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  1. Quote: I really dont think it matters as much which ball you play, as long as you stick with the same ball Plus 1 to that! I have been toying with switching from my callaway warbirds, I like them but they are a little hard. I bought some used prov's but are not sure what think of them yet. Been looking seriously at the srixon's, this was the feed back I was looking for.
  2. Hit 1000 balls in the offseason (im roughly at 700) Not have a 9hole round above 50. Break 90 reenter league play. walk more. I am building a short list of nice courses I havent hit or would like to hit again, going to pic one (or more) and hit it. loose 15lb (im at 8lb) Play a round with my brother that live out of state, we missed last year. have fun...
  3. The bar I have been going to has Dead Solid, the system is old and inaccurate at times. But, the idea that you are making contact on a ball and using several different clubs just like a round of real golf is a good thing. The pitcher of beer and side order of wings help the experience :) heres a link to dead solid: http://www.deadsolidgolf.com/ The system the bar has is 15yrs old but still works, some times gets glitching but it has had a lot of use.
  4. Depends on the course and whose with me. I ride if: If everyone in the group is using a cart Its a twilight rate thats a unlimited golf after a certain time. My wife is coming along, back problems prevent her to golf but she like to drive and make fun of me when I hit trees. I use a pull cart when: Im flying solo With a group thats walking. I have carried once and didnt like it.
  5. Quote: He will also strategically stand with his shadow across my line I did this once by accident and I felt like a idiot when I realized (I was looking elsewere), now I make sure I know were my stupid shadow is! He sounds like a high intensity guy, cant be that fun to golf with. Try getting a 4some going and do a 2man scramble with him on your team and see if he does it to them. One of them will not be so kind.
  6. JHWMUSIC, The lost dunes course looks awsome, I looking for a course for my brother and I to hit this summer. He's west of Chicago, looking for a course half way between us
  7. We used to call this trolling in another forum I was in, basically post something to get everyone fired up. I thought it was going to be a interesting subject, guess not. Big T out
  8. If you look at your drive picture head on, your shoulders are "chasing" your arms. your swing starts with your arms moving back then you shoulders start turning, which makes your hips seam out of time with your upper body. Think of you left arm and should are one. I hope I didnt confuse you but, I used to do the same thing.
  9. What I am getting from this is after yrs of teaching students, you see the same mentality to grip it and rip it. Not saying my drives are perfect but I have come to aviod the driver article that says "get an extra 20yrds from your drive" or "hit 300 every time". I would like to see a article thats titled "hit the ball off the tee 220yrds in the middle of the fairway" They may not sell any issues that month but it would be nice.
  10. I noticed some extra head movement myself. I looked at some other vidoe of me with the driver that I didnt over swing on the backswing and my head wasnt moving as much.
  11. I have been studying the videos that I took last time I was at the simulator. Something with my driver didn't look right. While the feedback from the simulator was positive, it appeared that i had a little hitch at the top of the swing. After slowing it down I see that I go to far back on my backswing, which I think creates the hitch. Good example of why it is good to video your swing, I never would have notice this if I didn't see this myself. This included my set-up: tempo building practice swing, waggle to loosen things up, swing away. feel free to comment good/bad
  12. I find there are some balls I can not hit. The DT-solo's for some reason fly straight for 180yrds off my driver then make a hard right in the woods, I put a wicked top spin on the green boxed top flights. Switch balls and it all goes away, dont ask me why.
  13. BigT

    Golf Adages

    I use this one often: I'm a scratch golfer, I hit the ball and scratch my head wonder why it went that way. .
  14. In the last 2 months: Lt saddle Callaway golf shoes (brown) 15 used pro-v1's on ebay (only two were scuffed) 5 golf shirts dri-fit style to replace my old cotton polo's, all five different brands. Tiger shark putter grip weszty mallet putter head as you can see i'm short a double bend putter shaft, thats this weeks purchase :)
  15. Here is my swing with a #2 Nickent ironwood hybrid, I show my whole set-up waggle and all. My practice swing is a tempo builder. I have been working on tempo and building a consistent swing. I do not have the software to slow it down, sorry. I'm going to get some front shots next time I go to the simulator.
  16. Back to grip pressure, the hole subject can be confusing. Ask people about it and you get several answers from firm to light to enough that you don't throw the club OB. That's why I went out and began playing with my grip pressure from left firm, right firm, both etc... Until I found that happy medium and my swing and score improved. Granted I am not a pro, instructor or a scratch golfer. But, I do think we forget the significance of finding our ideal grip pressure.
  17. Quote: Funny you mention that because I catch myself doing that same thing, usually latter in the round. Back to grip pressure, the hole subject can be confusing. Ask people about it and you get several answers from firm to light to enough that you don't throw the club OB. That's why I went out and began playing with the grip pressure from left firm, right firm, both etc... Until I found that happy medium and my swing and score improved. Granted I am not a pro, instructor or a scratch golfer. But, I do think with forget the significance of finding our ideal grip
  18. Quote: It may seem like you have better control with the back hand favoring 60/40, however this is what leads to a PUSH shot or hit, vs a Swing. The forward hand should be completely in control of the swing for several reasons. Confused on the last 2 post, I will clarify: My rear hand (left) is at 40ish%. My bottom hand (right) is at 60%. I typically grip, like your post says with mainly my fingers with my (right) bottom hand. When I grip with and equal 50/50 grip my hands fight each other and I tend to keep the club face open. I look at it as my right
  19. I have been playing all winter, well in a indoor simulator :) As soon as I can find a course open Im going to be on it. As soon as May hits, baseball/softball/soccer hits and Im coaching rugrats how to chase a ball. So I plan on hitting early since may/june is really hard for me to get on a course
  20. Used to never practice but my game sucked. Started following one of my rules of youth sports "You can't coach during a game, the coaching is for practice". Basically you shouldnt be teaching a kid how to bat during a game, like wise I found it difficult to work on my game during a round. I do a lot of chipping in my yard 10, 20 & 30yards. I work on tempo, and some time i get out the wuffle balls and hit the woods. My game the last 2 years has vastly improved Game I play with my son is I hit high chips and he catches them with a baseball glove, yes my neighbors think were weird!
  21. My driver 3w & 5w are X series, love them, I bought the 3W & 5W last year brand new. Unless they look like they are dragged behind a car I would use them.
  22. Quote: Is optimal pressure 50-50 for left and right hands throughout the swing? I really started to playing with grip pressures last season and found (for righty's) if I grip the right hand more say a 60/40 right hand/ left hand it helped with keep more control. Its weird at first because I have less of my grip physcally on the club with more more pressure. The more pressure I have with my left hand the better the chance I have to keep the club face open becuase I will lock my wrist/forearm.
  23. If they are putting for birdie or par, maybe even for bogey on first shot I will give you what time you need. If they are putting for a snowman they have already slowed the group, make you put and get to the next hole. I dont like being rushed and I try not to rush others.
  24. This is from the 8th hole tee box, The Jewel Golf course, Mackinaw Island, Mi with the Grand Hotel in the foreground. If memory serves me the the green in the picture is from the 5th hole par 3. Hit the front nine two season ago, loved it!
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