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  1. It seems like alot of players actually play better once they are in tournaments. I think for some they are just much more focused in knowing that they cant just drop a ball in the fairway! That is why tournaments are the best! That is killer that you shot your best round in a tournament! What is everyones best tournament score compared to what they normally shoot. Mine is a 63 compared to my normal 75ish. I can say I was in the zone!! Never had anything like that again.
  2. There is no better way to test your game then in competition , wether it is a money game with your buddies, an organized tournament or even a bet for who has to wear a skirt the next round, competition induces pressure and tests both your strengths and weaknesses! I remember the first time I played in a tournament, i felt like I couldnt feel my hands the first tee shot, needless to say i sliced one into the water, but the next time i played with my buddies I worked them all!!!
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