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  1. Thank you rodneyhany! I will check them out.
  2. Well thank you for your response Aging Boomer, but how does this helps me exactly? I still don't know which brand to buy ...
  3. Hey Dan, Since I Live in Israel, I don't have anywhere to buy golf clubs not to mention fitted ones. All I can do is to buy online or to tell me friend to buy my in NY. I would still appreciate if someone can suggest me proper golf clubs set. Thank you.
  4. Hey all, My friend is flying to NY next week and I asked him to bring me back golf clubs set. I would appreciate it if you could help me select a proper set. I just started playing two months ago but I'm persistent and trying to practice every day. I'm right handed, 29 and have a slightly below average height (1.7 meters = 5.57742782 feet). The stores that my friend can visit are: Golfsmith Retail New York Golf Center The World of Golf I would like to spend no more then 500$. Thank you very much!