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  1. Paging @tristanhilton85 ... I believe that he just bought that exact driver.
  2. Yeah I wondered that too. I'm imagining only playing this as an exercise/practice thing so it wouldn't really matter. But you could also just create a hierarchy easy enough to follow. Most of the time the worst shot is easy enough to pick out though.
  3. Never. Or at least infrequently enough to be statistically negligible. You're making it sound like when you and your buddies aren't playing this particular game the only reason they aren't several strokes better than they currently are is because of strategy. I could buy that assertion only for the highest of handicaps. 4-5 handicaps know how to get around the course perfectly well enough that "constant reminders" aren't changing a whole lot. And, again, to highlight how difficult I believe this game to be - even on that "perfect" hole where your worst shot is leaving you a 20' bir
  4. If your whole group is 4 handicaps then they're all good already and must know the game pretty well, so I'm skeptical that one persons strategy would make that big of a difference in this situation. I'm just imagining a good hole: all three of you hit good drives and all three hit decent approaches and maybe you're all putting for birdie from 30'. Similar to what you said in the OP, one of the 3 is likely to hit a mediocre putt leaving a 5-6 footer for par and I would bet more often than not, one of the three burns an edge on that. That's a well played, simple hole and you guys still m
  5. Riviera 10th Hole Challenge The drivable 10th hole at Riviera can lead to an easy birdie or a quick bogey. 👀 TaylorMade Golf players Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa and Matthew... This is amusing only in that they say at the beginning that the rules are first tee shot with driver and then second ball with any club you want ... and then they all hit driver twice. 🙂
  6. As a 5 handicap myself, I can tell you that on a good day - a really good day - I'm lucky to hit 10-11 greens. If there are 3 of me playing separate balls to the green, and then playing worst ball from there, then I'm still already going to miss well over half of the greens in one day. If all 3 of me have to play the worst tee shot on every hole and then I have to hit the green 3 times from that spot? There's no way. Granted I've never played this game, but just thinking logically, I'm having a hard time see how I'd average less than bogey per hole. And this is me considering how I'
  7. I voted layup thinking about how "black" a water hazard is in regards to shot zones.
  8. Worst ball with 3 players in the 3-5 handicap range? Yikes. I would say normally you're missing the green about 9 times out of 10, if not more. My guess would be that 4-5' chance at a putt for par would be the BEST possible scenario on most holes. And almost certainly one of the group misses that putt most times. I have a foursome that I play with where we're all pretty similar in that handicap range, between 2 and 7 ish. Last time we played, I can think of one hole where the worst approach shot yielded a putt. Worst putt after that is likely going to be one where at least one perso
  9. Wow, you have me beat! Maybe someday I’ll break 70 but not yet! (I have shot 70 on the nose a couple times) I honestly don’t specifically remember when I hit any milestones. I was breaking 100 and 90 both sometime in high school I’d imagine. And first broke 80 I’m thinking in college. So I guess perhaps a year or two between each milestone for me? And if I ever break 70 it’ll be well over 20 years to accomplish from regular breaking 80. 🙂
  10. My favorite club as a teenager was a hand me down wedge from my dad that I used everywhere. Pretty sure it was Titleist and it was called a Dual Wedge - so that would be my guess on the D.
  11. I think @ChetlovesMer is exactly right that the F is for "fairway" wedge and it's another name for a gap/approach/utility wedge that fits between the pitching wedge that is usually 46-48 degrees and the sand wedge that is 56 give or take. But it seems that is not the only unusual thing about that particular set. I googled it and found a set on ebay and it doesn't have a pitching wedge either but rather a "10 iron." 🙂
  12. Agreed. It’s a par 70. And a legit one at that. Last couple winning scores would’ve been -7 or -8. They wouldn’t need to trick this course out much at all to host a us open or pga if they so desired.
  13. Also the event where: They have what I imagine must be the shortest par 5 on tour these days at 505 yards. And unless they have plans to add a tee in the bar or on the roof, its not getting any longer any time soon. They have kikuyu grass - not sure if anybody knew that because they never mention it on tv. 😉 Tiger has never won it. (finished 2nd a couple times) One of those was in 1998 when it was NOT at Riviera (because they were preparing for the Senior PGA), but rather up north at Valencia CC where Tiger lost in a playoff to Billy Mayfair. I was in the area o
  14. Oh wow, this is great! I had no idea those guys actually did other courses like this! I'm gonna go browsing!!
  15. As precise as the pros are, I would guess it's something akin to college textbooks, where the dude double checks everything and then puts out a new edition each year so they know they're up to date. At the very least, they need to make sure the tees are mowed the same or else the layup yardages are all going to be wrong. As far as getting one for your home course, unless it's one that the pros play, you're probably not going to find one of those really thorough books because there isn't really the market for it. I spent some time making one for myself for my home course, but I don't
  16. I voted yes but it didn’t work out. I had a driver given to me when I was in college (or thereabouts) that I used for a short while that I think would qualify as gimmicky. It was “Bullet” brand and it was missing the middle section. I found a photo - the “Hollow Point Bullet”. When you looked down at it from address, the clubhead was a C shape. Ridiculous.
  17. I've played this one twice ... not touched the blacks either time. I don't need that kind of torture. Although I did make the dumb mistake of walking the course last time out. Honestly, even though I've only played the blues, that's probably still the answer for me. The blues there are 7188. There is a course in Fresno (where I grew up) that I notice has gone the route of Los Serranos as well. It's called Dragonfly golf club and they've added a set of "way back black" tees beyond the black tees so they can claim themselves the 4th longest course in California.
  18. 'It's a huge mistake in my eyes' - Not everyone understands the PGA of America's decision on range finders Nobody was really clamoring for the range finders in professional golf. It's debatable whether they'll speed up play. In fact, some think they will slow... I'm fine with the comments from guys like Webb Simpson's caddie who believes it might not speed up play and gives his reasons why: But I have a problem with this "unnamed" caddies thoughts: A direst corollary to the above is that the players aren't the ones in complete control over who wins each week
  19. That’s how I felt too haha. I also live in an area where mediocre public courses charge triple digits on the weekends simply because they can, so the $60 is pretty tame comparatively. Very true. If we broke it down by how much we’re each paying per (golfable) day, the price would be a lot more similar. 🙂 Regarding other benefits, as far as I know the only one I’ve ever taken advantage of is a chance to play a lot of the private courses around here. SCGA has “member outings” to a lot of nice private courses in the area (and some resort courses at discounts) which is a nice t
  20. Huh. Here in Southern California I pay $60.
  21. It's the long hair that throws you off, I think. Took me a second as well.
  22. Based on your qualifier, what names are acceptable to go with Maverick? Lol
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