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  1. Hey guys I have a couple questions regarding these driving irons. I absolutely cannot a normal hybrid style club. I bag mx23's on and off it seems as I sometimes need the Ap1s. I swing my mx23 3iron fairly decent off the tee. Im thinking about replacing that club with either a mp-h4 2i or a mp fli hi 2 iron? I assume the distance would be an increase, however will I gain anything in forgiveness? Like I said not scared of the long irons but any added forgiveness I'm a fan of! These driving irons are more similar to hybrids right? You can play them from the fairway and rough fairly easily corre
  2. I can't hit the ball. Simple as that. I take a week off due to work and I simply have lost all fundamentals of the golf swing. Its absolutely terrible and I cant get past it. The chunks. This is a very severe case, Im getting so much ground. I try to focus on my take away, swing plane, and hip rotation/weight movement and I just cant seem to diagnose it. If I don't chunk it 100 yards it goes screaming across the ground at the range or goes looping to the right. I'm a right handed golfer. Im hitting 5 irons like 100 yards. So frustrated and I just cant figure this out. From my best golf round o
  3. Got out and hit some irons today.. Into a net with a monitor. I swung the titleist cb 710s, ap2s think 710 or 12, mizuno jpx 825, and a ping i20. All stiff flex. Immediately ruled out The Cbs because I've heard there harder to hit than the ap2s and I want tad more forgiving iron.. I don't necessarily need a super forgiving iron I'm a decent ball striker. I didn't get to swing to much with the ap2s so I'm undecided about those. Then jpx was a fine club. And surprisingly so was the ping i20. I hit the ping marvelously but in my mind thought I don't need this much forgiveness.. I'm Not a rookie o
  4. Ap2 710s can't be had for 350 used? I'll also look into the mp57s thanks for your suggestion!
  5. How would you compare the ap2s to my current mp32s? Similar or more forgiving?
  6. Are the titleist ap2s supposed to be more forgoing than their cb line or less?
  7. Thanks for all the replies! I need to work on more consistent swing. I like the 32s but when I'm not playing well it doesn't seem to hide anything. I've never really looked in to players cavity backs but I definitely will. Are the titleist CBs similar to the jpx800 pros? I'm going to try to upload a swing video on this link shortly.
  8. M2r, how's the forgiveness on those v foils? Looks like there old news on the golf market. Outdated it says.
  9. I've never been fit for clubs, I'm sure it's a great help but I've always said don't disguise your swing tailor it till its correct. Are ap2s more forgiving? Im open to almost all options and realize I will need to hit these clubs at a simulator before purchasing. I'm really just looking for some suggestions, I would say I shoot around 98 with better rounds possible.
  10. Bump.. Please can someone throw there input At me?
  11. Hey, I went from titleist ap1s to the mizuno mp32s. I did shoot my Best round of my life earlier this year 90 with the mizunos. I feel like I need a slightly more forgiving iron, I'm struggling with my swing right now and I think a non blade set would Help me improve more. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of clubs that would allow more Forgiveness but won't take me to far away from Blade looks. I was thinking about the jpx 800's but I'm not sure. I'm not a fan of the burners I don't like the bump out at the start of the Club. Id like to spend 300 to 350 on a used set. Thanks for your time
  12. I went to golf galaxy and my swing speed was 101 consistantly and I bought a Ping K15 stiff flex driver. The question is my irons, I have Titleist ap1 710 regular shaft. I swung a shaft tester club and it came up with these options Project x 6.0, Dynamic Golf x-100, and KBS tour x flex. All of which are stiff shafts I believe... What should I do? My iron set cost me 350.00 back in march. I hit them left and right it seems, cant hit the same shot consistanly... Suggestions very welcome.
  13. I've made a few changes already. Could over rotation or exaggerate rotation of the hips do this? I just watched a video saying to coil your upperbody and your hips will automatically rotate the 45 degress. I tried that and it seemed to work on most shots, Sure I topped a few just because it feels awkward.
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