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  1. How Much Do You Pay Per Shot?

    To kick it off by answering my own questions: I typically play a few different courses and pay between $40 and $90, with an average score in the low 80's, so I'll estimate that I average about 85 cents per stroke. I played Kapalua Plantation last year but got a little bit of a discount off the rack rate of $299 by purchasing a 2 courses in 2 days deal so I think that yesterday was probably my high. I paid the out of town price to play Torrey South and I shot an 88, for an average per shot cost of $2.73. If the local pitch and putt counts, which is a par 29 9 hole course, I think this is where I've gotten the most for my money. I have shot par there and the cost for 9 is, IIRC, like $12. So that comes to about 41 cents per shot. I suspect many of you not in Socal will have some very low answers to #3. ;)
  2. How Much Do You Pay Per Shot?

    Piggybacking off of @Piz cost per yard thread and the old "at least I'm getting my money's worth" joke we all tell when we're knocking it all over the park, I thought I'd start a thread to give everybody a chance to ponder how much each shot costs them. So, here are three questions, and feel free to answer one or all: How much money do your shots each cost you, on average? If you belong to a club, it's just one extra step to estimate you're average cost per round depending on how much you play per year. What do you think is the most you've ever paid per shot in one single round? Did you shoot 69 the one time you played Pebble? And, lastly, what is the least you've ever paid per shot for a single round? Did you shoot 120 at your local muni on a weekday afternoon when it was $11 for 18 holes? Let's hear it!
  3. What's your cheapest club per yard?

    If free counts, then my wedges, which cost me nothing but a TST review, would tie for first with a cost of $0 per yard. But that's no fun, so then the answer becomes my driver. It's a G30 that I bought secondhand from @tristanhilton85 for $100 ... so it's about 38 cents per yard.
  4. Talamore & Mid-South Golf & Lodging Ratings (out of 5): Lodging Quality: 5 Value: 5 Location: 5 (short walk to Talamore clubhouse) Talamore Golf Course Quality: 4 Value: 4 Conditioning: 4 Layout: 3 Setting: 4 Mid-South Golf Course Quality: 5 Value: 4 Conditioning: 5 Layout: 5 Setting: 5 My Review Short version of the review: I absolutely loved everything about golfing in North Carolina in general and this resort in Pinehurst in particular. The end. OK, fine, I'll elaborate. First, the lodging. The villas we stayed in at Talamore were perfect for our group; a 3 bedroom condo with a comfortably sized living room, fully stocked kitchen, and a dining room was more than enough space for our team of 6. (We ate out for all meals so in our case the dining room only served as a place to store our clubs.) Each bedroom had a pair of double beds so it was especially designed for a group of guys, and I would imagine that the couch may have folded out as well, such that you could fit 8 in one condo comfortably. Excuse the dufus in the foreground and peek behind him for an idea of one of the bedrooms: All breakfasts were included, and were eaten in the cafe at the Talamore clubhouse. They were your standard hotel continental breakfast fare - eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, waffles, etc, etc. Nothing to write home about, but it got the job done. On Thursday night (and as I understand it, all Thursday nights) they had a community barbecue at the outdoor pavilion for everybody and it was delicious. The crowd was not too big and I was able to have two servings. Yum! Now, on to the golf ... Talamore Golf Course I was not a huge fan of starting a round of golf at 7am with a 600+ par 5 where you could actually drive past the end of the fairway if you got ahold of one; but that little quirk aside, this was a fun golf course. The less scenic of the two sister courses, but it had a lot of fun holes and many crucial strategy decisions that needed to be made throughout the competition. Here are a few pics: Above is the second hole, with its new signature put bunkers. Below is the 8th: and the 10th. Having never played golf in North Carolina, I fell in love with the style and of golf and all of these courses. I can't wait to get back. Mid South Golf Club Talamore was a really fun course, but this was the jewel of the pair. Conditioning-wise, because of the lush green fairways and rough, the pristine white bunkers, and the pine trees, my first thought was that this must be what Augusta National looks like up close. See what I mean? (That's the Par 4 11th) It was gorgeous. It was also a challenging, but fair test. Another favorite hole of mine was the par 3 6th: 18 and 9 shared a double green and provided a perfect setting for the finish. If I didn't say it already (I did :P) I really, really became a fan of North Carolina sandhills golf on this trip (I also got to play a round at Mid Pines, which was amazing) and would go back in a heartbeat if given the chance.
  5. We are practically twins. My all-time low is a -1, 70 (albeit on a short, simple course) and I got my handicap to 4.1 last year. Been spinning my wheels since and am back up to 5.6 and seemingly still going up. I'm not worried, though, as I hope as the kids start to get a little older and get into golf as well, my time spent on the course will increase, and perhaps that will lead to lower scores too. But, yeah, like you, my ceiling is a low single digit handicap.
  6. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I don't quite follow what you're getting at with either of these sentences.
  7. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    And this is one good reason why I don't understand the extent of the outrage of the removal of the 2-stroke penalty. The consensus on Lexi seems to be that it was intentional. And, like you, I have a hard time disagreeing with that - I don't know how to reconcile the movement when she barely picked up the ball and her eyes presumably never left the ground there. I keep reading that this penalty creates incentive for players to feign ignorance of the rules. I have thought (and I believe I am on record with this as well) that those who want to - no need to get cute here - cheat are not deterred by the extra 2 strokes. And this example is proof of that, is it not? If anything, most of the arguments I'm seeing here apply better (and assuredly were made) to when they dropped the penalty from DQ to 2 strokes. That's really when the incentive to try to bend the rules jumped, I believe. But mostly, I think people are exaggerating the possible fallout of this. The shits not gonna hit the fan more than it did with the DJ, Anna, Lexi, and Hideki rulings per the current rules. On top of that, things that don't happen aren't as controversial as things that do happen. A missed call gets talked about for awhile, but dies a lot quicker than made calls that are controversial. Consider comparing the Lexi and Hideki situation. I know some will say, well Lexi's was a major and Hideki's was a silly season tournament, and that's true to some extent. But it's also an LPGA major versus a PGA tournament that had Tiger Woods playing in it - I don't know how to check TV ratings but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot more people were watching Hideki "cheat" than they were watching Lexi "cheat." And Hideki talked his way out of an obvious penalty and the fallout died almost right away. Granted, he didn't win the tournament, and it certainly would've lasted longer if he had, but I still say that a siuation like this arising in the future and not getting called because on course officials didn't see it is going to be closer to a non-story like Hideki's situation than a full blown controversy like Lexi's. Somewhat unrelated side note, I just also wanted to point out that some smart people in this thread have argued against me in the past with regards to rules (I don't remember specifically the topic, but I remember that I was on the other side) and they've said basically, "well, the USGA and R&A have researched this a lot more than we have and they have a lot of smart people" ... the "appeal to authority" fallacy, I believe that's called. Those same people are in here arguing with the call that the USGA and R&A have made.
  8. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    If you were selling used ProV1 at my course, I would certainly buy 14 for $20 on occasion. I don't play enough to buy them regularly, but a couple of times a year, sure.
  9. Square Strike Wedge

