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  1. Has nobody mentioned the Harlem Globetrotters vs. Washington Generals? They’ve been pretty dominant. 🙂
  2. Agree with all that 's been said - voting to keep the option as is now. Another reason I think changing it would be a mistake for us average joes is that its bad enough how many people already don't rake their footprints and "divots" as it is (covid notwithstanding), imagine how much worse it would be if those same people were traipsing around taking practice swings too.
  3. Without thinking too hard I’d basically do same; 3W-7I-SW-putter
  4. I think it's totally worth it! Not sure which day you're going, but next Friday 5/13 its $69 at 3pm and on.
  5. You sure? Pretty certain that guy is Enrico Palazzo.
  6. I agree and I think it's basically this: The difference between golf and the team sports is twofold: A) The team sports players all get paid salaries that are not directly related to the outcome of any one match. B) Said teams have players of varying salaries with enough influence to actually affect an outcome. A player needs incentive to be involved in a betting scandal and I just can't see how could work in golf without being so obvious as to raise red flags. If a golfer is in position to throw a match then he's also already in position to be very successful. Ima
  7. It's not just golf, it's all sports now. SportsCenter and other ESPN shows are highlighting gambling more and more now. I don't love it, but at the same time, I think the US is behind the times on this stuff anyway. The marriage between sports and gambling is too much to ignore; I'm not sure either would exist much without the other. In Europe, specifically the English Premier League, half the teams main jersey sponsors are betting agencies/websites and it's been that way a long while. I don't believe there is an increased risk of match fixing - heck it's more transparent this way so
  8. I ump little league now and it's not hard to see the ball throughout the whole strike zone - I mean the catcher is at least 3, probably more like 5 feet behind the plate. If you cuddle up to the catcher like in your photo and he moves at all, then yeah I agree, but I also think Matt is correct. You can see the path of the ball for it's entire route, even if you miss the last couple of feet, you can extrapolate from the previous several. Back on topic; an extra thing about the graphic that ESPN was doing occasionally Sunday night was reminding us that the strike zone is 3 dimensional. T
  9. How about The Reserve at Spanos Park? Just north of Stockton right on I-5, that might work for timing? In Sacramento, I also see Bing Maloney and Teal Bend both close to I-5. I wouldn't recommend making a detour towards Fresno - really no reason to lengthen a trip to get through there unless you planned on going to Yosemite or Kings Canyon / Sequoia as well.
  10. A few years back Golf Channel actually televised a bunch of the sectional qualifiers (a best as they could) and I thought it was pretty cool. Wish they'd do that again.
  11. I have no issues with it so I voted continue to allow. I putt very conventionally so it makes no difference to me, but I kinda like watching the pros try to find ways to be innovative with their putters and putting style.
  12. Nah - I watched the whole game and it was basically just that one pitch. Somebody forgot to press a button. What else besides k-zone do you believe is ruining the game?
  13. Game ended up being my Padres first ever no hitter ... but that one moment during the 2nd out in the 4th inning was definitely the highlight!!
  14. Padres-Rangers game right now, they randomly turned off the box for, it seems, one pitch a minute ago. Lol.
  15. And I think it generally highlights how GOOD they are considering the difficulty of what they are being asked to do. That said, I'm 100% in favor of electronic ball/strike calls. Anyways, regarding the topic; if I'm not watching baseball with my dad, then I like having it there, because it gives me a better idea of where the ball crossed the plate since the centerfield camera is almost always off-center. If I am watching with him, then I'd prefer it not be there because he never misses a chance to snicker and gripe about the missed calls and it just gives him more ammo.
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