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  1. Not trying to beat a dead horse or anything. But I haven't seen anything really about the vibrams that are out now that they say are for just playing golf. Anyone have any experience with these shoes? I love my vibrams for doing any sort of outdoor activities and waterproofing is not a big deal to me. I'd get my bare feet wet anyway. I hate wearing shoes and I grew up not wearing shoes most of the time anyway.
  2. Hey y'all I just got my Nike Victory Red blades today (Still not home so haven't had a chance to get them out) and I'm switching from Cobra S2 max's. I know I'm jumping way in over my head, but I feel like my Cobras are helping my game too much, hiding some of my swing flaws. Anyway, any tips on using these new blades? I know it's going to be a tough road to head down but at the end I'll be much better, which is what I'm striving for. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Ray
  3. I tend to play more often than I practice. Which in all reality I'm doing both. I don't go with anyone who is super competitive and we take our time through the course when it's not busy, which is very common in this area. I play and practice at the same time usually, correcting my mistakes from one shot to the other.
  4. MIzuno MP-53 DG X-100 2* upright.

    Still available? Looking for some good "tour-feel" clubs.