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  1. thank you.. I see , yeah it was an experiment... to see how fast they get rusted this kind of lobs. I love the vokey's wedges , but .. franklin speaking this raw type are a little bit annoying.. if the benefit is only the (nice) darker texture, and the disadvantage is that u need to have extra cure of it with also a strong iron smell inside your bag.. uhm I think this will be my first and also last raw wedge. Anyway.. what you mean with baby oil? something like the J&J; Baby Oil Shampoo?
  2. Hey Fella, here's how it looks like after the 3rd day of oxidation, now the inside of the raining-eclosure of the bag.. is getting a little red :-p but as you said.. for a little more spin everything ! :p
  3. Thank you very much for your answers. PS: It's really impressive how the rust grow if you spill just a few drops of water on the wedge.
  4. Hi dear colleagues, I just bought a Titleist Vokey 60-11 raw, I was curious about this rusty type clubs ... but now I've a couple of doubts. My sand wedge it's really water sensible. If you clean it with regular water, and you don't carefully dry it after.. after 1h it appears like in the picture i've attached (you can see were there was water drops now start to oxidate ) . I totally like the effect , but also if you touch it with 1 finger your hand become rusty red. And the smell is not neutral like any other club.. it smell really like IRON. I always try to keep as clean as possible my golf bag, but if I add this Vokey inside .. In my humble opinion.. I think that after one month the bag is all rusty red inside. And maybe I'm also a little bit worried if all this rust can infect the other clubs that are not RAW (but they have steel shaft) . Any suggestion , advice, thought it's appreciated, thank you very much BR From Italy.
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