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  1. Where were you fitted for these?
  2. Those are purdy. :)
  3. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    LOL. It's funny how the randomest things stick in your memory, because the only real thing I think of when this guys name pops up is that tournament. I think the reason is that I recall that particular year they moved from Riviera because Riviera was being used as a major site (senior PGA or something) so they played the Nissan at Valencia CC for one year. I drive by it every time I visit family up north and always peek through the trees and think "Hey, the had the Nissan Open there that one time." Also fun to think that 3 of those guys only didn't win a major because of this exact loss to Tiger, and two more of them (and Rocco as well) did go on to win Senior majors. Only Mayfair and the Yokoo guy have no major winning or playoff experience of any kind. :)
  4. I actually don't think that it's as black and white as you keep suggesting. Just because Jack started the whole "majors are important" thing doesn't mean that anybody is trying to backdate it. We can recognize that Jack started that line of thinking, apply it to him, and all others that come afterwards (if we so desire), and at the same time NOT apply it to those before him and yet still have conversations about who the greatest player was that still include people from those eras. Along those lines, somebody could say they don't believe that Tiger will be the greatest until he gets to 19 majors, and yet still think that Byron Nelson or Sam Snead is better than Jack Nicklaus, and that would be perfectly valid.
  5. Your Greatest Athletic Achievements (Non-Golf)

    Oh you reminded me - I’m pretty darn good at ping pong these days as well (thanks to playing 3-4 days a week at work at lunchtime). I have my own paddle even. ;)
  6. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    Just dawned on me after, Nobilo made a comment about a "different energy" in the final group, that with Tiger in the field, I think a strong argument can be made that it's EASIER for the newbie in the final group because his crowds will be undoubtedly smaller than they would otherwise be if Tiger wasn't here. It'll have a little more of a "weekday" or "web.com" feel that might keep him more comfortable.
  7. Yeah, I can easily keep it between 5 and 7 and almost never play, I believe. If I played a lot I could get a little lower. But just think logically, there are certainly guys out there who can keep it near scratch without ever playing. Barring injury and until age gets the best of me, I’m never going to go above 7 or 8 or thereabouts, and there are plenty of guys who were better than scratch that stopped playing golf for various life reasons. Those guys aren’t going to just forget everything they know - they’ll still be really good.
  8. Yes. I’ve played 36 holes since Christmas.
  9. Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    Two years ago I was the former, now I’m the latter ... thanks to @mvmac‘s flighted shot how-to thread. :) Holy shit. I thought I could hit my irons pretty far but I’m lucky if my lob wedge goes 95 (and it’s 58 degrees)
  10. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    Even if Woods isn’t there - playing on the weekend with the lead is loads different than Thursday and Friday in a PGA tour event. No matter what your score is during the week, you’re playing when you play and with whatever crowds you can muster (for him it was likely his family and his FCs family). Now you are in the final group in the golf version of prime time. It’s a new ballgame and I’d be more surprised if he’s still leading than I will be if he shoots a 75. And that opinion is entirely independent of Tiger.
  11. Nintendo Switch - $230 - is this a good deal?

    My son has one and I sneak on there every night and play FIFA 2018. It's a bit addicting.
  12. Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    I’d pay to play pebble and Pinehurst and they’re in the $500 range. To this point, $275 ish for Kapalua Plantation is, I think, my highest.
  13. Worst Shot In Major Championship History

    You sure? He’s up against the collar of the rough only a few yards behind the bunker. It seems to me it’s pretty close to the same line that Norman was on. Regardless, I agree that was an awful shot by Norman and that he had several that day. :(
  14. Worst Shot In Major Championship History

    30 yards right of the pin is probably in the bunker - that’s only ideal if you want to guarantee a 4. 20 feet or so right of the pin is what you mean, I think. ;). I can’t name any in particular that ended up in the water but I know I’ve seen plenty. Also don’t forget where THE most iconic shot in the history of that hole started from? It came after a tee shot that finished quite a ways left of everything (but luckily was long enough to clear the water)
  15. As a "NON-Golfer" This is how I spend my time...........

    Also, he has one in league the previous day! No kidding. I’ve played 2 rounds in calendar year 2018, and 24 in the past 12 months. I think my best years I’ve almost got close to 40 rounds but never beyond. (I’ve played 6 rounds since Newport Cup)

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