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  1. Your 2012 Golf Goals - Official Thread

    Well, I don't know how many people will see this (if any) but I'm very happy to say that I shot 108 yesterday from the blue tees. I hit double bogey or better on 72% of holes. My putting was 2.22 putts per hole. I reached the green in regulation +1 on 27% of holes. (this is where i could use a little improvement) I escaped the three bunkers I found in one shot each. I never found water, though there is plenty of water to be found on this course. I'm pretty happy, but I don't want to be disappointed when I go out next time and shoot over 110. I'm just going to soak it up and try to start playing better consistently.
  2. Should Rule 4.4 (Maximum of 14 clubs) be altered?

    I believe I have the last word. Everyone needs to watch "Tin Cup" -especially the scene in which Kevin Costner shot par with a seven iron. Conversation over.
  3. Medicus Putter Commercial

    Remind me later that never, under any circumstances will I appear in a golf equipment commercial.
  4. Titleist 695 MB

    When would one suggest switching to blades? It seems like they're a more refined club, and more suited to a player of skill. I just bought a new set of extremely forgiving Tommy armor clubs, but I'm not certain I'm in love with the irons. They feel somewhat awkward and clumsy, possibly because of the overly deep cavities and soles. I know that's supposed to make them easier to hit, but it's kind of felt like a step backwards for me. Any thoughts?
  5. Consistency through 18 holes

    Alright fellas, I'm happy to report that this morning I walked 18 on an executive "pitch and putt" course, and for the first time in a long time, I didn't feel like I was getting fatigued near the end. In fact, I improved greatly on the back nine, and finished with back-to-back pars on 17 & 18. Further- my overall best score at that course improved by ten strokes. So I'm very pleased. Thanks all for your excellent advice. I needed to get some fresh perspective on an old problem.
  6. Titleist 695 MB

    Thanks so much for mentioning that site. I've been looking for a site like this for a while. I'm the type of guy who can't justify spending big money on clubs, so a site where I can get high-quality used clubs is excellent. First purchase might just be a new putter.......
  7. Consistency through 18 holes

    @joekelly Nice of you to assume the best, but I am rather young and rather out of shape, as shorty pointed out. I have been improving, but I do feel that a little exercise will help, in addition to some other things. @behing19 Great advice about the sandwich. That makes a lot of sense, and seems to be consistent with my issues and food intake- I am going to try to spread out the food through my round, so that I don't crash between the time I feel hungry and the time the food starts kicking in again. Excellent advice. I also appreciate the thoughts about building up some endurance. @clubchamp Excellent comment on mental endurance. I've done a lot of research on the mental aspect of golf, and its a well-known fact that a golfer can't be in deep analytical thought through an entire round of golf. It's just too much. I've been working on trying to focus my heavy thinking to immediately before and after a swing. And then in between holes or driving/walking to my ball, just enjoying the scenery and joking around with the group. Definitely something I wrestle with.
  8. Consistency through 18 holes

    Hello all, I'm relatively new to the forum, but so far am enjoying it immensely. This was something I included in my "golf goals 2012" post, and wanted to see if there was any wisdom to be had on the subject. I've noticed a trend in my game is to perform respectably well on the front nine, and then suffer on the back nine. I am aware of my fatigue when I start to play the back, but I cannot figure out how to correct it. I have tried having healthy snacks and the like, but that hasn't helped. The average round of 18 I play takes me about 4.5-5 hours. This seems long, but its appropriate to my skill level. (and I never play single) Anyone have any hints, tips or tricks about carrying the energy into the back nine?
  9. How do you Start Your Swing?

    I had the same problem. I found a drill about lifting and lowering the right (back) heel to begin the swing. It's helped me a lot and doesn't negatively impact the swing/tempo/etc. I don't have to do it on every swing, but there are times when I freeze and just keep staring at the ball- that I can tell I need to use a good trigger. This particular one is good because it initiates the transfer of weight to the back leg for you- so it helps both physically and mentally.
  10. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm purchasing manager for a large-scale security systems integrator.
  11. Your 2012 Golf Goals - Official Thread

    My philosophy to self-improvement right now is the following: -Reach green in no greater strokes than 1 over regulation -Consistently 1-chip on (if at all) and 2-putt. This should lead me to realizing my overall score goal which is to break 108 . (double bogey golf) Also- I tend to have trouble on the back nine. I have played a round where I scored a 53 on the front, but then botched the back 9 to hell and ended up with a 120. I would like to work on improving my consistency through a round of 18.
  12. Hello All. My name is Jon Davis. I'm a "golfer" in that I try to golf, but can only golf once-twice a week, so that gets in the way. I'm a notorious short hitter, I have literally jumped up and down (within the last two months) observing my drive travel 225 yards and land in the fairway. Needless to say, I have been working on power and head speed issues a lot lately. I still feel unhappy with some of the basics, but little by little it's coming together. But I look forward to gleaning wisdom from some more seasoned golfers than myself. My 6-year-old boy is golfing now- he goes to a lesson once a week, at which I get my driving range practice. He seems to enjoy it so far, which is good. I didn't want to be the dad that makes his kid do something of his (dad's) choice. But so far, he loves doing it and has that kind of excitement for the game.