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  1. Hitting the TS2. It's been a few years since I've been on simulator/monitor. One big thing I noticed is my clubhead speed was down about 4 mph from 111 to 107 from a few years ago. I'm not sure the specific reason for that but I'm down to playing about once a month vs. once to twice a week, plus I've put on some weight in the last few years lol Anyways, I know the angle is not great, but all insight is welcome!
  2. I finally made a move. I cut down the putter from 38" to 34.5" and slapped a new super stroke 2.0 on it. After a couple trips to my local course practice greens, I am so much more comfortable with my normal length. The putter head is still 30g heavier than I'm used to gaming but I like the extra weight thus far. Overall, the heavier head is the only extra weight since I cut off the 110g grip and went down the 50g grip. Saying that, I am rolling the ball with much more consistent speed which is what was looking for. I'm playing in a four ball tournament next weekend, so I'll be able to
  3. Adam I'm right there with you. The last few times I've played has been out of town and the greens are good bit slower that I'm used to. Sunday I played a local course that always has hard fast greens and I really struggled with my speed. Hopefully I can find a configuration that works because I really like the shape and feel of this putter head.
  4. Hey all! I am currently using a counterbalanced 38" Odyssey Works 1Wide Tank. After using it for a few months I've decided to cut it down to my normal length. I am still wanting to try to save the XL Superstroke 2.0 (130g) grip that came standard, but in case I can't I've ordered a standard superstroke 2.0(50g). This is my first counterbalanced putter so I'm definitely not married to the concept. Has anyone made these type changes to their counterbalanced putter? It has a 380g head with a heavier shaft, so I understand it will be heavier than putters I've gamed in the past
  5. jaredshows1


  6. Wednesday – 8/15/2018: I played a course near where I worked last week. This is my fourth time playing the course with similar scores each time. The two nines on this course are largely different nines. The front is very hilly, tree lined, tight driving holes with extreme left dog legs on most holes. The back nine, while fairly hilly, is much more open off the tee, with a good mix of dog leg left and right. The greens are fairly undulating and deceptively quick, especially when chipping/pitching. I shot 77, 34 putts (0 3 putts),11 GIR, 7 FH (I’m struggling to hit a draw with the
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah my camera angle sucks, a tripod is on the way. I have always struggled with staying balanced through out my swing but these are typical swings for me. I don't know if my lead foot is spinning out too much, if its a swaying issue or over swinging a bit. The longer the club, the less balanced I seem to be. Thanks for the drill I will definitely try it!
  8. First time to the range in a long time. I haven't played a round in a bout 2 months. It was nice just to get out there and go. Anyways, was mostly hitting push draw/hook but I did hit a few pull draws/hooks. Any and all advice welcome.
  9. Yeah I'm not wanting to put my driver shaft into my 3 wood. But I Just gave that info for a reference point as I didn't know if I needed to go with something similar in my 3 wood
  10. Specs for fit on gold. 60 grams, low-mid kickpoint, stiff flex, 3.5 torque, active tip. I was having similar issues a while back with my driver and I put on a UST proforce V2 X-stiff, 67 grams, 2.8 torque and it has helped a lot. Lowered my ball flight and has tightened up my dispersion.
  11. Hi all! I am wanting to reshaft my 2009 Cleveland Launcher. It currently has the stiff yellow Fit On Fujikura shaft. For me this shaft has too active of a tip and it's hard for me consistently square up the face at impact. I hit the ball pretty high with so I can stand to lose to height on it. Any and all recommendations are welcome!
  12. Thanks for all of the replies! I am still shopping around. I have recently found a used set of Adams CB1's and hit them and they felt wonderful! I have also hit the AP2's, MP63, MP53, Cleveland 588 CB, and Cleveland CG16 tours. As of right now price may the determining factor as I have liked everything that I have hit so far. Any recommendations or thoughts on the ones I have hit thus far? Also, I am pretty set on getting either the Titleist 910H or 913H. I've hit some other hybrids and just performed the best for me. And I love that I can adjust it.
  13. So far I've only had a few minutes to try something out but I hit the Titleist 913H, 910H and loved them both but I'm still going to try some others out. As for irons, I haven't had a chance to demo anything yet but hopefully I will get to soon. Thanks for all of the replies!
  14. I am beginning to look for a 2 hybrid and I just need a little help deciding. I currently have an old Adams A2 3 hybrid that I've kept from an old iron set and I really want to upgrade it. I don't like Callaway and Nike stuff but I am open to anything else. I don't really have any preferences except that I do NOT want anything draw bias. My miss with current hybrid is a draw/hook. Same thing with Irons, pretty much anything but Callaway and Nike. I currently have 3-pw Cleveland CG reds. At the moment I am favoring Titleist's AP2s and Mizunos MP line but I am open to trying some
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