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  1. Agreed. By the same token, I have no energy to care much about the argument in favor of the ball rollback either. Similar to the square grooves, the long putter, the flagstick, etc, if they did ever decide to roll back the ball or bifurcate, it's not going to be a big deal. We're going to move on and keep on playing and liking the game just like we do now, and basically forget about this like we've done all the others.
  2. Exactly my first thought too lol. I'm like "I'm gonna guess it's 72 aaaaaaaaaand 72" 😉
  3. 6 1,2,3,4 (mostly 2 though) 5. The course I play the most right now is what some would call a "shooting gallery." It's entirely parallel holes with minimal barriers. The only reason it's a not a 6 is because of the par 3's. (The other course I like and play, although haven't been playing lately, has zero adjacent holes) 2
  4. The tweet where the guys says Player knows nothing about course design makes me chuckle. My absolute least favorite (well maintained) course in my area that I’ve played is, to me, very poorly designed and is a signature Gary Player course haha. And, yes, it has some trees.
  5. You forgot that part where they had a camera 5' in front of them showing them walk off the tee towards the fairway while drinking said bottle of water. All I can think of when they do that is how freaking awkward that must seem for the players. Obviously they get used to it after awhile, but man it's weird. They're just walking - why do we need to watch that for several seconds at a time? If they don't want to show us the other golfers, then at least just show more scenery or something.
  6. DeChambeau is a weird one for me. For me, he's the biggest current "needle-mover." I love that he's at the top because I love watching him play and his outside the box thinking fascinates me. But man alive does he seem like an insufferable jerk. I was on the road during the day today so I'm watching the replay now, and in the last couple of hours I've lost track of the amount of times I've heard himself proclaim how great of a shot he just hit. Combine that with his whole "my brand" rant after the issue with the cameraman several weeks ago and he's easy to dislike. But I'm not going to root against him because I want to watch! 🙂
  7. Hey now! (Not possible - there actually are some things in there that are in focus.)
  8. I have absolutely no idea. I presume bunker hole out, just cuz odds? But honestly I only actually remember one bunker hole out, and it was really recent, but that's gotta be just because I didn't bother to remember, not because it hadn't happened. I think??
  9. Speaking of that game, here is a tweet that perfectly ties it to this thread:
  10. Hyperbole, in general, is basically their thing right? I mean, if we all had a nickel for every time they said “he has such imagination around the greens” just because he read the break properly or used the available slope to feed his ball to the hole, we’d all have a lot of nickels! Or how many times they overplay how hard the lie in the rough is, or seem to forget they’re the best in the world, and act all shocked when they hit good shots from seemingly bad spots? 🙂
  11. Haha, I totally did this when I got fitted. I had a hunch when he offered it that it sounded like hooey, but I also thought to myself, I'm paying 1500-1600 for the first new irons I've gotten in 15 years and will probably get for 15 more years, so what's an extra $150 or whatever at that point anyway? Next set of irons, if it happens, I will definitely not bother, lol. 🙂
  12. Right now, personally, I'm outraged at the people being outraged at the people being outraged by people breaking unwritten rules. 😉 Seriously though, you're last point is pretty accurate. Outside of the one pitch behind the next batter and the one soundbite from each manager right after the game, I haven't heard anybody else really bothered by it, nor any continued annoyance on the part of the Rangers. They seemed to have let it go that evening. So it's mostly just the backlash over the backlash since then. 🙂
  13. And because I was at the mlb site anyway and curious I kept going. Between last Tuesday 8/18 and today, at least one team every day has scored 7 or more runs over the course of 2 or fewer innings. 10 different teams have done it a total of 11 times (Philadelphia twice) and the best example is probably the Phillies-Blue Jays game from last Thursday where they both scored 7 runs in one inning in the same game. Even if you're into unwritten rules and believe there is a point where the ahead team needs to stop trying to score, you have to at least acknowledge that that point can't possibly be 7.
