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  1. Thats is the funniest thing ive heard this week
  2. So ive been saving money for awhile now for a complete set of new clubs. This time around I wanna go all out. New irons, drivers, shafts etc. Im just trying to figure out the best way to do this. I want to get fitted for everything. Length, lie, swing weight, shaft stiffness etc. I want to get the irons pured. Will my local store take the time to do all this? How long does something like this take?
  3. Well turns out its all of the above. I just got back from the range and it wasent much better. Half the time I was falling forward after impact, my swing was steep, I tend to slide to the left at times causing a deep fly to center field. I kinda started to get it back when I started to take the club back lower. Still isnt good though. My swing plane is a mess! I was going to post a video but I dont know how to post one.
  4. SOmething very bad has happened here in the heartland.................ive lost my driver swing! If your looking at the face of a driver I would say around 80% of the balls ive hit are leaving marks on the top right part of the club. Closet to the hosel. I seem to have lost distance and have developed a snap hook at times. I think I have to severe of an inside out swing.
  5. I finsihed putting me Golf Pride New Decade grips on today. They feel great. Cant wait to hit them :) Anybody using these?
  6. I have an SC putter and I like it. It was my first putter with the insert in it. Took me forever to get used to it. I used an Answer 2 for many years. I should have never left her.
  7. Its about a 40-50 range here on a weekend riding. Still kinda high to me since we are supposed to have the most tracks per sq mile then any other city in the U.S. Atleast thats what I heard. Nebraska also has 2 of the highest rated public corses in the nation.
  8. A draw for me always goes further. Driver and irons. When you draw the ball you have less tendency to cup your wrists at impact. Could be wrong but for me thats what I notice
  9. I know that the Golf USA here still has this year Titleist stuff but what about next year?
  10. I was reading something online today and it said that Golf USA failed to get account with Acushnet (titleist,cobra) Does this mean Golf USA wont be carring Titleist clubs? Ive also noticed that Dicks Sporting Goods and Golfsmith dont have Titleist either.
  11. ^^^^i agree Although you are a 20 hdcp some im guessing it could just be in your swing. I know when I had a hdcp around 20 id hit some bad shots from time to time. Who knows. Thats why we love this game
  12. I would also agree that gold shaft sucks. I didnt mind the red one though. PROTO BY YOU, Pro V2 and the DIamana are my favs
  13. I think the Hi-bore is a high launch low spin driver. Probally has something to do with center of gravity and MOI. I have now idea. Certain shafts will give you a higher launch. SOme shafts ive hit seem to have softer tips (Hi-bores gold shaft) that result in a higher launch.
  14. I also switced to the PROTO BY YOU stiff shaft and I must say I love it. I seem to be able to feel the club load more on my downswing. My distance seems about the same but my accuracy is better. I have an Avg, swing speed of around 105mph. I also had good results with the Diamana white board.
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