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  1. I don't understand this from either angle. Tailgating is dangerous and dumb. But you know what else is dangerous and dumb? Brake checking somebody who is tailgating. Sure, we can laugh at this one because the only person who crashed was the tailgater, but he could've just as easily gone right and smashed into an innocent bystander. There was also a high probability of the tailgater not seeing and rear ending the guy - I'm sure he'd have felt joy at that outcome. If somebody behind you wants to go faster than you are going, just get out of their way. It's really that simple. And, @boogielicious, I also thought the same thing when I read the thread. If it was started by @Lihu, it would have definitely been about football game tailgating, and he'd be complaining about all of those annoying UCLA fans that tear up his golf course every Saturday.
  2. Age: 43 Height: 6'-3" Where are you from: Lake Forest, CA How long have you been playing: 30 or so years, really "serious" about the game for the last 5 years. Best score: 73 on a "real" course. Have had a 70 and a 71 on short courses with ratings in the high 60's, I don't count those. Favorite club in the bag: Don't really have one, but since it's the only one that will never need replacing, I'll go with my putter. Golf books / DVD's, etc, that helped you so far: Jack Nicklaus' Golf My Way, Harvey Penick's Little Red Book, Lowest Score Wins. Where do you play: Tijeras Creek (home course), Mile Square Park, many other courses in a 30 mile radius, and Belmont Country Club when I visit the family up north. Best courses you've played so far: Torrey Pines (North and South), Pelican Hill (North and South), Kapalua (Bay and Plantation) Things you enjoy most about golf: The outdoors, the challenge, playing with friends. (copied and pasted the format from @Hatchman, and am leaving this answer verbatim because it's perfect.) Goals for 2017:
  3. No, not at all. In fact, in a weird way, I'm actually kind of "proud" of both of those bogeys. On 14, I had 118 yards to the pin and knew I could take one more club to get that far but couldn't risk leaving it in the bunker by catching the lip. As it turns out, I hit it so pure, I could have aimed at the pin and gotten up on that top shelf, but that was way too risky, and getting up the tier was a hard putt, so a 3-putt wasn't that surprising. On 18, I knew that the only place I couldn't go was in the water, so I bailed in a safe spot that I could have gotten up and down from but didn't. That's the kind of stuff I think these tournaments are teaching me that I will keep with me when I'm actually able to compete. There's no need to press and get frustrated from a couple of bad shots. A bogey or two is never going to hurt me that much. It's the doubles (made 1) and others (none) and the penalty shots (again, 1) that kill. The ones on 3, 4 and 17 are the ones that bug me, and that I hope to learn the most from. On 3/4, I could/should have been almost exactly where I was in 2 shots, in 1 shot. And on 17, I could have recovered easily enough to the fairway from the first shot, but got a little careless and I also got careless with the first putt. Even with the bad drive, that should have been a par.
  4. Yes, I've gone a couple of times with my son, and it's a blast. Not my "home course" technically, but a couple of courses I play have it, and, no, it doesn't affect the course conditions. The foot golf players are not allowed to wear soccer shoes, and they're asked to stay off the golf greens altogether. The two courses I know of, one is on a par 3 course, and the other a full size course. On the full size course, the footgolf holes don't get anywhere near the tee or green complexes of the regular golf holes. They stay off to the side, near the rough and trees.
  5. This is my historical event as well, and here's why I'd choose it over all of the other great choices like the signing of the DOI or behind the scenes of the Constitution, etc. I don't think those were known to be as monumental events at the time as they turned out to be later on. I think the space race and the moon landing, however, were huge deals at the time. I'd like to see what that was like. For sports? I dunno. I'd guess to conserve plutonium, I could just stay there in 1969 and watch UCLA, Wooden and Alcindor win the NCAA title, watch the Amazin' Mets, and Joe Namath's Super Bowl guarantee.