  14. Some of the unwritten rules about running up the score I'm ok with, such as stealing bases with an X run lead (not sure exactly what X is, though) or being a lot more conservative about going for extra bases on hits or passed balls but this one was new to me. I have yet to see a single person outside of the Rangers manager and one person here having issue with what Tatis did, so it's pretty clear at this point either A) it was never really even an unwritten rule, just the Rangers managers incorrect interpretation of one, or B) everybody clearly realizes how stupid some of the old unwritten rules were and have since moved on. Also, karma, lmao ... in case anybody doesn't follow the Padres or the Rangers closely, the Padres went on to hit grand slams in the next three games of that series leading to a 4 game sweep. They also hit one during their weekend 3 game sweep of the Astros. And while that was happening the Rangers were getting swept by the Mariners, lol. Seriously though, to me it's pretty simple. If the Rangers stopped trying to score runs, all they have to do is tell the umpire or other team and forfeit. If not, then they need to STFU and play better if they don't want the other team to score runs. Or just forget everything I said and focus on only this: I just did a quick search and counted at least 5 teams that scored 7 or more runs over the course of 2 innings in just the Fri-Sun weekend prior to that game. Honestly, what else do you need besides that info to realize that idea that you should stop trying to score at that point is ludicrous?
  15. I don't know ... for me, it's the walk to the ball that's already informed me how much "digging in" is going to be necessary to find a solid stance. When I walk into a hard fairway bunker I don't dig in because I don't need to. I've already finished my "testing" by not disturbing any sand with my 260 lb. steps. By the same token, when I walk to the ball and sand falls into the top of my shoes, I know its soft and I'll need to dig in. Honestly, all of this, plus the adjusted Covid bunker rules have me falling into the position that there doesn't really need to be any rules regarding bunkers outside of improving the lie by grounding the club behind the ball and Reed-ing it.
  16. Does anybody have video of him “lying?” I’m only asking because I couldn’t quite hear him when he was talking to the rules official. He was animated and obviously making an argument but I never actually heard him say he didn’t touch the sand. I also didn’t watch it a second time because the whole thing was so painful. My point being, there’s a big difference between not automatically accepting a penalty for his player by describing his side of the story and lying.
  17. Several have said this and I don’t disagree, however, I think I understand where he’s coming from. Try and imagine you’re him and you brain farted and did that, how would you react? You know you’re not playing, you know you did this entirely on your own and the player had no clue. You aren’t his friend, or dad, or coach and you just met the guy a couple days ago most likely. Admitting you committed a penalty then and there guarantees this kid loses the match - wouldn’t you also be frantically trying to figure a way out for that kid to have a chance to keep playing? I get it. Curious what the caddie would have to say right now that it’s done though. 🙂
  18. No that wouldn’t change it at all, in fact that is basically exactly what happened. The kid was doing his own thing prepping for the shot and did not have anything to do with the caddy (caddie??) doing what he did. Whoever originally saw him do it called it quickly before the kid had any idea what has happening. I believe that it’s explained that the caddy is simply an extension of the player so communication between them does not matter. Speaking of noticing, if you watch it, you can tell that Bones realizes the mistake as it’s happening because he has an awkward pause mid sentence right as the guy does it. You know as a pro caddy, his mind is going “uh, oh shit, did he really just do that???” Edit: that doesn’t show up on Dans video above, it picks up right after what I described happening, Justin Leonard is already talking.
  19. Agree with both previous answers. Use your imagination and pick a line that creates a less difficult shot. You so t have to aim right at the hole, just get it on the green, or more immediately, just get it out of the bunker.
  20. Yeah it doesn’t bother me either. I also think that maybe it’s going to just have to become accepted by viewers in this current environment of sports with no live fans. It’s happening constantly - of course it always has, but now it’s clearly heard more often - and it’s still “news” for now but before long they’re gonna just have to let it go, I think.
  21. All the choices are wrong. It was 2019, and winners were Rafael Nadal and Bianca Andreescu. ;)
  22. Agreed. When Finch said "we learn to not make predictions" or whatever, I wanted him to reply with "well, what's the fun in that?" Also, he's gone now so he doesn't get to gloat, but he did say Li would birdie 6 and/OR 7, and he just did exactly that sooooo ... Kind of gave me a refreshing Tony Romo vibe.
  23. Brooks Koepka = Josh Brolin
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