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  1. I think you're forgetting the point of this thread. I am not a fan of Bubba. I think that is the question. I know several people who know him, have done business with him, sat with him to eat, and they all tell me that he is a fake. They liken him to the other lefty(Phil) with majors except that Bubba isn't as smart and doesn't yet know how to play the game of marketing as well. The bottom line isn't whether he believes or not it's that I put a no vote on the poll. I think you're just going to have to be satisfied with that.
  2. LOL. and I was thinking he only knew the hard core coal miners but there are a whole group of soft core coal miners he is leaving out! I just don't get how people don't understand that exaggerating the meaning of the word hatred in order to give their comment more weight does the opposite. I also don't get why people make things up, like there is an issue of hatred towards celebrities, in order to make a point that is unrelated. I was looking around for where hatred towards celebrity was espoused but I couldn't find it. It must be on another thread.
  3. Funny. . Let me get this straight. So according to you, you equate believing and espousing your own personal brand of religion because you might be afraid of the hereafter, or karma , or whatever, as the same thing as getting an endorsement deal from a company? I am not sure I can make sense of that. I think what you mean to say, and this would be correct is that I am not interested in hearing the opinion of someone, who is likely not the sharpest tool in the shed, on matters of religion , or politics, or really anything else but what he thinks about the course or his golf swing. What if he started saying instead that he owes it all to Allah, and that he wishes he could follow shariah law, and that on Ramadan he asked to be able to spit on the golf course because of his religious daily fast? Would you defend his freedom of speech as heartily, or would you prefer he keep religion out of the sport of golf?
  4. There are so many things in your post that are simply inaccurate which I wont respond to. The question was thumbs up or down. If I believed that any god cared about golf then I would probably care when someone thanks god for helping them win, or feel that a god wants them to use a game like golf to proselytize to others. I'm always surprised that when others think that I should respect or believe in what they believe in, that I should also tolerate listening to their opinions on the matter. That's a license for arrogance that Bubba displays. The arrogance that because he believes in something strongly I should be interested in it. I certainly am not interested in telling people like him what to say but I can certainly give him a thumbs down on an opinion poll. There's a difference between being righteous and buying insurance. Bubba is just buying insurance. IMO So .. thumbs down for me. I only count for one vote so I wouldn't get that invested in what I think.
  5. Was born poor. Pretty much a lefty when it comes to politics. Hate elitist. But .... damn if I don't love going to my club where they make me feel like a million bucks. It's definitely my biggest guilty pleasure. No matter how many times I've told myself that I shouldn't love it.. well.. I just do.
  6. Being that it is Roger Dunn, bought both fairway woods(RBZ and VRS) and tested. The distance , feel , and shaft felt better on the VRS. My theory is that the shallower face on the VRS is more forgiving and makes it easier to get good contact on the face and therefore greater distance and feel when good contact is made.