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  1. I play the 2016 Tour Preferred X and can get them online from the golf stores for $27-30. Typically one generation difference in a golf ball isn't very noticeable. The cost saving is however.
  2. Aren't they still part of Callaway or were they spun off?
  3. Whassup with Yonex?

    Are they still in business?
  4. Remember the Titleist Eclipse?

    If I remember correctly it was Titleist's first try at a dual core ball (like Prov1x core). Surlyn cover however. Came out maybe in the early or mid '90's.
  5. How Screwed Am I?

    I played with a guy last year that had a similar hole in a hybrid. Said he caught a rock in the fairway. He was proud of it and the club seemed ok. Only thing was it whistled when he swung and the guy said that was why he still used it.
  6. Grip sizing question

    Thanks to all for the assistance.
  7. Grip sizing question

    Thanks for the reply but I don't want to make them mid or oversize. I just want them to feel like my normal setup which is 580 grip on 600 butt with one wrap of 2 inch wide grip tape. I've used this configuration for years and have become used to it. I ask because I'm having trouble finding my normal grip (GP Tour Wrap 2G) in 580 size. Everybody only has the 600 size.
  8. How many extra wraps of grip tape (not build-up tape) do I need to make a .600 size grip feel the same size as a .580 size grip? They are both the same model grip only the core is different. Thanks.
  9. When I worked in a golf course pro shop (two years ago) our cost on a dozen prov1's was about $33. Golf Galaxy or other high volume stores probably get them for a couple dollars less.
  10. I have several layering plans depending on the temp. Slightly cool I wear a light UA base layer, shirt and windbreaker. Colder I will wear a thicker UA base layer, shirt and windbreaker. Colder still and it's the previous and a Mizuno Windlite sweater. Still colder it's the previous topped off with a Zero Restriction Windstopper jacket. One of the above gets me comfortably through most playable weather.
  11. KickX Golf Balls on Sale

    Are they urethane?
  12. I use the Lamkin uTX grip in .580 size on .600 butt shafts with two wraps of tape. This works out to be about midway between regular and mid-size. Great grip.