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  1. I've always been told that if I can't hit the driver that I should get a 3 wood. So recently I went to get one but found a Cleveland DST 17 degree 4 wood that I hit better and farther than any 3 wood. Any one else have luck with a 4wood instead of the 3 wood? Shouldn't I be hitting the 3 farther?
  2. Anyone have any experience with the Medicus Driver? Thinking about getting it but not sure how effective it is. Is it worth the money? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. I guess I just assumed the Noodles were for really slow swing speeds. I just passed on some Noodles on a clearance rack at golftown 12 for $6. crazy deal right?
  4. I'm about to get my clubs regripped and am going to go with the GolfPride tour wrap. I'm thinking about going mid size grips this time around. Any thoughts on mid size grips as opposed to standard size? I just had my putter done with the fatter Wynn grip and love it.
  5. Tried out a many different drivers including R11, Burner, Cobra etc... all the brand names. I felt more comfortable and hit the 9064ls just as long and as well (if not better) than the other much more expensive clubs. So much bang for the buck with this one. I got it for $150 at Golftown and love it.
  6. Sounds like I should buy a sleeve of a few different types and just try them out puttting around the house and chipping in the yard to get a feel for what balls I can control. Thanks for the ideas
  7. I've never paid much attention to the type of ball I play until recently I've been hearing how important it is to stick with one ball that works for you. I usually just grab whatever is cheapest. I'm about a 20 handicap with a swing speed between 95-105mph shoot in the low 90's on a good day. The guy at one of the golf stores I went to suggested the Bridgestone B330 Rx. He then said a cheaper but similar option would be the NXT tour ($20 for 12 as opposed to $30 for the Bridgestone). Any thoughts on the ball comparison and do you think that a ball will have that much of an impact on a player o
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