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  1. I have been playing this ball since they came out. When I was able to launch this ball 275 yards I felt that there was a definite great feeling of confidence hitting this ball. My iron shots to the greens usually held quite well, and believe it or not, even putting this ball was a feeling of confidence. I am now 65 years old, and am still playing this ball, even though my carry yardage on my drives have shrunk to just a little over 210 yards. If I do not lose a ball, it seems like I can get probably over 10 rounds on it easily. Probably the only reason that I change the ball is because of the appearance of it. My question is, am I overextending the playability of this ball?? I do notice sometimes that the distance it travels may be a bit shorter, but then I follow it up with a nice iron shot. So I keep playing it. Any advice??? Thank you
  2. I try many many different varations of grips. Just about as many as I have putters which is probably around 15 or so. I love putting and probably spend 75% of my practice there. Putting is not a part of golf. It is a different sport alltogether. You can be having a bad round of golf, but if you are putting good it possibly can save your round. But if you are putting badly enough, and can't get the ball into the hole your round will suffer. You do not have to be able to bust the ball 275 yards down the fairway to be a good putter. Or be able to hit your approach shots to within 15 foot of the hole to be a good putter. Practicing putting, and I do mean practice good basics, makes you a good putter.
  3. I was playing in a foursome with some friends. We were putting on a par three, and were probably all within a 25 foot diameter of the hole. We heard a ball crash into a tree next to our hole. The ball rolled up onto our green, and as we all watched the ball rolled up between all of us as we watched and,(YOU GUESSED IT), rolled gently into the hole. I could not believe it!! The gentleman walked up as we were finishing and we directed him to where his ball ended up, and were laughing. But the gentleman by his facial expression was not well pleased, nor found it funny...
  4. I have NEVER walked off the golf course during a bad round.Don;t believe that anyone should either. When I am having a difficult round where nothing seems to be working, the first thing I try to do,(but sometimes still doesn't work), is remain positive. Play the rest of the round one stroke at a time, just like you should be doing anyway. Try to play within yourself, and try to at least hit a few above average shots. Try to enjoy the rest of your round, and I usually just finish my round, then just go home and basically forget about it. Now if it's just ONE bad round the better golfers can do this. If it is a reoccuring problem, or issue, you may have to go to the range and work on it. But this does happen even to the better players out there. Some dwell on it, and some don't. I believe that the truly better players will just put it aside and forget about it...
  5. At least someone feels the same way I do.LOL...I do not, and will not let my score effect the way I played. I judge my round on the way I putted, and the way I struck the ball. Definitly not my score. I know this is something we are always trying to lower, and are pleased with a low scoring round, and I am no different, but when my round is finished I first count up my GIR's, then see how many putts I had. If I am able to hit 10-12 greens, and keep my putts less than 32, my score will usually reflect how I played. I believe that when you are done playing you have to look at the good shots you hit, and also where you did not play your best. Try to improve on that...
  6. This is exactly what they had done. I believe this use to be an old fish hatchery years ago I was told. Its not the most senic, or well designed course I have ever played, but the roughs were hard as concrete and an erant shot would travel a long way, usually ending up in a bunker or pond.
  7. Doing what you say also makes it so you are facing different shots. I tend to do the same thing to make a game out of it for myself, because I also play quite a few rounds by myself. I have found that if you play the same course, the same way, you sorta get complaicant.(probably spelled wrong). That is you hit your driver, then you get to your ball, pull out a 5 iron, or 7, or whatever and hit it. Same shot every day. I think is't a great idea to mix it up a bit...I know I have been told by others on here that I don't play the course the way that it was designed, but its my money, and I will play it whatever way I like. Sometimes move up on an easy par 5 and play it as a chalenging par 4. I am not saying to put it our of reach, but make it where if you make a 4 on it, you feel like you have accomplished something..Just my thoughts...
  8. Yeah, pretty much. I am not sure if it is still open. It just seemed like when I played it that everytime I hit my ball someone would say, "there's water over there!!".
  9. What I am saying is that there were so many small ponds on the course that during the flight of your ball toward the hole you were playing that if you got your shot off line that it could possibly find a series of ponds.Handicap has nothing to do with it...
  10. EXACTLY!!! It is an ego thing..I play with guys like this and I really think they like saying that they "play from the tips"...The truth is they should not even be considering doing so. I had a guy once tell me that I don't hit it far enough to get into trouble. And he is sooo right. He usually says this as he is giving me the 5 dollars that I just took from him...
  11. Avalon Lakes was redesigned some years back. Probably 20 or so. There is Avalon Lakes, and right across the road is old Avalon. I believe it's closed now, but maybe not. I do know that years ago it was a very nice public course, but I played it probably 5 years ago and it has really gone down hill. I think they charged us 15 dollars for a cart and 18 holes on a Saturday and I thought that was a great deal. When I got on the course and started to play it I found out just why it was such a great deal. I really got what I paid for. Sorry to see that once such a nice course, is now in the shape it is. There was also a course in Greenville Pennsylvania that was the Greenville Country Club. Years ago it use to host an Industrial days that drew some top name golfers, and I enjoyed going to watch them and a few local pros compete. It was sold and renamed the Greens. You could steadly see it going down hill. It is closed now. The fairways are tall grass. Around the greens it looks more like a links course.
  12. We have had 3 courses close within a 30 mile radius of me. Play is down and kids would rather sit in front of an X-Box and play video games instead of being outside. I dont have the choices like I use to have. But I do still have some premere courses in the Youngstown Ohio area. I being Avalon. Now you talk about a course. I don't know just who designed it, but he is probably serving time by now. Course is not overly long, (that is from the number 3 tees), but it does demand precise shot making. I believe it is around 100 dollars or so to play it, but it is one that I don't think you will ever forget...
  13. There is a lot of long ball hitters out there in the woods...😄
  14. My wife who is now 65 also, sometimes thinks that there should be lady senior tees. Maybe most courses have them, but this little course which you can play 18 holes with a cart and enjoy a soda and a hot dog after your round for 22 bucks does not. No, it's not a premere course, but you can hit a ball there and have fun doing so. I will sometimes play from the senior-Ladies tee with her. This helps speed up play so we can get done sooner. Since a driver off most of these holes would put me usually 50 yards or so out, I tend to just hit a mid iron off of them. It both sharpens up my mid iron and wedge game. You dont always have to shoot a low score to enjoy a round of golf.
  15. Myself, I am not really concerned about anyone seeing me play from whatever tees. It's my game, and I really don't care what they think. I probably wouldn't go around bragging about my score though if it was low, which I don't anyway. My close friend who is not with me anymore told me this. "If you are good, you do not have to tell anyone." He was so right...
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