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  1. dhansen, thanks for the tip. Received mine on Saturday but had no idea that the center of the ball marker came out. Bright, bold colors on the front. I like it. THanks Matrix.
  2. You woudl like to giveaway Orange Whip apparel and I would like to win Orange Whip apparel. What a match!
  3. I'm 54 and have never missed going to vote. Does my vote count? You bet it does, especially to me.
  4. Going back and forth right now between the Taylormade TP5 and the Wilson Duo. Really liking the Duo. Put it in play for our last club event this year and shot 81. Not bad for a 2 piece ball. Long off the tee and will hold the greens. Our greens are some of the smallest that I know of. They average 1,140 square feet. Average green on the PGA tour is around 6,500 square feet with Pebble Beach being some of the smallest at around 3,500 square feet. Hard to beat a ball that sell for $19.99, is long off the tee, low spin, soft off the putter and that has great greenside manners.
  5. Louisville Metro Parks has a pretty good annual pass for their courses. You cancheck them out at http://www.louisvilleky.gov/MetroParks/golf/ Woodhaven Country Club has some great deals on membership as well: http://www.woodhavencountryclub.org/ Heriatge Hill, Nevel Meade and several other local courses offer annual programs too. Good luck in your search.
  6. TangoDiesel, some great deals at local clubs in Louisville right now. Are you looking for just golf, golf and social, golf, social, and a pool? Let me know and I'll be glad to share my experience with some of the local clubs.
  7. Played the Z Star all through last year and never expected that I would be changing balls this year but that's what I've done. I'm now playing the Z Star XV and think it's even better than the Z Star. I don't think you'll be disappointed with any of their Z Star line. Haven't played anything other so I don't know about the Ad333 or the TriSpeed lines.
  8. The SGX is my third SkyCaddie upgrade and I absolutely love it. I know som prefer lasers and others prefer other brands of gps units but I have never had a single glitch with any of my SkyCaddie units.
  9. Shot 78 today with 2 double bogeys. Loving the new Srixon Z Star XV.
  10. Haven't played the 20XI S by I did play a sleeve of the 20XI X and I won't be buying anymore. I did not experience any distance gains at all off the driver. I did like the ball off my irons and didn't really have a problem stopping the ball on the green but I gain nothing from playing the 20XI over the Srixon Z Star VX.
  11. Gorilla Gold which is a grip enhancer. Helps keep your hands dry and make your grips tacky. Works great in humid climates and in the rain.
  12. I play the Lexington tour. Played the Golf Channel Am Tour in 2009. Friend of mine invited me play the Golfweek Am Tour (eGolf Tour at the time) and I haven't played another Golf Channel event since then. Our tour director is top notch and we outstanding participation on the regular and senior tour. Highly recommend Golfweek to anyone interested in playing competitive golf outside their club or home course.
  13. Rumor has it that Sandra Day O'Conner plays at Augusta 5 days a week.
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