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  1. I kept my 3 wood in my bag the 1st 4 months of this year. I was hitting the 3w solid and with more distance, but the driver could go either way. I was not bothered by it either. Whatever gives me the optimum chances for getting a good score. Before that I would pull out the driver thinking "This one will be good, I have been hitting my 3W great all day!" only to put it back in the bag 3 holes and 3 missing balls later.. If my go to club off the tee is my 3W and I can get it in the fairway 230-250..I don't have a reason to pull out the driver until I am comfortable enough to be consisten
  2. I have one of these Chipping Nets (the one with legs that folds up.) and one of these chipping mats that I use in the backyard. I hit about 10 or so shots, then move the net around.
  3. GolfShot + 1 on Galaxy S3. I have 2.5 years worth of scorecards on there.
  4. Bought an RBZ 3 rescue off an acquaintance of a buddy for $70. Such a great deal, I had to. I wasn't hitting it all that great, pull snap hooks. I tried a few things like hitting like a 3 wood, which didn't work, but hitting it like a 7 iron did. One other thing is on the downswing i am firing the hips while feeling like I keep my left shoulder under my chin as long as possible. I am also keeping everything relaxed. I am hitting it 220 straight now. It has also helped my 3wood as well. My chipping us also a work in progress, but it's getting better.
  5. Strange technique, but I get the gist. Is your bottom hand under the club?
  6. I am thinking of getting one, but don't see the $177 one. Is this it? If so, they raised the price. Portable Twin Combo System – 20″ x 36″ Country Club Elite Mat with 22″ x 36″ Stance Mat $197.00 + $25.00 Shipping Via UPS*
  7. Quote: Same OP, actually I meant in the other post he was calling me out on, not this one.
  8. Until you have to run out on the practice range to retrieve said headcovers..
  9. Damnit, you caught me.. But My post was to the OP and not to anything he said. (i think I laughed once too.!)
  10. Ha Ha, Patrick.. I have been off the forums for a bit, but I thought Patrick was banished??
  11. I didn't see it, so if I missed it, sorry. Not one person said take lessons..WUT!? Should we be giving a 33 hcp'er all kinds of information he doesn't need to be thinking about as a 100+ golfer. We haven't even seen his swing. (unless I missed that too..) If you want to break 100, take some lessons and develop some consistency. Spend some time at the range developing your swing. It took me a while to break 100 without lessons.I still get 101's and 103's on bad days, but am in the low 90's (trying to break 90).
  12. Thanks, interesting software. Works good. You can also try V1 software for free.
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