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  1. A few years back Golf Channel actually televised a bunch of the sectional qualifiers (a best as they could) and I thought it was pretty cool. Wish they'd do that again.
  2. I have no issues with it so I voted continue to allow. I putt very conventionally so it makes no difference to me, but I kinda like watching the pros try to find ways to be innovative with their putters and putting style.
  3. Nah - I watched the whole game and it was basically just that one pitch. Somebody forgot to press a button. What else besides k-zone do you believe is ruining the game?
  4. Game ended up being my Padres first ever no hitter ... but that one moment during the 2nd out in the 4th inning was definitely the highlight!!
  5. Padres-Rangers game right now, they randomly turned off the box for, it seems, one pitch a minute ago. Lol.
  6. And I think it generally highlights how GOOD they are considering the difficulty of what they are being asked to do. That said, I'm 100% in favor of electronic ball/strike calls. Anyways, regarding the topic; if I'm not watching baseball with my dad, then I like having it there, because it gives me a better idea of where the ball crossed the plate since the centerfield camera is almost always off-center. If I am watching with him, then I'd prefer it not be there because he never misses a chance to snicker and gripe about the missed calls and it just gives him more ammo.
  7. As @David in FL said, the time it takes to shoot the yardage is darn near negligible. If you're in cart, it's hopefully sitting in a cup holder or something right in front of you and you get to you ball, shoot, and decide a club. Not even an extra 10 seconds. If you're walking, maybe 15 seconds because you have to replace it in the bag each time. And the time really only counts if you are the shortest driver and the green is clear. Because if either of those isn't true, then you get your yardage before you even have the opportunity to hit and it adds ZERO seconds to the total time.
  8. Oh I get it. Took a long time to finally get to the point where my swing rarely produced any balls to the right. It's crazy how much you can improve your score by just having a one-way miss, then recognizing it and playing for it. I can hit huge ugly hooks sometimes, but oftentimes a little game planning keeps them from really hurting me.
  9. It's a matter of preference. By and large, I imagine the majority of people would consider a slight push draw, where you set up aimed directly at your target and start the ball a couple of yards right and then draw it back to the target, to be the closest to a "proper" draw. But really whatever works for each person is what's proper. Bubba Watson hits a gazillion yard slice on purpose sometimes, and that is perfectly proper as well. I tend towards a "Straight draw" so I usually aim down the right side of fairway to give more room (and hope I don't miss right lol)
  10. " ... I like the art side of golf, the chaos side of golf ..." Love it. Side Note: Max Homa is a really well spoken guy.
  11. Right. Just having a little fun saying “well I guess technically this is the only way I could see it working” and at the same time noting it’s just not feasible.
  12. No, nothing is required. I’m simply saying that for a divot hole to be considered GUR, then it’s got to be marked. Right now, if something is GUR it’s gotta be marked right? So it’s the same thing. Exactly. Yeah me neither. This is just an exercise for me. 🙂
  13. But how are the current areas that are GUR known if they’re unmarked? Isn’t that the only way to know if an area is GUR? It’s painted white, right?
  14. OK, so disclaimer: I am NOT an advocate for this rule change - I like everything how it is, but I think I just figured out how to handle this (sorta kinda) 😉 You don't need to define the divot holes at all, just assign it as the duties of the maintenance guy to mark the previous days divot holes as GUR each morning. Is this going to cover all divot holes? Of course not, as they'll undoubtedly miss some and they won't get the ones from that day either. Is it practical or even feasible? I dunno, but probably not. But, most importantly ... Is it universal and consistent? I
  15. This is exactly it and why I don't think anybody need fuss over the definition of a divot (hole) ... because the advocators don't really care. When in doubt, bump it. They basically just want to say "lets play winter rules all the time and make it official!"
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