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  1. Hmmm, I'm going to say that it was not long after I became a TST member. I was always a little wary of getting lessons, and a good portion of the reason for that is I was afraid I'd get a bad teacher and he'd mess me up. But a little part of me was also simply proud of the fact that I had a pretty decent "self taught" swing and game. After getting enough info here I finally succumbed and started getting professional lessons. It's certainly not a change I regret, but it's the only real "sell out" I can think of at the moment.
  2. They're not very good at trying to keep that one secret though. :P
  3. Right. He's played in it at least three times and won it only one of those times. It's not like he's out of their league or anything. I didn't really have an opinion when I started the thread, but at this point I have no issue with what he's doing.
  4. Ditto. I'm pretty sure one of them in particular is just trolling, or at least I really hope so. ;)
  5. I actually can't think of any times where I have marked with nothing - I do the putter toe thing usually. Im just not able to say for certain that I mark every time. Note: I'm referring to just grabbing it for a sec, swiping off a bit of dirt or sand and replacing it. I do t mean to confuse and say I'll pick it up and walk away and try and remember the spot. :)
  6. And Field of Dreams is way up there for me too. There have been times when I would've considered it my favorite. "Dad??? Wanna have a catch?"
  7. I wouldn't say I believe in it, but I like the one about Michael Jordan's baseball career being the result of a quiet suspension for gambling.
  8. Considering that it was a match, they should have calculated the odds of both players in a twosome making a hole in one, since the other two players in the foursome don't matter as much. Also, the story doesn't mention that anybody else was playing with them either.
  9. I was gonna say this. I do the same in casual rounds. If I'm near somebody's line and it's not my turn then I'll put down an actual mark, but otherwise I'm just peeking to make sure there's no sand or dirt on the ball so I'll just use my putter or nothing.
  10. Yeah I go mine this week as well. Nice to see all of the TST members who got selected this year though, gives me hope for the near future!!
  11. If there is rough, then I'm not too good with a shot like this (hard to make good contact and get it out of the rough and keep it low as well), but if its from a clean lie, it's fairly easy for me to hit it low. I like to take a couple of balls at the end of each range session and pretend that the 50 yard pole is one of those Big Break windows and see if I can "shatter" it. I can usually hit the ball so its lower than the top of the pole (~8 feet or so?) with a 4 or 5 iron. Like you thought ... back in the stance, swing smooth and don't try and kill it because that seems to add height if you make good contact. And, yes, more often than not it tends to want to hook a bit. Just keep practicing it. How far back in your stance do you put it? Maybe it's not far enough.
  12. Near me there is one pro in particular who I think does just that. The pro at Arroyo Trabuco is Michael Block and he's frequently doing well in the PGA tournaments and qualifying for the US Open. I could certainly see that being something that would help the teaching and lesson business at that course.
  13. On one hand, this sounds like a great feel-good story. A guy who couldn't win on the PGA TOUR in 351 starts finally breaks through in a big way. But then you think "Wait a minute, this is the club professional championship." Huh. OK, I guess this means that he decided to go to work in a pro shop and teach kids and run tournaments, etc, etc. That makes the story even better! Well, actually, no he didn't do any of that. It just so happens that the rules allow for PGA tour veterans of 20+ years to be able to compete in the big PGA of America events. In fact, the ONLY 3 times he's been able to play in the PGA Championship are the last three years that he's qualified by finishing in the top 5 of the PGA Club Championship. This is completely "fair" in that it's 100% within the rules ... but is it right? http://www.golfdigest.com/story/omar-uresti-unable-to-win-in-351-pga-tour-starts-finally-prevails-in-club-pros-major-championship http://www.golfdigest.com/story/pga-tour-veteran-omar-urestis-win-in-club-pro-championship-causes-stir-among-pga-of-america-members
  14. Mostly agree, except a couple of minor things that did jump out at me on both sides: Good: Love the extended use of tracer features, not just on one or two designated tee boxes like we normally see. Especially love the split screen shot with the graphic on the right showing the ball travel path. I wish that would become the norm for all par 4 and 5 tee shots on telecasts. Bad: Azinger bugged me a few times, specifically when he went on his "I/we" rant. To me, from an ex-player, that comes across as really arrogant and insecure. Almost like he thinks that JT and Rickie and Jordan are implying that since they are part of a team, he must have been as well. But he obviously doesn't feel that way, so I guess he must think that it might diminish his accomplishments or something. I dunno. It was weird. The guy giving the course insights was cool and informative, but ... a basketball??? Seriously? How is that at all indicative of how a golf ball might behave? And that's pretty much it. Everything else was perfectly adequate.