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  1. I use the Lamkin uTX grip in .580 size on .600 butt shafts with two wraps of tape. This works out to be about midway between regular and mid-size. Great grip.
  2. I bet you can really slice the ball with this club.
  3. I have the Bushnell Z6 laser that works great. It locks on targets almost instantly, is accurate (like most lasers), is waterproof, and is small enough to fit easily in my pocket while playing.
  4. Rub hard on the tape to make sure it's solidly on the shaft. Then take a very small screwdriver and scratch at the tape so the backing starts to come off. It's not difficult.
  5. Everything I've read says 5 years is normal life and beyond that performance starts to fade.
  6. Don't believe they're actually giving away free clubs. This con has been going on for years. They called me about 10 years ago and tried the high pressure tactics. I got rude with them and have never been called again.
  7. I've seen some comparisons between iron sets and the cheap sets sometimes have their specs all over the place. Like a couple clubs have the same lofts even though they might be 6 and 7 irons. All I can say is when I ordered my Titleist AP2 irons at D4 swing weight when I measured them on my swing weight gauge that's what they were.
  8. I like the Dryjoy Tours. They are comfortable, supportive, give good traction and waterproof. During the round I'm not even aware of my feet which says it all.
  9. Actually the product I used was called "Tide Free and Gentle". I called it Tide Free in my above post. It comes in a white bottle vs all other Tide is in an orange bottle. More data learned - Basically washing your Goretex is more helpful than harmful from a waterproofing standpoint. Just use warm temperature and gentle cycle. Also set the washer for an additional rinse. After finishing the wash cycle let clothing drip for several minutes and then put in the dryer on low to medium heat. Check on the clothing label for more specific instructions and go by that for best results. Drying temp will vary depending what the inner and outer shell is made of. After the dryer finishes and shuts off run the dryer again for 10-15 minutes on low heat to "reinvigorate" the waterproof properties. Do not use any dryer sheets as this fouls up the Goretex. To know when its time to put on a renewed coating of DWR (durable water repellant) simply run the garment under the faucet for a few seconds. The water should bead up and virtually roll off the garment. If not its time to add a coating of DWR. Gore say after about 12 - 20 washes (depends on water hardness) you should check if DWR needs recoating. Every Goretex (and Gore Windstopper) garment is coated with DWR at the factory. Following the above drying instructions gives the longest life for the DWR. I use Nikwax TX Direct spray-on that I order from Amazon. DO NOT use a wash-in DWR as obviously it will coat the entire garment which fouls up the breathability. You only want to coat the outside. This is pretty much all you need to know which is a bit wordy but in actual use its fairly simple.
  10. After talking to Gore and Zero Restriction they both say a mild liquid laundry detergent will be fine. I got some Tide Free which has no bleach, fabric softener or perfumes. Works just fine. After taking out of the dryer and running them quickly under the faucet the water just jumps off the fabric.
  11. Just want to get my Goretex rain gear ready for the upcoming season. The Gore website simply says use a liquid detergent with no bleach or fabric softener. I generally use plain old Tide (contains no bleach or fabric softener) as my go-to product. Is this fine or is there a better option? I see there is a Nikwax Tech Wash product available (fairly pricey though). Is this much better than normal detergent available at the grocery? Unfortunately the Gore web site doesn't make any recommendations other than noted above. Thanks for any help.
  12. I get a catalog from them (I'm guessing) on a quarterly basis. I've never seem any of their products but it seems they are aiming at the high-end market based on their pricing. This could be a tough nut to crack in a tight economy.
  13. If they are refinished stay away. If they are recycled that's better.
  14. I have AP2 irons 3 iron through gap wedge and Vokey SW and LW. Usually the 3 iron is out of the bag as I carry driver, 3 wood and hybrid. I just noticed noticed this thread started years ago. Hope he has found the answer.
  15. I played for years with steel spikes until they virtually became banned everywhere. At first I was upset believing I'd slip in the new softspikes. When that didn't happen I simply became used to the new spikes. At the time most all shoes had normal threaded spikes that needed to be re-tightened frequently. I don't miss that aspect. The new fast-twist (or similar styles) pretty much lock in and stay.