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  1. I was only interested in these balls because of their misleading "add" in Golf Digest. They could offer these in pro shops in a two pack like I have seen other manufacturers do. But they don't. There is way too many good manufacturers of golf balls out there, and I really have no reason to purchase these only because I like to compare things I highly doubt if you can find a better playing or feeling ball than the Pro V. But there are others that I am sure feel the same. Vise demo packs still retail for around 17 dollars, which I am also not going to purchase.
  2. I know that if you go to their website, the prices are what you have stated above, but if you read the add in the Digest, it states they cost up to 24.95. If you go to their website, then you see that you must purchase dozen to get the price of 24.95. Read the add on page 51 in Golf Digest first.
  3. Played with for less than one season. 4-PW plus 48*wedge. (8 irons in all). They have been professionally lenghtened by one inch. They have the AMT R-300 red shafts. I would rate them an easy 8 out of 10. Grips are excellent, and are the stock red Golfpride Tour Velvet grips. 400 dollars plus shipping. Text me at 724 301 8030 for pictures. I will see if I am able to post pics on here. This is my first add, so hopefully I am doing everything right. Thank you
  4. I was just looking at the new Golf Digest, and I came upon an add for Vice golf balls on page 51. I have heard of these balls, and in their add it stated that you could purchase them for 10.95 to 24.95 per dozen. There is also a ball fitting chart on the same page so with a special voucher code, I felt I would give a dozen a try, seeing they were offering free shipping, and that the highest cost for a dozen balls I would occure would be 24.95. WRONG!!! Sorry, I hit the wrong button and so I will finish what I started here. WRONG!!!...That price is for 5 dozen, not for one dozen..I tried to order some balls and thats when I found out. A letter to them about the article and they told me that they would recomend something like a 10 pack of balls, two of each of their models for 17.95. Well, I guess I really wasn't that interested in purchasing these balls afterall..There is way too many ball manufacturers out there. I think I will pass on this one...
  5. I believe what paperclip has posted is probably the case. Sounds more logical anyway. These clubs look perfect. Hard to believe they are counterfits. There is a serial number on just one club and it happens to be a six iron also.Dealing with 2nd Swing in the past has always been a pleasure, and they have always been very knowledgable, and helpful.
  6. No they are not. I have heard nothing but praise for 2nd Swing, and have always been treated good there. I will give Titleist a call this coming week and see what they have to say.
  7. I have been playing Titleist for probably the last 15 years or so. I started playing the blade, then went to the CB 690 series, then to the 716 AP1,s, the 716 AP2.s and now I just purchased a used set of 718 AP3,s from the people at 2nd swing golf. All of my sets I purchased have been from a golf shop, except my new ones from 2nd Swing. All my sets before these have matching serial numbers etched on the top of the hosel. This set I just received have nothing, except one of the irons does have a serial number on it. I did contact the people at 2nd Swing Golf, and they said they would issue me a refund if I want. They have always treated me very well there. So what gives here...The set looks like new, I feel I got a great price on them, but again I am concerned about the non-serial numbers. I am sure it wont effect the playability of them, but for sure will affect reselling them if I ever desire to do so. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. I have never played it, but some of us golfers who are not "PROS" may find just about any golf course "tricky".Mr. DAGOLFER was just making a statement as to what he found the course to be. Not all of us are "pros", but we all still enjoy the game. To make a statement like "whats tricky about it" was poorly put, but who am I. I also don't consider all pros to be real pros. To me the guys I see on TV, are the real pros, and for the most part not the ones who are labeled that at our local golf courses. I know this...to become a pro at a local golf course is not as difficult as most people think. I know what PRO stands for, but I am sure it is not what you think it is...Good day...
  9. I guess I should have said a heavier swingweight, instead of a heavier club. My swingweights are around an E-3. I have been playing with these irons for over six weeks now. My scoring is probably a bit better, but I have been putting quite well. My GIR's have also got better. I am up to an average of around 12, but from the senior tees I can sometimes hit 15. I am probably going to take off 1 inch and try them there. My swingweight will probably be around a D-8 I would say. It's getting to the end of the season and will probably get into fishing a bit more. All in all it's been a good year. Now I am looking at a new set of clubs. Titleist AP 3's...
  10. I don't think so..If you hit your first ball out of bounds, stroke and distance should make your third shot from the tee I believe.
  11. I understand that the rule for hitting a ball out of bounds is that you tee up another ball and hit it which would be your 3rd shot. I was told that you no longer have to go back to the tee, but you are allowed to drop where you think that the ball went out. I would like some clarafication on this rule as to what your options are, and what penalty is assessed.. Thank you
  12. Scrambles are not golf. There is absolutly no defense. People try to hit shots that they are not capable of doing. Just trying to get that one lucky shot to win some money. So changing a stupid ball during play I think there is nothing wrong with it.
  13. What does "more offset" in a set of irons make you hit the ball? I am getting very confused by this. Would like to hear what you guys think about it... Thank you
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