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  1. You have a round grip on it, right? Seems it wouldn't matter who regripped it so long as you got the same style and size so as not to affect your fitting. That's my guess. For me, I just don't play enough to worry about that kinda thing. My clubs still have the grips from 2015 Newport Cup and work as good as ever and putter is still with original grip also with no signs of wear. :)
  2. California 1. Pebble Beach GL, Pebble Beach (No. 8 c) 2. Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz (No. 37 c) 3. Spyglass Hill, Pebble Beach (No. 29 m) 4. Rams Hill, Borrego Springs (m) 5. Torrey Pines (South), San Diego (c) 6. Rustic Canyon, Moorpark (m)7. CordeValle, San Martin (m)8. PGA West (Stadium), La Quinta (m) 9. Barona Creek, Lakeside (m) 10. Links at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach (m) 11. Torrey Pines (North), San Diego (c) 12. Poppy Hills Golf Course, Pebble Beach (m)13. Baylands Golf Links, Palo Alto (m) * 14. Pelican Hill (Ocean North), Newport Coast (m)15. Pelican Hill (Ocean South), Newport Coast (m) 16. The Grand GC, San Diego (m) 17. Coyote Moon, Truckee (m) 18. Yocha Dehe at Cache Creek Casino, Brooks (m)* 19. Bayonet, Seaside (c) 20. Maderas GC, Poway (m) 21. Saddle Creek, Copperopolis (m)22. Omni La Costa Resort & Spa (Champions), Carlsbad (m) 23. Desert Willow (Firecliff), Palm Desert (m) 24. Indian Well Golf Resort (Celebrity), Indian Wells (m) 25. PGA West (Nicklaus), La Quinta (m)* 26. Classic Club, Palm Springs (m) 27. Park Hyatt Aviara GC, Carlsbad (m) 28. Indian Wells Golf Resort (Players), Indian Wells (m) 29. Journey at Pechanga, Temecula (m) 30. Trump National GC, Rancho Palos Verdes (m)*= new to list I've played the bold courses and amongst them I only have minor qualms. I'd swap the two Pelican Hill Courses as I like the south better. I put Firecliff below the rest but it's still great. La Costa is a funny one because I like the course for the history but the famous "course" is unplayable as it's a combo of Champions and Legends. But I like Legends better between the two, so if only one can be on the list, I'd pick that one instead.
  3. 1-2 pars, many bogeys and doubles, a triple or two and if you’re anything like my dad a couple of “mark it 8 dude” unfinished holes. 🙂 (Maybe 1-2 birdies a year)
  4. As others have pointed out, that's not uncommon - for example; they do it at Kapalua for the TOC every year. At least from the 5th green to the 6th tee is like 1/2 mile and it's down into a steep ravine and back out.
  5. Once drove past Craig T. Nelson on I-5 South on the way to San Diego and he was in a convertible Porsche 911 with his golf clubs in the passenger seat. 🙂
  6. I voted hit it perfectly. Don't get me wrong, scrambling for a par or birdie is satisfying in it's own right, but when I visualize a shot and then actually execute it as I've visualized it, those are the most satisfying and memorable shots to me.
  7. Same here basically ... a titleist 910h 19 degree hybrid that I got around 2011, maybe early 2012.
  8. Would love to get new clubs more often but so far it’s about every 15 years or so. Bought first set of (new) irons in 1997 and then current irons in 2012.
  9. Well, I finally did it, and like a few others in this thread, it happened while (because?) I was not even thinking about it. It never crossed my mind. I haven't played much golf lately (once in 2019 prior to Saturday) and so I had no expectations. I hit the ball pretty well, and never really made any big mistakes on Par 4's, so no risk of a 6 there. That leaves the inevitable bogey or two on a par 5 that always ends up sinking me. Somehow I avoided it this time. All of them, though, were struggles so had I been thinking of this challenge, I probably would've blown it. Highlight was 18; Smashed a perfect drive down the middle and had 245 or so to the green. I'm not comfortable with my 3 wood these days so I just wanted to get a hybrid down there as far as I could ... and I "shanked" it 45-50 degrees right and about 90 yards or so into the next fairway. (I think I hit it off the tip of the toe, nearly whiffed it) Recovered nicely back into the fairway leaving myself 78 yards. I had to get up and down from there to complete the challenge (although, again, I wasn't considering it at the time) AND to give myself a chance at beating my nephew one last time before he leaves me in the dust. And I hit that wedge straight at the pin leaving a 3' straight uphill putt, which I made to tie my nephew, and then a few minutes later it also dawned on me that I completed the no 6s challenge. :) Bonus was that I shot a 79 (with no birdies and a really careless and dumb double on a par 3) which I'll take all day long after not playing for 3 full months. Apparently I should not play more often. 😏
  10. This is a good reason (not all times, of course, if there is a big carry) why there’s no reason to “pitch out” because even if I don’t hit it crisply, I still hit it and it goes 30-60 yards in the right direction.
  11. Assuming no lip issues, I just put the ball back in my stance an inch or two and really try and hit down on it. It's the same thing I do if my ball happens to be in a divot hole, or a muddy lie ... any situation where too much ground too soon is gonna really screw the shot up I focus on only hitting ball. If there are lip issues, then it's still the same shot, but you have to choose the club that you know is going to clear it first.
  12. Agreed. There are a lot of people out there who said 18>14 and now say 18>15, and I have no doubt some of them will insist that 18>18 and even 18>19 if it ever comes to that.
  13. I most remember watching you go for the green on #2 at Mid South on the second day (and maybe in the singles too??). That was fun to watch. :) Anybody on the fence about applying, just go for it - you won't regret it!
  14. If Federer didn’t have Nadal and Djokovic he’d have several more majors, almost undoubtedly ... but that would not necessarily mean that he’d have been a better tennis player. Quite possibly the opposite might be true. Without them to push him, it’s easier for him to win and his drive is lower. I believe that’s the argument your making? I’m cool with that.
  15. You will find many posts that explain the strength of field argument very well. In fact, there is an entire other thread specifically devoted to that one topic. You (and several others) argue that Jack faced better competition and the proof is a bunch of names of great players who have won several more majors each than the collection of players Tiger has had to face. The counter to that, though, is that if there are fewer players in Tigers day with more majors, then there are more players with majors, hence several more players he has to beat each week. Alongside this point, they’ll also remind you that half the fields in Jacks era were club pros, whereas in Tigers era the vast majority of guys teeing it up all had a legit shot at winning.
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