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  1. I'm in age - 44 height - 5'10" weight - 150lbs where are you from - Newmarket, On. Canada ( just outside toronto ) how long playing - 4 yrs seriously (50+ rounds a year) . Before that 20 yrs of 1-3 rounds a year. best score - 80 fav club - 7iron golf books/dvd that has helped - none yet where do you play - anywhere and everywhere it takes me best courses - georgian bay golf club and wildfire golf club would be my two favourites. things you enjoy about golf - the beautiful views and walking different courses enjoying the game and having a great time with people I just met. goal for 2k10 - break 80.
  2. My cap right now is 12.0. average score last year (75 rounds) - 88.4 fairways - 44% gir - 26% putts 33.6 per round putts per gir 2.1 I am not a long driver ( average about 225yds ), and miss a lot of greens, but miss them short and straight most of the time ( for some reason us amateurs never take enough club, just cannot force myself to do it), by missing them in front of the green, it is in my opinion the best place to miss, as it usually leaves a much easier chip and putt versus missing way left or right. Hope this helps.
  3. Driver - 235 5 wood - 205 4 hybrid - 195 5 hybrid - 185 5 iron - 175 6 iron - 165 7 iron - 155 8 iron - 145 9 iron - 130 pw - 115 52 deg - 100 56 deg - 85 60 deg - 70 These are the yardages I hit my clubs most of the time. When I am not hitting them short and right like a good amateur ( lol ).
  4. Tree lined, parkland style, reasonably flat around 6500yds. That is what I like. What I do not like- anything with the word "links" in it, not interested in playing golf in 40mph winds with hard fairways running into 3 ft of fescue, sorry, but not for me. I do not understand courses with a binch of blind tee shots. Par 3's over 200 yards from the whites, not necessary. Severe doglegs, just stupid imo, the same goes for fairways that are severely slanted to the point no matter where the ball lands it always ends upon one side. These are some things that when I see, I just choose another course.
  5. Maybe 235 on a good day, 07 canyon, married high school sweetheart who still looks fantastic after 25 years. All that a man could ask for.
  6. Congratulations, still looking for my first sub 80 round ( a couple of 81's, hopefully this year before it is over), now you have the taste, what is your next scoring goal?
  7. to make the game harder, could they not leave everything the same, but, make the hole a half inch smaller?
  8. It looks like Augusta is going to be very crowded with all of us there playing. But, if i could pick one, The Masters would certainly be it, then the U.S. open followed by PGA, then the British. I actually enjoy watching the british second to the masters, but, I do not like playing links style courses.
  9. every time I go to one of those places, that is exactly what happens.
  10. I have had mine for a year and a half ( approx 100 rounds ), it works great, the clubs still fit tight. The only issue I have is with the putter holder, it is too close to the bag, and while rotating the clubs sometimes they hit the putter, the clasp needs to be tilted out about 3/4 inch more. Outside of that monor annoyance it is a great bag.
  11. It is funny how many people say they hit 300yd drives, I guess everyone wants to be the hero. I play about 75 rounds a year, as a single 80% of the time, that means I play with 3 other people about 60 rounds a year, for about 5 years. Of course when you play with that many different people, you get all kinds from + hdcpers to 30 and above. I can count on one hand the # of times I have seen a 300yd drive, and I bet 3 out of 5 were aided in some way ( wind, hard fairway, cart path bounce etc..). My swing speed is around 100mph, my average drive according to my laser is 235yds , with the longest being around 260yds under ideal conditions with a good bounce. My son who is 20 yrs old with a speed of about 105 is right around the same distance, except when he catches it just right he goes by me about 5-8 yds, again this is using a bushnell laser ( no guesswork). I am a 15hdcp, my son a 21hdcp. I do believe there are guys who can hit he ball 300yds, but 20hdcprs, no way, especially regularly. It is OK to not be the longest driver.
  12. I play to a 15.1 hdcp Fairway 43% GIR 25% Putt 1.8 Putts with GIR, I do not track, but probably around 2.2 My average score is 89.4
  13. Congrats, that is an awful hard feat you have accomplished, well done.
  14. l8nvr

    Bag Man

    That was interesting, thanks.
  15. l8nvr


    Have only had 2 in my lifetime, been playing seriously about 2 years now (40+ rounds a year), but both eagles were about 10 years ago. One was on a 490yd par 5, 250yd drive, then 230yd 3 wood, roll up on green, then 20ft putt. Second one was 365yd par 4, 240yd drive, 125yd 9 iron in the cup. Looking forward to a bunch more over the next few years.
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