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  1. Thanks for the response! I know 54 holes is a lot...I'm hopeful to be able to get through them everyday. We will definitely be golfing as much as possible. Thank you again!
  2. Gentlemen, Thank you for all your suggestions on previous posts in regards of courses to play in the DFW area. This weekend a buddy of mine and I will be doing our annual golfing trip. We plan on playing Stevens Park, Coyote Ridge and Texas Star on Saturday and then Tour 18 and either 2 more courses or replay tour 18 on Sunday. Any other recommendations for Sunday? Also, unfortunately, the area has a cold front coming in so it will be roughly 55 degrees over the weekend. Are the courses going to be practically empty because of these conditions? (55 for me is no big deal gi
  3. Damn this game. Last week I was playing this game and finally got the chance to play the Augusta course for The Masters championship... Well I stayed up all night and won The Masters; however, the next day I played 18 and shot a 118! Keep in mind I have consistently been shooting in the 100-105 range the past couple of months. I played again yesterday and shot a 116. I think the PS Move may have ruined my swing.
  4. I played the Magnolia course this past February only 3 months after picking up the game of golf. What a great experience! My buddy and I played from the white tees which put us at around 6500 yards. Like everyone has said, the course is very playable and in great condition. You'll see tons of wildlife running around, we were clearly warned not to get too close to the water (we knew some of our shots would be way off). I played by all the rules and counted every stroke and finished off at 118. I know that's not a good score but I was pretty proud because of the fact that I had onl
  5. Haha, I agree Sean. As long as pace of play is not affected, I will pick up the broken tees that are clearly visible on the tee box. By the way, I enjoyed your last post better when it said "Pace of play trumps your OCD".
  6. Would you have considered your first eagle a "true" eagle if you had driven it into a sand trap...and then sunk it by hitting it 30 ft out of the sand trap? An eagle is an eagle the way I see it, great job!
  7. Everytime I go tee off, I like to pick up broken tees and cigarrette butts or any other trash I may see and put it in the bin. I don't understand why so many people leave the broken tees on the ground when there is a bin 10 ft. from the tee box.
  8. LOL! I've used jfgi before...first time I see lmgtfy though!
  9. I remember a few weeks ago watching "The Greatest Game Ever Played" with Shia Labeouf and was intrigued by the way the tees they used back in the day. They used a little cup similar to a shot glass, filled it with sand and compacted it against the ground. It made me wonder if I could use a double shot glass (since I like to tee it up a little higher) to have the same type of tee. Also I wonder if this affects the flight of the ball in any way. Thoughts?
  10. My buddy and I usually play the cost of the next round. The loser chooses the next course and pays for him. It's fun because we both equally suck just as much ( we both play in the 95-110 range). I tried to get him to play this game I saw on Tiger Woods: The Masters game for PS3. Winner of the hole takes another golf club from the opposing player's bag, but he said he wants to be able to practice with all his clubs and we can play that when we shoot in our 80's. :(
  11. What are your opinions on how to properly fix divots? My buddy that I play with always takes 3-4 practice swings and tries to take the same divot each time, which means after every stroke he leaves behind 2 or 3 divots. Usually identical right next to each other.
  12. Although new to the game, I've been playing long enough to know the basic course etiquette rules. However, I was hoping you guys could share some other course etiquette rules that you think are not as well known. For example, I recently learned you shouldn't cross on somebody's line while on the green! Who'd a thunk it. Interested to hear your thoughts.
  13. I have only been playing for about 8 months. I have only broken 100 a few times and usually play a double bogey game. Keep at it and you'll see moderate improvement as you develop a swing and get comfortable with your body movements.
  14. Personally as a newbie I don't feel like I have enough knowledge about the game to post on most of the threads. But I try to share my opinion when I do feel knowlegable about the subject.
  15. All that practice at the range changed your handicap from a 27 to a 1? Nice, I should get out more.
  16. Philly - If I may ask, which course is this? I usually play Eaglewood which runs 6017 yards. In response to the post - I have not, but I saw a course here in Chicago which was going to have a 2 club 2 player tournament where you were only allowed to use the 2 clubs you brought with you to the course. This caught my attention. I think it would definitely help refine your skills.
  17. walk - you are completely right, it was very challenging from the blacks. Given that it was a free green fee compliments of the Golf show, my buddy and I decided to do the back tees for the challenge. The second time through I got a 117 off the back tees, which I was very proud of. I wonder how I would have done off the forward tees?
  18. This makes perfect sense. I have to check what my handicap is in order to determine the best choice of tees. I really liked the idea of finding the tees which maximize my use of my irons.
  19. Guys, thank you for your recommendations. I snuck in 9 at Maple Meadows in Wooddale today, and per your recommendations, I moved up a tee box and played from the whites. (ON A SIDE NOTE - once again, the course was empty...so I could have easily played from the back tees without holding anyone up). From the white tees, I shot 3 pars, 4 bogeys and 2 double bogeys. I agree with those of you who get annoyed of people who play outside of their skill level and hold up other golfers . This is not the case for me. Although my scores are high...I keep up with the pace of play.
  20. Got it. Thanks, it makes sense. I can imagine it would be much more fun (and definitely increase confidence) if I was consistently GIRing and even had more opportunities for birdies.
  21. Doc - forgive my misunderstanding...but what exactly do you mean by "scramble for par"? I tried googling it, but came up emptyhanded.
  22. Thanks John L. Your advice is definitely appreciated. What's the distance at your course from the middle tees?
  23. This is an excellent reason. I would love to get more play out of my mid irons as I only use them maybe once every other hole. I'm using a 4h for most fairway shots and then a PW or SW to get onto the green.
  24. At the risk of sounding like a complete masochist, yes I do. LOL! I'm currently halfway through Gears of War 3 on Insane.
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