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  1. Getting back into the game after an injury which left me out for a few years. Have been playing on and off for the last 20+ years since I was younger. I enjoy the game a lot more now and I am trying to play at least once every week or other week. I recently replaced my driver since it was snapped in half in an auto accident with a callaway diablo edge and picked up a taylor made super fast 2.0 3. My irons survived since they were in the car as well but I am thinking they may be due to an upgrade. I bought them used maybe less than 10 years ago not sure. They are the king cobra ss-i steel irons 3-pw and sw. Are these outdated? Am i better off trying new clubs? I am comfortable with them but if technology is better and can gain a few extra yards i dont mind shelling out a few bucks to upgrade. I also take some lessons every few weeks with a pro but haven't asked him about upgrading. Thanks for any advice.