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  1. Totally agree, What are these yahoo's trying to prove? They should be kicked out. And if they effect a players swing---banned
  2. Tiger wins at Bridgestone. 5th of the Year. In the words of Larry the Cable Guy " I don't care who you are, that's a dang good year" He got err done
  3. Well said sir. To funny, the worst guys on the course all think they could fix Charles Barkley
  4. CHEW, CHAW, DIP, SNUFF. Whatever you call it, it you MUST do it on the GC, please don't spit it on the freaking greens
  5. Make no mistake, I like Phil. But he has been taking a beating in the sports press because of this. And from some fellow tour players. And I kinda agree, as reported on the golf channel Monday, Phil made 48 million dollars last year, the lion share of that from endorsements. It does not break my heart that he has to pay thoses taxes. And note, those are STATE taxes not federal. Me thinks Phil should move to Florida or Texas
  6. Some really good peeves here. Here is mine. Dipping, and or Chewin... then spitting that brown crap all over the course. fairways are one thing, but on the freaking putting surface???? c'mon Jed Clampett. please don't. Even the freaking geese have class enough to not do their business till they reach the second cut of rough.
  7. Brandon, I'm hoping this is the case. I want people to enjoy the game no matter how they are dressed. Just respect the game and course
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by iQuest Golfer Hate the face? You can wear comfortable and it doesn't have to be expensive. It just has to be presentable... for the love of the game. My observation is that those that dress down on the golf course generally don't fix the tees, tend to divots, repair ball marks... Is there a connection? I wouldn't like to think so, but... I agree, I can only explain this by what I've seen. On a local course here in Texas where the rule was wear whatever, I personally saw a lack of respect for the game and the cours
  9. But who has proven whom wrong or right?
  10. Not a bad pick, but I think Jim Furyk will be there in one of the two final pairing's
  11. You couldn't ask for a better compliment from the king himself. And Jack is a guy who knows a thing or two about golf shots
  12. I second that feeling lets share the loot
  13. WOW, Rory has a new name for long par fives---Lunch
  14. Much as I'd enjoy seeing TW dominate. I know it will not happen. just hoping he in the thick of it sunday. On a side note Ernest Jones---best profile pic EVER
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