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  1. Right now I have 7 set of Irons Ping G15 3-L Ping Eye 2 BeCu 1-L Ping Eye 2 + no + 1-L Ping Zing BeCu 1-L Ping Zing 2 1-L Ping ISI BeNi 1-L Ping ISI BeCu 1-L I primarily play the G15's but it's fun to break out the classic Pings for a round.
  2. Unfortunately Ping will not send you the insert. You have to send it back to them. They will fix it for free and ship it back to you for free also. Call them on Monday and talk to them. They are very helpful.
  3. Count me in. Just bought an Orange Whip training. Having the clothes would make me match!
  4. We played the TPC Woodlands in Texas the day after the big Shell Open tournament (I know this was several years ago) but it was great. Very hard and our scores were awful. The "rough" is actually rough compared to some local courses. Need to stay in the fairway on a TPC course.
  5. Doobie Brothers way back in the day.
  6. Water only......even 1 beer screws up my swing........2 forget about it...........
  7. "Yes, I would like that for free."
  8. I would like that for free!
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