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  1. This is golden. Out of curiosity though, what’s #19,412? OP, I average 107-108mph, ~260ish, and I’m a 44 year old chubby out of shape dude. Or am I? 😉
  2. Golfingdad

    How Do You Add Up Your Score?

    Yeah. @Fourputt, OP is asking what you do next. We assume you write the numbers down for the sake of this thread, but he's asking how you add them up. (The different answers all interest me and it's partially because I'm trying to consider different ways of teaching simple math to my little ones. I like hearing exactly what goes through peoples head as they do math) :)
  3. Golfingdad

    How Do You Add Up Your Score?

    That is awesome because I had no idea anybody out there did it EXACTLY the same way I did. :)
  4. Golfingdad

    Does anyone keep two scores, "coulda" and "did"?

    Like others have said ... I sometimes go over a "coulda" score in my head after the round. Last Saturday I played somewhat OK, but made 3 dumb mistakes that cost me 5 strokes, so I just think "dang, that 77 was not all that far from a 72" and hopefully I learn from those for next time.
  5. Golfingdad

    Swing Advice for Saturated Fairways

    I could be wrong, but it sounds more to me like he was giving you a swing tip that isn't really related to the fairways.
  6. Golfingdad

    Swing Advice for Saturated Fairways

    I'll defer to more expert opinions, but my first instinct would be to play it like I do fairway bunker shots - further back in my stance to try and give myself a better chance at hitting the ball before I hit any ground. Around the greens I'd be more inclined to hit more lower lofted chip type shots and fewer pitches where my club would just dig underneath everything and chunk it.
  7. Golfingdad

    Premier League 2018-19

    Just watched the first episode of All or Nothing last night and I found it to be really good. If you have Amazon Prime, I recommend giving it a go. Warning: Pep has a potty mouth 😉
  8. Golfingdad

    Shane Lowry Upset With Ruling at PGA Championship

    Wrong guy. 😉 ("Beef" is Andrew Johnston)
  9. Golfingdad

    Golfer Loses Ball, Didn't Know Was Holed

    How could somebody abandon a ball that was already holed? I don't KNOW the answer, but it has to be what you said - dude got an albatross. BTW, pretty incredible that the guy managed to make a birdie as well with the second ball. :) EDIT: I posted before I saw @MrGolfguy67's post ... (super amused that we both used the exact same phrasing)
  10. Golfingdad

    Premier League 2018-19

    A buddy of mine is a big Fulham fan so he’s very excited for this coming season. Since I went to my first match last year (Tottenham v CP at Wembley) I’ll pull for Spurs. 🙂
  11. Golfingdad

    Bryson Implodes, Shakes Hand of Winner Only Briefly

    The main story of the event should have been a bigger headline ... R. McEvoy is a Champion. (Extra funny/ironic considering it seems like BD needed to pull a Tin Cup for it to have happened.)
  12. Golfingdad

    Cheating in Tournament

    I have no problem with this ... except I believe you are incorrect in regards to the bolded comment. And you gave the main reason why in your first paragraph when you said , "it's his word against mine," This is exactly what @Shindig is asking/pointing out, I believe. You have the authority to point it out to him that he has committed an infraction, but if nobody else sees it and he is adamant that he did not commit the infraction, then you don't have the authority to assess the penalty. Without any other information, I believe that a "he said/he" said situation is always going to fall on the side of the player.
  13. Golfingdad

    USGA, R&A Limit Green Reading Materials

    After reading the rules and examples, I think I'm against this - seems messy and confusing. Particularly the part about which handwritten notes are and are not allowed. I think I'd rather they just said you can't use the fancy large pre-printed ones, and then regulate the yardage books they do allow, to make sure that the green sizes are small enough for their liking, and then leave everybody free to make whatever handwritten notes they want. Regulating the actual notes that are allowed seems like overstepping. It'll be like NASCAR ... after each tournament, everybody in the top 5 or 10 will have to submit their yardage book materials for inspection/grading to make sure they fit within the regulations before any wins are made official.
  14. Golfingdad

    Finger Down the Shaft Putting

    I can vouch for this post mainly because I was a right-index-finger-down-the-shaft putter for my entire life until relatively recently, and I am now a much better putter than I was before. To be fair, though, it would be hard to pinpoint the amount of my improvement that can be attributed to the grip change. I also believe strongly in: My putter, which is fitted to my eye and stroke. My ability to read the greens with my feet (even if my lazy ass doesn't use my Aimpoint charts much anymore) My current stroke, which was learned after reading the DO NOT accelerate thread linked above. I changed/added all four of those things in fairly a short period of time, so I couldn't begin to guess how much each contributed, but I know I'm definitely not going back to the finger down the shaft putting anytime soon. :)

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