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  1. Glad it's working out for you, I couldn't hit the damn thing off the deck at all, really struggled with it. It may have been the shaft, fitted for a regular flex, driver MPH is between 90-95. I ended up swapping it out for a Adams Super Hybrid 15 degree, AMZAZING golf club, so easy to get up in the air and really long. I love the shaft, just the stock one regular flex, but performing much better for me then the RBZ 3 wood, weird. I have a shallow attack angle, a picker, maybe that's it but the Adams just works for me. As an aside, how do you like your MP-59's? I just ordered some from RD Santa Ana, 1/2 over GS95 Reg. 3 degrees up. The look at address is stunning, hit em' good indoors can't wait to game them!
  2. Just got rid of these, didn't like them at all, hope they work out for you. I liked the shorter irons, but struggled with the 4-7. Maybe it was the stronger lofts, thought they looked like bricks to be honest with you. For such a wide sole, they didn't seem all that forgiving to me especially 4-7. I recently got fitted for MP 59's from Mizuno, a supposedly harder iron to play then the 16's, it wasn't for me, quite the opposite actually. You pay a little more, but looks, feel and surprisingly forgiving for a club that isn't quite a blade but definitely looks like one; glad I made the switch.
  3. Haven't got em' yet, just waiting for the schedule to come out then I'll pounce; probably go to a September or October game, the weather shouldn't be an issue. Never been to Randall, not much of a College guy, but I'd bet it would be a cool experience.
  4. HUGE Cheesehead fan here, letting Jenkins walk last year turned out to be a mistake; Neal never came through, and with no inside pass rush and our backend minus Collins was torched!! I like the Hargrove signing and would love to add the best safety in the draft, Barron from Alabama ( Collins will retire IMO ). If not a safety in the draft, another OLB to play opposite of Matthews is a must, maybe either one of the backers from Alabama would do. Can't wait for the season to start, going to two games next year; away at Indy and my first trip to Lambeau!!
  5. West Coast swing or the Florida stretch Webb, which do you prefer or maybe it's the grasses; Poana or Bent? You played well in Hawaii......
  6. Longshoreman on the west coast, I work nights which allows me to play 2-3 times a week; I'm blessed.
  7. I live in Long Beach and play Reck Park and Lakewood regularly. I work nights am able to play during the week and early which helps as far as pace of play. I'd never play those courses on the weekend or any course for that matter unless it very early in the morning. As for El Dorado, it's awful right now; fairways are a joke and I've seen the greens in better shape then they currently are.
  8. Different strokes for different folks I guess, been playing there for years off and on. I know all about the nightmare 5+ hour rounds that you can run into while playing there; secret is never play it after 10am on the weekday and absoultely never play it on the weekends unless you tee off before 9. I just played there last week after not playing there for over a year and the course was in great shape, greens pure and fast and the fairways were in good condition. I teed off at 7:30 and was done by 12:00, good enough for me and at $27 to walk, the price was definitely right.
  9. This might be a dumb question, but is there a way to adjust the face angle without affecting the loft? I just bought the RBZ 9.5 driver, stock shaft regular and adjusted the loft to 8.75 after getting to much spin from the standard 9.5 setting. The tech at Golfsmith adjusted it for me, but after demoing it at the course today I was hooking the ball a little to much for my liking; the RBZ has a draw bias to it. Is there a way to adjust the face angle without affecting the loft? Don't think you can, at any rate, a fantastic club which is so easy to hit and quite long and forgiving.
  10. Only 45 minutes from the west side with ocean views and under $50, easily the best deal in Los Angeles. Try and play it during the week as a weekend round can be slow, 5 hours. The fairways are good with mostly tight lies and the greens are pure with everything braking toward the ocean. Los Verdes Golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes: http://www.americangolf.com/los-verdes-golf-course/?cid=google&kw;=los%252520verdes%252520golf%252520club&gclid;=CMa2teznvq4CFQcJRQod8DqkCg
  11. A bump and run pitch shot to a raised green with the pin tucked about 6 feet from the fringe. It was at a little par three course in Torrance, Alondra Park about 20 years ago. I over shot the green by 15 yards and was under some trees, only shot was to bang a 6 iron into a raised hill and hope for the best. It came off perfectly and went in the hole. I've tried that shot only a few times since that day with disastrous results most of the time.
  12. Cleveland CG 16 Black Pearl Irons, you'll thank me later. Not totally a game improvement iron and definitely not a blade, perfect for where you are at right now.
  13. Isn't there already a go-kart place right accross from it? I used to play there when I first started to take up the game in the early 80's; haven't played it in 15 years.
  14. I went a few years ago when it was in Long Beach and it was a joke then too, looks like nothing's changed, PASS!
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