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  1. Hi Mickey, When i first started out playing golf my first set of irons were a second hand set of callaway X16's, they are the most forgiving clubs ive ever hit and to be honest i wish i still had them. You could lay your hands on a set on e bay or something like that. Best of luck!
  2. Westwood is on fire! Killing the flag stick!
  3. The reason for Tiger getting so much coverage is because that is who the public want to see, simple. Just have a scroll through this thread and youl find most of the conversation and debate is about Tiger. Im not saying that it's right that he gets all the screen time, but the public gets what the public wants.
  4. Heard a good one on the radio today, Man about to tee up at a long par five a says " Christ, i dont go that far on holiday!!"
  5. Make up a group name so we can have a little league going?
  6. Thanks, My aim is get down to 6 this season so plenty time on the practice area!! The wife will love me!!
  7. To me the greatest golf course in the world is The Old Course St Andrews and its £150 to play it, so i wouldnt pay anymore than that.
  8. To me the greatest golf course in the world is The Old Course St Andrews and its £150 to play it, so i wouldnt pay anymore than that.
  9. my home golf course http://www.turriffgolfclub.com/
  10. I m tipping Garcia, espeacially after his 64 on Sunday. Think Tiger will be in with a shout as i still feel he is an intimadating prospect in match play.
  11. Every Course has a member with a funny swing! Their is a guy in our home course who must take half an hour to get to the top of his back swing then wooosh!! haha!! You could fall asleep when he is taking the club back!
  12. Hi my Name is Barry Massie (29) and i come from a small town in the north east of scotland called Turriff. Im Married to Katie and have a little Daughter called Mia. I took golf up about 2 years ago after retiring from Football. Im a full member at Turriff golf club and have a handicapp of 9. I enjoy all aspects of the game and have many opinoins which i look forward to sharing on the site. Fav Course: Old Course St Andrews Fav Player: Sergio Garcia and Seve Ballesteros. Fav Golf Brand: Callaway
  13. Im a full time golfer part time electrician!! haha, i wish.
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