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  1. RE shorter, still hit PW 100m, 3 hybrid 165-170m and driver 190-210m Re longer swing than I realize, a mate recorded me, I have done this also myself, my backswing gets to the point just before my left arm begins to bend (doing this for a right hander)..it would be approx 90deg in backswing, close to parallel with the ground (just less than)... it feels solid and repeatable, even though I'm a mid handicapper for the moment.. I will record myself over next day or so and upload it
  2. Hello, I am around 20 handicap mark at present, haven't played much of late. I feel I have the ability to get lower through putting it more time into game, and no covid restrictions, avern't played in over 3 months, golf has been shut down completely at present. I notice when I take a significantly shortened backswing, like your left hand is almost parallel with the ground on take back to give you the idea, I make pretty consistent and repeatable contact, thus resulting in slightly shorter length, but decent, for my current level of playing.. Wondering if anyone else has any experien
  3. Thank you again for taking the time out here posters.. Kudos... Arturo, I don't let my wrists move at all (long story, when I began playing golf, had a few lessons with teacher who studies/taught the Gary Edwin right sided swing technique, encourages no wrists at all)... Flexibility, yes something I am aware of the need of improving, especially as I age.... Had a hit today, when I get my fundamentals right, my contact is crisp, and accuracy fine.. I noticed that I do lose some distance, but I think at least for the moment, that I will try and keep my game simple, less movi
  4. Cheers guys, appreciate all feedback here... Played this morning, I am feeling that perhaps this may be something I should work on.. Had some decent contact, and decent distance..For me, the biggest thing I noticed was my balance felt vastly improved.. Other opinions/views most welcome here.. Overall, the shortened backswing made my contact at impact that bit easier, which is huge for me.
  5. Hello, Haven't played a lot lately, life,work and family, etc... Anyway, have come back to golf, and noticed my backswing seems quite short, with the left arm not evening being quite parallel with the ground.. I find my flexibility isn't my strength, and given I'm extremely close to 50, wondering whether I should just work at my game with a shortened backswing? I have noticed I make better contact with the swing, yet do lose distance a little, nothing too extreme.. I am not a scratch golfer, more like heading to bogey golf in all fairness, and given my age and flexibility,
  6. To the OP, I have started playing a year and a half ago, I have quit the game two or three times already :) But I keep coming back, had some lessons, in hindsight, they were an absolute WASTE OF BLOODY TIME, I was shown a technique (right sided swing) that it hard on your body, and just plain difficult, despite the teacher saying that this is the easist golf swing out there... Now, I found this site, and some other quality instruction, check out Shawn Clement You Tube also, simply brilliant!!!!! Taken strokes of my game truly.. I have only begun in the last couple of m
  7. Hi, Played yesterday, and landed in a waterless/drained lake.The lake has been drained, and I can get to my ball quite easily.. The lake is marked with red stakes, and I chip ball out of area.. I give myself a penalty shot for this.. I landed in the lake on my second shot, not off the tee obviously, so my chip out of lake was then my fourth shot (inc one stroke penalty).. New to golf, and thought I was doing the correct thing, is this the case.. If not what may I have done here. Thank you in advance for any help here. Cheers Looseleftie
  8. Just wanted to say well done to Shawn for a fantastic instructional series of lessons on you tube!!! His lessons I have gobbled up and after struggling doing this and that over the last year and a bit, go onto him at you tube .. His videos are logical, easy to understand and implement, and most importantly I understand the concepts of why I am doing this and what are the reasons if I make a bad shot.. I struggled using the Gary Edwin right sided swing for a year and a bit with very little improvement and a sore back from it as well. Always struggling to even reach a +36 handicap , now over
  9. Hey, I practise every day in my backyard, using a variety of clubs hitting balls into my net, focusing on contact and developing a natural relaxed swing (espeically since getting rid of my right sided swing, best thing I ever did over last couple of weeks!! Was a waste of time and sore back was all I ever got to show for it).. Anyway was hitting my driver, and I got really locked into a great rythm, and began really pounding some into the net.. After I guess about 20 shots, one went right through the net, straight into my fence, destroyed the fence with a nice decent size hole an
  10. Out of curiosity, do we have an approximation in terms of handicap for golfers? I read that 80% of the golfing community are above an 18 handicap?! Can anyone suggest any numbers here.
  11. Cheers guys, appreciated... both good advice. I'll work at the elbow Kyle, or at least vid myself and see whats going on. Hey Mike checked your link, I really like the process of the squishy ball underneath your food for that weight transference.. Do u feel like the downswing and the hips sliding with the ball under foot is at the same time, or is there a slight delay with the club creating lag??
  12. Hi, have been playing recently, and practising at home regularly, but seem to be caught in the situation where I struggle to get the transition part of the swing consistant.. I am beginning to hit some reasonable shots, but then theres the common problem that I seem to make contact and the ball goes straight but too much to my left (to the right for a right hander) missing my target by some 30-50ft on 7 iron down to the driver.. The ball isn't sliced, just don't know whether I am not sliding the hips before the downswing begins, or I am coming too inside by forcing the club too quickly,
  13. Hey mvmac, thanks for the vid.. Basically would u recommend sticking with this for some time for a beginner ? When I get proficient at making consistant contact then look at more of a traditional follow through later on! Does this sound like a wise way of thinking ? If I can drive200m, 5 iron 150m, pitch wedge 100m and hit these and other in between clubs well them can this also be a long term way of playing? Sorry in advance for the questions...
  14. Still here RustyRed, yeah love the many thoughts/suggestions of posters here, in particular, one comment "better than being at work" has stuck on me, also "it's not my living, enjoy it".. Fantastic, simple and accurate advice.. Have replaced nearly all of my bent or destroyed clubs now, and have decided to go with the flo !! Enjoy my golf, enjoy it all, the good and the bad shots, as another poster mentioned its all experience..Kurb my temper, absolutely no club whacking/throwing, and just smile when I muck up a hole.. Life is too short to walk around pi$$ed off on a golf course!
  15. Hi, I have been struggling with contact and getting consistant with swing. Had a lesson and the last 10 min was spent having a full swing, except at impact the focus was to simply punch the ball, almost like a follow through on a short chip shot..Very small follow through.. WOW!! Immediate results, all of a sudden striking the ball crisp, whilst maintaining balance, spine angle.. It was surreal!! It felt like I was using minimal power, to get maximum results, I was only using a 7 and 9 iron, but was getting with 7 iron 130m (145 ft approx) with ease..A real eye opener.. It made m
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