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  1. I have hit both at the driving range and I can tell you that the Ping G10 has great distance. The ball flies off the club face! Maybe I just cant get used to the weird shape of the burner, but for me the Ping produced much better results. Long, straight drives. Even though it is a high-launch driver, if you go with the 7.5 in the G10 it is absolutely great! can't tell you anything about the fairway woods, sorry!
  2. Links course, especially on a gusty fall day with an overcast. I don't know why, but I love playing in those conditions. It makes me feel like I'm in Scotland or Ireland. Dorky, I know.
  3. how does the mp-600 compare to the 907D2? - which one is more forgiving? - which one has a lower ball flight? - which one has more distance?
  4. with your handicap (14) i would definetly go with the s58 irons. I've hit them numerous times, and was really close to buying them. Ultimately I went with the MP-60 because they were forged and I just liked the way they fealt. But he s58 are by far the best Ping irons out there: not loaded with technology, not that funky "Ping" look, good penetrating trajectory, decent feel for a cast club, good forgiveness... everything you would want in a club
  5. Being a former amateur-boxer, I'm a little biased on the topic but boxing definetly requires more athleticism and endurance and skill. Not saying that a boxer could get into the octagon and beat a UFC fighter in their own game, becuase it wouldn't happen. Boxing championship fights are 12 rounds, while UFC only 5 rounds. Plus, anyone can go into a ring and street fight. But it takes a special someone to get into the ring and slip and dodge punches and counter effectively. Boxing has stood the test of time, and at its core still has a devoted fan base. Just because there is not dominating American heavyweight, the sportis not in trouble.
  6. Thanks for the tip on the WRX section of the website. I went over to my country club today and they called Ping and asked about all the shaft options. Many of the shafts listed are available at a slight upcharge. The maximunm upcharge for any of the shafts is $40. By the way, I also might be kicking my Scotty out of the bag for the Redwood Anser. The Redwood is definetly the coolest looking putter out there, and the performance isn't too bad either!
  7. Looking at the Ping website, I don't see many shaft options for the drivers. I only see the choices of the three stock shafts that they put in the drivers. I want to order a G10 in a 7.5 with an Aldila NV 75 X-Stiff shaft, but I don't want to pay a huge upcharge. Does anyone know if Ping does deal with shafts other than the ones they have stock in their drivers?
  8. Just the longest, I'd say the Ping Rapture
  9. Does anyone have the Ping Redwood Anser? I'm thinking about trading in my Scotty for one, and want to know how people compare the two. Thanks.
  10. which one has the lower launch, or will going to an x-stiff shaft improve problem of a high ball flight
  11. This tuesday I'm getting fitted for new irons before I start my junior year of college golf. I'm playing the TaylorMade R7 TP right now. I like how they are workable, but still relatively forgiving for a players iron. I think that the S58 would be easier to hit and a little more forgiving than the 695cb. Or am I wrong. Would I be able to make a smooth transition from the R7 to the 695cb, which is the iron I really want to play. Any help would be great.
  12. http://stonewalllinks.com