    The actual commercial is funny because the examples of people screwing up with their current wedges are dreadful strokes and the examples of simple hitting good shots with the wedge they’re hawking are good strokes. The results were way more due to the swings than which clubs they were holding.
  10. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    We've exhausted all of these arguments in the specific threads for each instance, so it would come as no surprise to many of you that I'm on board with these changes. I find them to be very reasonable and think the game will be better off with them.
  11. You remind me of the "debate" I have with my (NY born) wife about how Mary, Merry and Marry are all different sounding words. (Out here they are not ;)) Right, and this is where I understand the problems when you're translating across alphabets. A good example of this one is Gaddafi, Khaddafi, Quaddafi, and how none of them are really right or wrong. They're all attempting to translate the guys name to our alphabet phonetically. What I don't get are things like "Moscow." In the Cyrillic alphabet it looks like Mockba and if I recall correctly it is pronounced Moskva (Mo as in most, not mock) ... so either way you look at it, there's no "cow" portion. So where does that come from? Country names too - why Germany and not Deutschland?
  12. Par 5 Strategy in a Mike Malaska Video... Do you agree?

    I voted "has merit, but hole-by-hole" because I put some weight in whether or not there is a possibility of reaching in two when making my decisions. As an example, take a hole like Torrey Pines South #18; a par 5 that is about 525 yards from the tees I'm most likely to play. A perfect booming drive would put me in a position to reach in two with a 3 wood or hybrid, however, there is a large pond fronting the green, so there is no chance I'm going to be trying to hit a 220-240 yard long club like that over water. It's always going to be a 3 shot hole and I'm never going to try and go further than about 445 in two, because that's close to where the pond starts. Considering that there are fairway bunkers starting at about 250 or so on both sides of the fairway, perhaps its a better decision to lay up short of those so I have a better chance of getting close to that 445 mark than if I were to find one of those bunkers and have to chunk out and have a longer third over the pond. On the other hand, if there was no pond, then I don't care as much about risking a longer third shot and I will absolutely hit the second shot as far as possible, so I'm definitely hitting driver there. So there are definitely times where less than driver is prudent on par 5's, but not simply because it might go further astray than a 3 wood like he's suggesting.
  13. More so than name pronunciations, I’ve never understood why we choose to alter the order in which we say people’s names, most easily noticed with Koreans. We swap the order in which we say the names to more match our own customs (Park Chan Ho for example is know here as Chan Ho Park) ... but they’re names; so why don’t we say them exactly as they say them?
  14. Brandel Says He Was Wrong About Tiger

    It fluctuated. I think it was best on Friday, good on Saturday, less so on Sunday and Thursday. That kind of thing seems like it would be a very simple "fix" in that it would just take repeptitions to get the feel back. But who knows?
  15. Seems like construction helmets would be required to play there. ;) If I was a super rich guy, though, this is the kind of thing that would be awesome to put in my backyard instead of just a practice area. :)

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