many good deals on urethane balls for me to take a serious look at this. My guess is the market they're going after is looking for lowest cost (Target, Walmart).
  2. How wide are the tires? I would think this could cause turf damage. Is the bag shown fastened to the bike? If yes then you have to transfer your bag contents to the bike. The up side is you will be getting more exercise than riding in a cart. Neat gimmick but I don't see it catching on.
  3. As a beginner the game can seem overwhelming. Try to keep it simple. Don't worry so much about the ball but I strongly suggest that once you find a ball you like stick with it. Don't play every different ball you find as it introduces too many variables. You wouldn't play a difference set of clubs each round; so again - keep it simple. Also laminated woods are old technology. Try to get a newer 460cc driver that will be much easier to hit. Something used that is a good fit for you will be fine.
  4. I use Pulsar Sofspikes in all my shoes. Comfortable, good traction and give a decent life. After each round I carefully rinse off the bottom of my shoes and scrub clean with a stiff bristle brush. This prevents the crud build-up which makes changing spikes difficult. A couple minutes maintenance goes a long way.
  5. I notice the video doesn't show loading or unloading it into a car. Might be a hassle. I'll continue walking with my 3 wheeler.
  6. I have an M3 and an M4 and both are good drivers. From what I've read (and tend to agree with) is that the even numbers are slightly more forgiving than the odd number models. This is because they can design the entire weighting of the head without worrying about the weight of the sliders. There is the benefit of the adjustments of the sliders however. My take is if you are a better golfer go with the odd numbers so you can design in flight patterns (assuming you hit the middle) but if you are a higher handicapper go with the even as you need forgiveness more than workability.
  7. What is a safe time to wait to play a club after putting on new grips? I used Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips and golf tape and grip solvent from Golfworks. Thanks..
  8. I've played two rounds with the new ball and like it. To me it feels close to the ProV1X that I've been playing all year but not quite as durable. Factor in the price and its a no-brainer. FYI - this model is completely seamless like a Srixon Z-Star where the first version had a noticeable seam.
  9. Sort of. The new 4 piece ball is listed on their web sight but as usual they sold out in less than 12 hours. I got my order in today so hopefully I can compare them to the original 4 piece next week. Same price of $29.99 for two dozen.
  10. About 25 years ago I had a similar issue. I had a set of Wilson Staff blades that I played for years. All my friends kept telling me to get something with new technology. So I got new irons and it took me a few months to get used to them. The one thing I instantly noticed was the spin I was getting on the new clubs. The grooves must have been really worn on the old blades.
  11. "I know of members who resigned at one club and switched to another here in Erie when they allowed "pressed, designer jeans" to be worn in the main dining area." I have the same issue with my club. They allow jeans in the dining room (but are banned on the course). I keep trying to get this changed to make it "business casual" after 6pm in the dining room which I feel is a fair compromise. I keep running into resistance so I am considering leaving.
  12. I have a couple Zero Restriction Goretex rain suits that I would like to maintain properly. Yesterday I went and purchased Nikwax Tech Wash wash-in cleaner and Nikwax TX Direct Wash-in DWR. I know you wash first and then apply the DWR. My question is how many times can you wash Goretex gear before you have to re-apply the DWR? I've had both rain suits about 5 years and in the past would wash them about three times a year with mild liquid detergent (Tide Free and Gentle) and use Nikwax spray-on DWR once a year. Honestly I tend to wear the jackets more as windbreakers then actually play during a rain. The rain pants and hat are only used during a rain. Thanks for comments.
  13. I played the Maxfli XS Tour years ago which was an OK ball back in the day (similar to the Precept Extra Spin). But that ball hasn't been made in probably at least 15 years. I think it even came out before the original wound urethane Revolution.
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