  6. Look on Amazon as well - they sell lots of adaptors to clip phones to tripods. Mine's similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Tripod-Adapter-WixGear-Smartphone-Smartphones/dp/B01KGIH08K/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1490297056&sr=8-9&keywords=phone+tripod+adapter
  7. Again?!???? Happy birthday @iacas!
  8. He becomes his own team, and obviously, he's purple.
  9. First tournament of the year today - SCGA Mid-Am qualifier. I have improved a bit (a small bit) since last year, but I'm still not expecting a lot out of these because I recognize I'm still one of the "worst" players in the field. That said, I still am continuing to play in them because I figure if I get some experience under my belt while I still suck, when one day I'm (hopefully) good enough to be in the mix, I won't make any silly mistakes that would come from lack of experience. Got off to a great start today in spite of the nerves, by birdieing the first hole. On the third hole, a simple short par 4, I darn near whiffed my tee shot. I topped it off the heel and the ball made a divot right in from of the tee and it scurried left into a lateral hazard 50 yards off the tee. Whoops. I took my drop, then hit a good 4 iron to the landing area, and a good wedge to 6' then made the putt for bogey. Did almost the same thing on 4, and just missed an 8' or so putt to save par. Made a nice up and down on 5, 2 putt par on 6, just missed up and downs on 7, 8 and 9 and turned in +5, 40. On 10, I went with the layup 6 iron, a little out to the right, and then knocked a wedge down to 15', par. Made a 25 footer for birdie on 11, then 2 putt pars on 12 and 13. Found my only bunker of the day on my tee shot on 14, and had to play to the wrong (lower) tier of the green because of the lip, and ended up leaving my first putt 6' short and 3-putting. Missed the 15th green in the wrong spot, couldn't quite get up and down. Made a nice par on the 223 yd 16th and I came to the 17th tee at +6. 17 is a straight up wind par 5, and I hit a poor tee shot, had tree trouble, left myself with tree trouble on the next shot as well, and hit a bad approach, followed by a bad first putt, and somehow carded a three-putt double bogey. 18 is, by far, the hardest hole on the course, playing 466 yards, with a big lake running the entire right side of the hole and front and right of the green, and it plays into the wind. I hot my best drive of the day, chickened out with my 4 iron approach and went left of the green, then pitched to about 10', but just missed the par putt. Final tally, 2 birdies, 9 bogeys, and one double for an 80. Officially T51 out of 83 players. Hit 5/13 fairways, 8/18 green, and had 34 putts. (two 3-putts)
  10. Yes, I hit it solid. I was aiming to the fairway right of the bunker and drew it more than I wanted to.
  11. Follow-up from today. I am still not totally sold on the lay-up idea, but I promised myself that I would play it that way today. It was windy today and this hole was playing straight downwind. I had 210 to reach the center bunker and 206 to reach the left bunker and I hit 6 iron - which got past the 206 mark, but was perfectly placed in between them. I had 116 to the pin and hit an easy, flighted sand wedge that hit about 2 feet from the hole and ended up about 12 feet past. I made the putt for birdie. So, I've played it both with a driver (that ended up in the bunker) and with an iron in the last week and a half and I've had a 20' and a 12' birdie putt. Perhaps it's not that hard of a hole no matter what and I'm just overthinking it. @GolfSwine (who can get his swing speed way up there into the 120's with his driver) hit the green on the fly and rolled through the back, which is over 320 of carry and about 350 total. Also, here's a pic I took today from the back of the tee:
  12. Well done @Pretzel, that was fun to watch. I feel, though, that I now need to explain myself for my morning showering, lest I be thought of as gross by my teammates. If I feel dirty in the evening, I'll shower before bed. When I go to karate class on Mondays and Wednesdays, I always shower afterwards, and when I play hockey on Thursdays I shower afterwards. But no matter how late that shower occurs, I still have to shower in the morning; partially to help loosen up my old fart back, and partially to get rid of my "sleep film." But, seriously, great video.
  13. I don't disagree ... but I didn't do anything to my driver after I chopped off the shaft and didn't notice a difference in the weight. I might just be very oblivious though :P
  14. Not sure I did it right, but I tried.
  15. If you don't want to spend any money and aren't necessarily looking to track all shots, but just want to get a decent idea of some of them, then one thing you can do is just use bluegolf.com. Go to "courses" and enter your course, then click on "tour." If your course isn't on there, you can still use it by getting to the map through another course and just panning to yours. One mouse click sets your first point, second mouse click gives you the distance in yards. You also have to have a decent memory of the shots from your last round, as well as be aware of where the tees were in relation to a landmark or something.