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  1. I'm going to try and be at Denny's at about 8:30. Unless you'd rather donDel Taco or Carls Jr - both are also in that same shopping center? Colin may join a little later for coffee and Tristan might also come, I'm not sure.
  2. That's no problem. Gives you guys a few extra minutes and if the groups in front are too slow, we'll just hit into them to nudge them along.
  3. I'm also now reminded of the 5 iron x 36 guideline for appropriate course yardage too. That is also worth trying.
  4. My preliminary thoughts as to groups, in no particular order, are: @tristanhilton85, @Big C, and @chilepepper @Golfingdad, @Lihu, and Kaili @Shindig, @spider, and @mvmac Obviously, if we can scrape together a couple more souls then we can realign. Also my plans are by no means set in stone, but I'm considering shooting for 8:30 or thereabouts at Denny's right off the freeway at Limonite if anybody else wants to fill up before the round.
  5. The latest phones are pretty good - I take all of my videos with an iPhone 6, often times using the slo-mo setting.
  6. Yup, quite simply. :)
  7. Try it now and see if you enjoy the challenge it presents and if you don't then move up again. It's really that simple. :)
  8. There are currently 9 of us, so yeah 3 threesomes for now. I dont see why that wouldn't be allowed. If the course says anything to me ahead of time, I'll pass it along. Or if anybody knows of friends that might want to join to get us to 12, that'd be good too. :)
  9. Not sure if this is the problem, but I know that if I try and upload at work, without wifi, then it's bad quality, but when I don't at home with wifi, I can upload in HD.
  10. Yeah, it'd be like managing the Yankees in the 70s or 80s. ;)
  11. Good point. Here is what I found: http://www.golfdigest.com/story/world-no-1-lydia-ko-ditches-caddie-despite-four-wins-this-season That's the story about when she fired Jason Hamilton last October, who was the caddy for 10 of her 14 wins. The guy she just fired was Hamilton's successor. So she has had two caddies since the end of her rookie year in 2014. Her rookie year up to that point is where the other 7 came into play: So I agree that the count is probably a little awkward, since the big majority of those were basically just tryouts.
  12. Yes, and I'm still quite happy with mine and have no real excuse to go looking for new ones yet. (Doesn't mean I'm not always searching for an excuse though)
  13. This thing bears a striking resemblance to an old guilty pleasure movie, The Cutting Edge. D.B. Sweeney as the latest caddie, Moira as Lydia. "You people are all excuses. Gotta find that "go-to" guy, huh? You shoulda started with a go-to girl!"
  14. From the caddie: From David Leadbetter: (referring to her parents)
  15. Dang ... your clubs are 10 times better than mine now!!!